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How to Milk the


Cash Cow

Booking Steady Profits in a Speculator's Paradise

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 Yesterday, you missed out on dozens of opportunities to get an edge using smart Tradesports strategies.

Would you like to know exactly what you need to do in order to cash-in on these situations today, and every day?

Once you are armed with a solid game plan, Tradesports.com is a speculator's paradise. Dabble part-time and make hundreds per week, or become a full-time professional and make thousands of dollars every week.


"These Tradesports methods are the best way to get an edge trading that I have found, be it daytrading the stock market, swing trading FOREX, trading the daily sports contracts, or speculating on weekend movie receipts. I am having fun and earning stellar returns with them."

"Using the strategies in this book is the ONLY way anyone is going to make any money betting on sports. Since reading it, I quit making the bookie rich and have more than doubled my account. Thanks!"

"Well written and insightful. The strategies are diversified and very strong. Anyone with a mind to can find a way to make some money with this book..."

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You have probably heard about Tradesports from CNBC or the Wall Street Journal. Their revolutionary binary trading contracts are the best place for a small speculator to get an edge. These exciting futures contracts are offered on sports, financials, politics, entertainment, and just about any other event worth speculating on (even the weather).

All you need to start making profits is a winning methodology, such as any of those taught in How to Milk the Tradesports Cash Cow. You can start very small, with less than $100, and learn to speculate profitably.

"I have been betting sports for years and lost money every season. After reading the manual I started playing bookie on Tradesports instead. The great thing is, it's still fun to watch the games - only now I am finally making money from them!"

My friends, this is for real.  How to Milk the Tradesports Cash Cow is a complete instruction manual that is 100% Guaranteed to show you:

Why Tradesports.com is the most lucrative place for an aspiring speculator

How to become a consistently winning Tradesports player

Why most sports bettors ultimately lose and how to profit from this grim fact of life

Which contracts to trade, and why

Winning tactics for intra-game trading the Featured Games and daily financial contracts

How to be a successful bookie on the site and get your offers hit, commission-free!

Strategies for beating the entertainment, political, and weather contracts

Where to get solid betting lines and how to adjust your offers for the Tradesports line

Proper bankroll requirements and optimal money management

How to create a simple, powerful Tradesports business plan - and follow it!

What it takes to become an official Tradesports Market Maker

How to achieve a compounding effect and grow your account size exponentially

Methods to work a no-risk arbitrage business using Tradesports as the base

A plan to start small, become profitable, and eventually make a living on Tradesports

...and much more! This manual is content-rich and covers every aspect of what it takes to win on Tradesports for a consistent, dependable income. You won't be disappointed, as your complete satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.


"I had all but given up searching for a market to successfully speculate in. Stocks, options, futures, forex, they all proved too difficult. Now I have a workable alternative. The strategies in How to Milk are easy to apply and they work!"

How to Milk the Tradesports Cash Cow was written by an actual successful Tradesports player and trader who knows all the tricks of the trade:

Dear Trading Friend,

My name is Andrew. Some of you might know me from my best-selling online poker strategy manual, How to Shake the PartyPoker MoneyTree. That book has now sold hundreds of copies with a refund request rate of under 3% and many raving testimonials. In my new manual I teach you how to win consistently trading in various markets with a Tradesports.com (Trade Exchange Network) account.

The same basic traits which make a winning poker player are also applicable to winning at any other probability game, most notably speculating in markets. (In fact Jack Schwager commented in his Market Wizards books on how many of the world's most successful traders were also poker players.)  The traits I am referring to are the ability to identify an edge and the discipline to work a winning system. But whereas poker can be exploited as an income source, trading and/or booking sports wagers can be used to compound your savings into wealth.

Of course, I wasn't always a profitable speculator. It took years of study, research, determination, as well a heavy tuition in losing trading systems before I became a consistent winner. Tradesports became a weapon in my arsenal years ago, when I discovered that the only way to win at sports betting was to book the action.

A short while after that, I discovered a few tricks that really maximized my Tradesports winnings. That's when I started using Tradesports as my primary speculation tool, instead of my broker accounts, and when I finally started winning consistently in all markets (including the stock market & currency pairs). Most of the things I did to get where I am now boil down to:

Knowing how to get an edge trading the live intra-game contracts, including the daily financial closings

Developing an accurate chart for converting changes in sports-betting spreads to correct money lines

Learning how and where to find arbitrage opportunities

Knowing which events and at what price levels to post offers at

Developing and following a simple but powerful business plan

It's not all that hard to do, but you must know what to do and practice doing it for a while; then you can pretty much turn it on auto-pilot. Fortunately for you, I have written an easy-to-follow but very in-depth instruction manual that can be used to duplicate my results!

If you are anything like me, you are going to speculate somewhere at something anyway, so you might as well go to Tradesports, play optimally, and start winning.

 Would you like to start winning consistently?

Would you like to have the confidence of knowing that the world's best betting exchange, which just happens to be located in cyberspace, is an income source that you can tap into whenever you need to?

"...yes I have gambled online before at this and that, but never really thought you could win. It was just a bit of a hobby, you know, one that cost me money. Since reading this manual and getting good with a couple of the methods taught, I am finding that my "hobby" now pays me, instead of vice versa. It's nice!"

I wrote this manual for a couple of reasons, mostly because I love to write and share information. Unfortunately, there exists the possibility that if too many people start applying the materials that it will negatively affect my own results on Tradesports. For that reason, I will only sell a limited number of copies. I will pull it from the market when I decide that number has been reached.

If you are interested, I'd buy today. It really, really, really might not be available tomorrow - and your satisfaction is guaranteed anyway, so you've got nothing to lose.

Happy speculating!

Andrew K.

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How Much is it Worth?

How much is a source of consistent, reliable trading profits worth?

How much is it worth to finally start earning a 100% annual return or more on your investment capital?

How much is it worth to permanently become a winning speculator?


The truth is,  How to Milk the Tradesports Cash Cow is worth thousands of dollars to those who will use it. For a limited time, It is available at a fraction of it's true value.

  Certainly $200 is more than fair. But that's not the price.

  A $150 price tag would be a bargain, no doubt. But that ain't the price either.

  To ask $100 per copy would be bordering on charity. Let's cross that border.

The price of this complete instruction manual is a mere $64. That's less than you will probably lose in the markets and/or sports betting next week if you don't buy it today.


Special Marketing Test - Price Today is Only $39

Save $25!

You will probably make back the purchase price in your first few trades after reading the manual!



How have your speculations paid off lately?

Not your last trade, your last few wagers, or even last month. Add up your wins and losses over the last six months.

Is that number a positive or negative figure?

Six months from today, it can be an extremely positive figure!

Turn your hobby into an income source!

Order How to Milk the Tradesports Cash Cow right now!

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"I am having a BLAST intra-game trading the featured games. Making some money too. I've gotten especially good at identifying undervalued comebacks as described in the book."

"Andrew K.'s books are gold mine of information - quite literally. This may be the best one yet."

"Have been working the arbitrage system for both sports and financials. Ran across a gigantic sports arb the other day."

"Since reading How to Milk I have stopped making sucker bets and frivolous trades. I adopted my own version of the business plan and always have the right size position for my account size. This was a much-needed steer in the right direction."


New to Online Speculation?

Not sure if it's for you? Worried about the integrity of the site or the games?

How to Milk the Tradesports Cash Cow will alleviate all your concerns, and make you understand why Tradesports.com offers the best value for your speculative dollar.

New to Speculation, Period?

Welcome to the most satisfying challenge you will ever conquer! How to Milk the Tradesports Cash Cow is the perfect starting place for learning to win.
Tradesports is a large, safe, established company in Dublin, Ireland

Customer service is excellent with toll-free U.S. numbers

Tradesports takes no positions themselves and incurs no risk

The site sees a lot of action from casual gamblers

As a Price-maker you pay no commissions and enjoy a large vigorish

This manual shows you how to exploit Tradesports market inefficiencies

New? Great, you have no bad habits that need fixing!


"This book opened a whole new world to me. I love games of strategy....competing with the  gamblers and other speculators at Tradesports is awesome. Thanks to these strategies and ideas I am working winning systems and having a great time."

Thank you for visiting this site. We look forward to helping you become a profitable speculator on Tradesports (and wherever else the wind may blow you), even if you are starting with very little. Right now, as soon as we process your order, you can have instant access to download your new roadmap to success.

The cost is only $39 if you act now. We are very confident that you will make back the purchase price many times over in the coming months. So much so, that we will issue you a complete refund if you are not satisfied for any reason, no questions asked.


Order Now & Start Speculating Profitably Today

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Mac users: PDF version option now avaliable!

 8-Week Money Back Guarantee

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"Money is made by discounting the obvious and betting on the unexpected."

- George Soros


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