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Train your brain to use the research in neuro-economics to maximize your confidence, make better trades, no matter what the challenge!

Over 90 minutes of mind-changing videos Exercises to strengthen your rational brain Exercises to overcome your primitive brain Exercises to overcome fear, doubt, greed and non-rational decision making


Advance Praise for Mental Dominance Trading

"The progress that I'm seeing with my challenges of high anxiety, self doubt, and victimization in regards to FOREX trading are absolutely remarkable in the space of one week.

I have used both the necker cube video and the inductive space video assiduously, multiple times, many times each day. The "layers of the onion" are peeling ... wow! in a way that I did not expect. I know that what is happening is the removal of all obstacles to my success in trading.

These obstacles are not only about only trading or learning the trade plan or concepts of FOREX. They are cutting to heart of the deep problems I have been facing for many years in my whole life as a human being.

I really appreciate your consideration of me as a whole person, not just as a student learning FOREX. I did not expect to find such depth in your coaching ... WHOO HOO!!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Mark Justin
Canyon Country, California

Can New Brain Make You a
Successful Trader?

Yes. A new brain.You read that right. You actually have that brain within you right now. And we can teach you how to access it, utilize it, and profit from its proper use.
Are you frustrated by trading with inconsistent results in uncertain markets? Are you tired of feeling fear and doubt? Does greed fuel the need to make up losses, while still getting you in trouble? Do you know that there has to be a better way, but you're not sure what to do?

How would you like to trade with complete confidence instead of trading on sheer adrenaline?

Mental Dominance Trading can help you do just that.


Mark J. Ryan has researched the latest, most powerful, proven techniques to help you make trading decisions with confidence, competence, and assurance in the face of absolute uncertainty.

We are not just going to tell you what's wrong. But we will give you specific exercises and videos to help change your brain and emotions so you can elevate from a fight-or-flight adrenaline-based trader to a confident and relaxed trader.

That's right.

No matter what the situation, you can face it... without fear, without doubt, and from a place of calm confidence and surety.

Of course, you aren't going to trade and win every time. It's impossible; those are just basic laws of probability. But you make the odds even worse when you allow adrenaline to rule your decision making. Once those fight-or-flight hormones flow through your veins and take over your thinking processes, you start to create irrational – and inconsistent – results.

Our brains were not evolved or designed to work ideally in the trading environment. Primal evolution instantly puts us at a disadvantage. It's like cutting a lawn with a pair of kitchen scissors. That is a possible way to do it, but it's quite apparent that it is not an effective way to get a beautiful lawn!

The traders who get ahead – the traders who can rise above the primitive brain – are the ones that find a way to consistently and confidently make good decisions. These traders have activated and trained other parts of their brain that are more effective in a trading environment.

This "new brain" can ideally make better trading decisions.

More Praise for Mental Dominance Trading

"My deepest congratulations. I have never seen this quality of work anywhere. And I've been around the block a few times.

[This product] will do much more than just help traders.

And there is nothing I would add or subtract to the exercise. The pacing and leading is perfect. I may or may not agree with some of the subliminals but I understand their purpose. The timing is perfect.

Kaye Lee
Malaysia, Trading Coach

Do you want to make better trading decisions, quickly, easily, and from a place of complete confidence?

Mark J. Ryan can teach you how. Through Mental Dominance Trading, you'll learn the processes behind the most successful and consistent traders on the market today. Then, you'll train your "new brain" to begin using the same, successful parts of the brain that the most successful, most confident traders have learned to use successfully. Mark will teach you to restructure certain pathways in your brain, the pathways that maximize trading confidence. You'll rise above the the "fight or flight" primal brain responses.

And you'll start to maximize use of the logical, intellectual part of your brain that can help you make critical, bold trading decisions with confidence.

You've seen it happen. It happens every day. Someone is making a big trade in the market, and they're over-reacting. They're trading in spite of the adrenaline rush. They're making rash decisions from a place that is reactive. They never even get close to activating the part of their brain that can make solid decisions.

And someone is making decisions today from the place of calm logic, resourceful, proactive, and a forward-thinking brain.

More Praise for Mental Dominance Trading

"Thanks you for the training program. Using the emWave Desktop version from Heartmath, I am able to indisputably prove to myself that the program works. I’ve included 2 pictures, one of my "state of mind" before watching the training videos (showing poor coherence) and the second immediately after watching the video training – showing a high state of coherence and the ability to stay there.

Dan Foltz
Cinncinati, Ohio

What part of the brain are you going to use
to make those successful trades?

If you're ready to start making consistent trading decisions, if you're ready to rise above the primal brain, if you're ready to discover a new, more confident, more powerful, and more intelligent trading resource within you, then you're ready for Mental Dominance Trading.

Mark developed these DVDs using the latest research from neuro-economics, neurolinguistic programming, and hypnosis. We have consulted with the top practitioners in the world in the field of neuroplasticity and mind-change research: Dr. John Burton and John Overdurf.

You'll learn not only from Dr. Burton and John Overdurf, but also from Mark J. Ryan's years of study and practical application of mind change.

This DVD encapsulates it all. This product is unparalleled in its ability to help you re-program your unconscious and conscious minds to become a successful trader... FAST.

Here is what you will get with this program:

90 minutes of mind-changing videos Exercises to strengthen your rational brain Exercises to overcome your primitive brain Keen insights into brain functionality in a trading environment
Introduction and tips on how to use the exercises.

Mind Power for Trading. The powerful foundational exercise that expands the effectiveness of the other exercises. This exercise alone will change everything in how you trade.

Inductive Space Video. Quiet the primal parts of the mind that can trigger an adrenaline rush while opening up the higher, rational centers of the brain. Get both working at the same time through this powerful exercise. Many have called this "the flow state." It also can have a major impact outside of trading.

Mind Flex. This subliminal video also uses hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, and Necker Cube technology to produce a unique state of mind to expand flexibility during problem solving. This video also uses Theta and Gamma Wave technology to open up the lower and higher centers of the brain.

Eight Impulse and Urge videos. Dr. John Burton developed these eight metaphorical and hypnotic scripts to short circuit these processes at an unconscious level. These are cutting-edge scripts that bypass conscious thinking to get at the unconscious drives that sabotage your trading efforts.

Mental Dominance Trading has a 30-day no questions asked, money back guarantee. If this program doesn't make changes in your trading style after 30 days of use, simply contact us for a refund (less a 20% restocking fee).


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