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Now, you can discover the closely guarded secrets of the millionaire authoress for yourself.

Dear Harry Potter friend,

For years, I have wondered if the following statement was really true?

“There’s no formula.” J. K. Rowling   

Surely, if an author is a consistent best seller, we have to at least explore the question of whether there is a formula… even if the author is unaware of one herself.

I started researching for this book a couple of years ago (although I didn’t realise it back then).  At the time, I couldn’t get enough of Harry Potter.  I wanted to know if there was a way to make my own writing just as good as JK’s.  One day, a quote by Luna Lovegood got me thinking…  


Was it possible that I had found one of

J. K. Rowling’s secrets?


I did some research and a whole lot of analysis and the conclusion I came to was, YES, I had in fact discovered one of Jo’s secrets. 

I was astounded by the results.  It opened a new world of writing to me and gave me insights ahead of my peers.  My writing became more and more powerful.  I even had some interest from one of the BIG SIX PUBLISHERS!  But I had only discovered one secret.  What if there were more?

Over the next couple of years, I analysed all of the author’s works.  The more I learnt about writing from J. K. Rowling, the more I wanted to learn.  In short, J. K. Rowling became my Muse. 


But, wasn’t I in danger of loosing my own writer’s voice?  

Far from it!  J. K. Rowling herself has said that when we imitate other writers, it is a learning experience.  I was learning from a master of storytelling, just as anybody can learn from watching their chosen hero, be they an athlete, actor, or artist. 


But, I hear you ask, if J. K. Rowling herself said there was no formula, doesn’t that mean that there isn’t one?

From all we have discovered about this Artist, we know that she carefully structured the Harry Potter series over a long period of time to make it into a truly great work of art.  But the method she used was only the result of her normal thinking.  So to her, it wasn’t a formula.  So no, it doesn’t mean that we can’t discover her formula if we intensively research answers to the right questions.  The only problem is that this research will most likely take many years of reading and writing experience before we know her secrets.  That time will never be regained.

Now… just imagine for a moment that someone had spent the time and effort to unlock Jo’s secrets and… they had collated the secrets into a book.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if that book was so easy to understand that copying JK’s methods was child’s play?  Imagine what you could do with your new writing abilities… 


I am happy to announce “The 12 Writing Secrets of J.K. Rowling” is now here!

As you absorb this information, you’ll learn just how to develop “The 12 Writing Secrets of J. K. Rowling” for yourself.  You will be able to create mesmerizing writing.  You will become a superwriter!  You will be equipped to develop writing that outshines the competition and dazzles your readers.  And with your new ability, your books will top the best sellers lists and you will earn more money than you could ever dream of.

You are ready for success, aren’t you?  “The 12 Writing Secrets of J. K. Rowling” in short, will give you the edge you need to create successful and powerful writing.

Inside this 100-page ebook, “The 12 Writing Secrets of J. K. Rowling” I also cover such topics as:

·      The Three Ingredients of Creativity;

·      The Seven Ways to Overcome Writer's Block;

·      Ten Ways to Find your Unique Writer’s Voice;

·      How to Add a Sprinkling of Humour; and

·      How to Successfully Plot your Book. 

Apart from the 12 secrets to successful writing, there are 18 activities designed to help you write as effectively as Jo, which include:

·      Visualization techniques

·      Brainstorming

·      Practical writing exercises

·      Even sitting down, relaxing, and watching a video 

The book also contains multiple writing shortcuts and tips to help you create the perfect novel.

But don’t take my word for it, here’s what one reader had to say:


“Mary Smith has made every fantasy writer and wannabe writer's work that much easier by her insightful commentary and dedicated research into what has made J.K. Rowling's writing so successful. By following Ms. Smith's Activity sections and applying each of the 12 Secrets to your own writing, it is sure to improve dramatically and set you on the road to success. Bravo, Mary and a hearty "Thank You!" from one writer to another!”

Cheryl E. Booth, Author

[]How much do you think such a book is worth?  

What value would you put on knowing “The 12 Writing Secrets of J. K. Rowling”?  One hundred pounds… maybe more?

You can buy “The 12 Writing Secrets of J. K. Rowling” for £99  £47  just £25.  And if you order now you’ll get the following e-books for FREE:

·      Organization 101 containing Tips & Tricks To Organize Your Life, Work & Home!

·      Your Guide to Setting Goals Successfully to help you reach the life you always dreamed.

·      Secrets to Improving Your Memory in Seven Days to help you excel in your exams.





If you are not 100% happy with the no-fluff, 100-page e-book, “The 12 Writing Secrets of J. K. Rowling,” I will refund you completely.  You won’t even have to return a thing. 

[]"Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic…"

Albus Dumbledore, the screenplay of Deathly Hallows, Part 2  


Did J. K. Rowling use magic to write?

YES, absolutely.  I’m not talking about spells such as “accio quill,” but real ways that made her writing so riveting and her prose so powerful that her readers couldn’t tear themselves away from the Harry Potter pages. 

The good news is that anyone can learn how to write as effectively as her.  Here are just a few examples of the benefits you’ll gain from ordering this irresistible writing package:  


You will learn:

The Three Magical Types of Writing - Become a writing wizard; turn your words into spells no mortal can resist.


The Seven Ways to Overcome Writer's Block – you will never be lost for words again.  Seeing is believing!


J. K. Rowling’s one secret to happiness.  You don’t want to miss this one!


Three ways to gain the attention of a literary agent or publisher.  You be the judge of this benefit.


The Twelve Secret Abilities that every author must have  AND 12 Essential Ingredients every book must contain so you can turn your words into gold.


Just as the wand chooses the wizard and the story of Harry Potter chose J. K. Rowling, this book shows you exactly how you can find your unique and compelling story.


The bonus magical formula to writing successful novels (which very few other writers know about).  All this can be yours!!!





If you are not 100% happy with the no-fluff, 100-page e-book, “The 12 Writing Secrets of J. K. Rowling,” I will refund you completely.  You won’t even have to return a thing. 

[]Angela James, author of 'The Golden Moonbeam' says:

"This is not only a great read for those just starting out on writing a novel, but also an extremely valuable revision guide for those already writing. The concept is perfect for capturing the public imagination by using our current greatest author J K Rowling. For the majority, the material sources in the book will be familiar, and this makes the work exercises easy to follow alongside the clear examples and references to The Harry Potter series of books. The layout is easy to read and visually pleasing. This book should become a classic in its own right on 'How to Write'. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to know more about any genre of novel writing. Star Rating - the maximum."

[]Dr Joe Vitale,  author of "The Attractor Factor" and too many other books to list here, says:

"This is an astonishing book, revealing in-depth insights into one of the greatest and most successful authors of our time. I'm in awe!"


Ask me about the Room of Requirement.  You’ll order “The 12 Writing Secrets of J. K. Rowling" sooner or later, anyway. 

Also, you’ll receive the following FREE BONUS e-books:

Organization 101 containing Tips & Tricks To Organize Your Life, Work & Home!

Your Guide to Setting Goals Successfully to help you reach the life you always dreamed.

Secrets to Improving Your Memory in Seven Days to help you excel in your exams.

Order “The 12 Writing Secrets of J. K. Rowling” for £99  £47  just £25.  I guarantee your complete satisfaction, or a full refund.



[]Order Now ... before it is too late.

I am certain that if you buy “The 12 Writing Secrets of J. K. Rowling” you will learn just how to turn your words into gold and your writing dreams into reality. 

Here’s to your success!

Yours sincerely


Mary Smith

Author and Fellow Harry Potter Fan


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