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Call to Duty
Discover how the collective efforts of citizens just like YOU
can quickly snowball into game-changing elections that result
in restoring our rule of law and stopping our financial free-fall
by simply exposing the basic steps stealth socialists use over
and over again to create and capitalize on controversy.

Learn how each American citizen has the power to
instantly be part of an unstoppable movement to regain
the upper hand over BIG government's run-away
spending, escalating debt and over-the-top regulations
with a revolutionary eBook series guaranteed to help
reverse the misguided direction of our country.

How do you make sense of some of the disturbing trends in American politics today,
and more importantly, what can one person do to make a difference? Who has the
time with the demands of a job (either part-time, full-time or both,) family (immediate
and extended,) friends, church, civic and social organizations, fitness work-outs (and
the list goes on) to get involved in yet another organization like a local political action
group? Who has the resources to make mega-donations to multiple campaigns or to
pay $119 to fax your concerns to all members of Congress each time there's a big vote
coming up? In short, how can the silent majority mobilize against the vocal minority?

There's hope. An informed electorate is an effective electorate. A disengaged
electorate can only deal with hard-core issues from anything but a very shallow and
superficial level. America's founding fathers knew that knowledge was power. They
knew that in order for their new republic to sustain the test of time and changing of
hands, Americans had to be educated on what sets their system of self-government
apart from the rest. Bottom line, this is our call to duty.

Fast forward to the 21st century. School curriculums are crowded with courses
relevant to surviving in the work-a-day world, and more urgent priorities take center
stage in the home over lessons in America history versus what's happening in U.S.
politics today. Consensus in Congress is at an all-time low. America is divided: rich vs.
poor - Republican vs. Democrat - legal citizens vs. illegal immigrants - unions vs. big
corporations. The average citizen is concerned about the misguided trajectory America
is on but feels powerless to stop it.

What to do? Many voters are worried about the future of America. Americans who've
never been involved in politics before now sense a call to duty. With limited time and
resources, how can you make your efforts really count? Questions surface such as what
is the Tea Party? How can I make a difference in American politics. What can I do to
stop "big government gone wild?"

Each of us must accept our personal call to duty to do what we can with the gifts we've
been given to get things back on track. For me, that meant researching and writing in
a simple and direct way about 1) what our founding fathers intended the American
republic to be and what sets this form of self-government apart from the rest; 2)
why America is turning on itself and what's causing this; and 3) how less is more
when it comes to government and why you should care.

The internet has an abundant amount pundits and syndicated columnists analyzing

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