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"...Psoriasis is gone in only 30 days!"

"I've been searching for a cure to my psoriasis for years. This is the easiest, most natural remedy I have found. I was surprised that, just as advertised, my psoriasis was gone in only 30 days! Every other
"miracle cute" I've found has only done more harm than good."

~ Karina Sadler
Pleasant Grove, Utah
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From: Sarah Solomon
Medical Researcher and Former Psoriasis Sufferer

Dear Psoriasis Sufferer,

Hi, my name is Sarah Solomon. I have psoriasis.

I have endured the daily physical pain, internal anguish of having this dreaded skin condition. I have silently suffered with psoriasis for over 12 years. I know how it makes your life miserable, and how people stare and point and make fun of you.

I know first hand how devastating it can be because I had one of the worst cases in history -- at least to me, it felt that way.

Like most psoriasis sufferers you have a skin condition that you just want gone.

If you are one of those people, or know a loved one is suffering with psoriasis and you want to help, then keep reading because you've just found the solution to your problem.

Have you ever...
  Felt like people were staring at your psoriasis?   Hidden your arms and legs in long sleeves and pants because you can't bear to have people know you have see your psoriasis?   Avoided exercise because you know if you crack the psoriasis on your elbows and knees it will bleed and hurt worse?   Stopped having a physical relationship with the opposite sex because you did not want them to see your body?   Had to vacuum your living space more often in order to remove the flaky skin that shows up on the furniture and carpet?   Wasted time and money on doctor's appointments and psoriasis treatments that did not work to get rid of your psoriasis?

That is normal, most everyone will contact a doctor or dermatologist to go the normal route of seeing expert help for a health condition.

In this letter, I will reveal to you why many of the over the counter creams and prescriptions can do more harm than good and can actually make your psoriasis worse! So please keep reading to find out what I did to finally cure my psoriasis and can work for you to end your suffering with psoriasis.

First, you should know you are not the only person struggling with psoriasis.

Every day millions of people suffer from the pain, anguish and humiliation of having scaly patches of skin that are raised and red covered with flaky, silvery scales. You may have raised bumps filled with pus, or pustules which are a result of pustular psoriasis. I will tell you all about the different types of psoriasis and how each is different and unique. I'll show you how each  responds to different natural remedies for psoriasis so it can be effectively managed.

Psoriasis is caused by an abnormal inflammation in the skin and it is NOT contagious.

Your immune system produces white blood cells that protect against infection. Psoriasis is caused when some of these white cells trigger an abnormal inflammation in the skin. The white cells cause skin cells to grow faster than normal, and the result is that the extra skin cells, create raised patches on the skin. Since psoriasis is a disease caused by an abnormality of the immune system, it is not contagious, and as you well know touching a person with psoriasis will not pass the disorder on to that person.

When I was 12 and I developed psoriasis, my whole life changed.

My  Mom was heavily involved in my healing process and she did the best she could to help me. She took me to multiple doctors and dermatologists to try and heal my psoriasis. I used creams, light therapies, and other methods, but nothing seemed to really get rid of it. Things worked temporarily but the psoriasis would always come back worse. I was very self-conscious about my psoriasis, and maybe you are too. My dry, itchy, scaly skin was painful and made scratching it hard to control. I always had to be careful not to scratch it because I would bleed on my clothing or at night on my bedding, if I itched during the night. .

I avoided doing many things with my friends because of my skin condition.

That meant, no swimming, no hard exercise or anything that would cause my elbows and knee sores to crack and bleed. I did not have any boyfriends because I was terrified of what a boyfriend would think if he saw how bad my psoriasis really was. I was in constant fear of people seeing my psoriasis and judging me or saying mean things about my skin problem. As a child, I am sure you are aware how children can say really mean things and they said many mean things to me.

I endured it all. As a child I became very reclusive. My fear drove me to be an introvert and to stay away from people,  though in my heart I was not.

My psoriasis ruled my life.

When you or a loved one is diagnosed with psoriasis it is often a traumatic and disheartening experience. Many people become very self-conscious after their diagnosis, and some suffer from depression.

Maybe you are afraid about going out in public and having to cover up your skin. You have stopped going swimming because you are afraid people talking behind your back saying that you look like you have leprosy or flesh eating disease. The worst thing is not being able to get close to a loved one without feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed. You feel all those problems and many more I am sure.

There is no complete cure for psoriasis. But there are ways to reduce the inflammation and appearance of your psoriasis.

 You can naturally manage it with
natural remedies for psoriasis.

It wasn't until I moved out of my parent

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