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   Are you tired of Banks hidding your Money?

Do you know what Banks are not telling you about your money, and your savings ?

Well, here is the good news:

Everything is about to change, because you will learn the dirty secrets of banks.

Learn how banks  are ripping you off every day, and Claim Your Money  Back Now !!


Dear Friend.

You know that  everybody, I mean the 99% of the population is going through tough times, while banks and large institutions have been bailout... That can be fine... but when those banks cannot lend you again for your business, house , then it is a problem. 
Banks are using long time tacticcs that make them richer and us poorer.
Can you tell me why in this tough economy, banks are making record profit?, while People cannot. People start to notice their dirty strategies, and how they fool us. Haven't you seen that? Haven't you felt the pain? well I know you have.

I understand your pain, and by the way you are not alone .
Today banks are not there really for the average people but for big money, they serve the 1% . It is good , but the problem is they should serve everyone.
Here is our solution: 

Our ebook will be straightforward and reveal to you the shameful strategies banks are using to make unsane amount of money on your back. We will tell you what banks are not telling you when it comes to fees , loans and online banking.

We all know that the world is going through financial hardship and the government has always stated, we are in the biggest recession since the great depression, but yet since 2009, after  the collapse of Lehman Brothers,Banks and Wall Streets banks, have generated big earning, but many normal people have seen there saving gone. What we are learning is that with the improving of market condition, banks are not lending again, and loans are tight. Big banks have enough reserve of money but are not releasing them. Many  houses have been foreclosed, and many people saving have disapeared.

You are reading this small but meaningful ebook because you are a homeowner and fear of foreclosure, or you are a small business looking for loans,or you think of moving to an online banks and you want to know the policies of banks and  effective strategies to tacke them.

We will tell you all the secrets that banks are not telling you when it comes to loan, online banking, fees.

We will go to the red meat. We will look at how fees are big part of banks strategy to grow their buisness. Recently President Obama has created a new consumer protection Bureau, to in a way protect consumers against any misuse of their money and their trust. It will enforce banks and other companies to state  how much they will charge their clients, meaning all fees and HIDDING fees in which banks are making heavy profits.

Let be honest folks!!, this will not work or if banks do show all fees, they will charge somewhere to make the cut. So no matter what measures are taken , HIDDING fees will always exist. The major problem  is how to avoid them. Well, we will tell you EVERYTHING my dear. 

We will talk about : 

- What banks are not really telling you when it comes to their fees and how they operate really to suck your money. Do you know fees are one big part of their revenue? and how they charge hidding fees on YOUR MONEY illegaly?. Well we will cover that too.
And you will learn all their strategies which will help you saving a lot of money.

-What banks are not really tell you about your loan. We know loans are harder nowadays to get. But do you know banks put some policies or actions that make it harder to get that loan. You will learn their dirty tricks and learn how to effectively apply for loan and get it.

- What banks are not telling you about online banks. You know with the development of new technology, traditional banks should encourage online banks. But that is not the case. We will tell you why you need to become an online bank customer. 

So you will learn all the details necessary to dribble and tackle banks and win over them.

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Wall street banks and banks in general use the same type of strategy to take your money away. So if you know what are their strategies you can save lot of money. 


This ebook is very instructive. I learnt a lot and actually it confirms many of the assumptions I had about banks.I highly recommend anyone to read it because it helps me understand how banks take money away from us and how to avoid being ripped off by banks.
Usman Haider

This ebook teached me exactly what I wanted to know. I know now all the dirty tricks of banks. Now I can save more money and I know some techniques to get loan from banks. Thanks
Marit Hjorth

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