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"Who would like an ENDLESS Source of The Very Best Construction Jobs...for Less Than it Costs to Fill Up Your Gas Tank One Time?" 

If you have ever wished you could stop chasing down cheap jobs with hordes of competition...you need to read on...

Imagine what it would it be like to work steady, profitable, and guaranteed construction jobs all throughout the year. Is it possible? Absolutely it is, and it's done every day by a select few contractors who know something you probably don't.

There exists a rarely used method for getting top notch jobs, and it's not your typical "lead source". These well kept secrets are all unveiled right here...

"It's like a Roadmap to Drastically Grow Your Business"

"I've been remodeling homes for more than two decades, and I can say with assurance finding steady work is the toughest part of my job. I've never seen anything like The Contractor Investor until now; it's like a roadmap to drastically grow your business as a contractor. I now understand how much there is to know that I don't know, but also how basic it really is. With this course, I am well on my way. Thank you, Rhett, for the wealth of info."

Steve Johndreau
Contractor, Stellar Construction

Inside The Contractor Investor, you will discover...

* How to get jobs that make you serious money - every time

* How to get jobs that pay you to do the work and pay a huge profit percentage after completion

* How to get jobs that you control - and not a fickle customer

So...how is all this possible? 

The Secret to Working the Absolute Best Jobs Found Anywhere is Really Very Simple. I'll Explain, But First...

Dear Fellow Builder, 

My name is Rhett. Among other things, I am a general contractor. I've worked in all the trades, in every extreme of weather, on the high stress commercial jobs to the cutthroat competitive residential jobs, for a lot of years. I have fallen off roofs and been shot with nail guns. And worse. 

Yeah, I'm one of you.

I've known a lot of construction workers over the years and have found most of their complaints are not physical but financial. Almost all of them have the same trouble - getting more work. It just seems to be the way of construction, you know, the "Feast or Famine" syndrome. So many guys work so hard to make a good living, but find that they have to do more than simply work the jobs to bring in money... 

I am here to tell you about a GROUND BREAKING SYSTEM that will transform your business and life. Yes, I mean TRANSFORM IT, in a matter of weeks.

There's a story to how it all started...

Years ago, I decided to go and visit a wealthy relative of mine for the summer. I planned to stay at his place, a forty room mansion, for a couple months and help him out in his shop and around the small ranch he operated. 

One day we were slaving away loading hay bails onto a flatbed truck. After a couple hours of work, we took a break and had a little talk. It was in that conversation he told me about his business philosophies. He told me how he put his deals together. And he strongly encouraged me to venture into real estate investing, even suggesting that we might do some together.

I listened to every word he said. And I never forgot what he said, because I knew some things about this relative of mine most people didn't know...

His appearance could fool you. Dressed in a tattered flannel shirt and faded blue jeans and dusty boots, he drove an old, beater pickup truck and was known to most people as a "handyman". He was middle aged, soft spoken, and simple. But, as common as he was, he made more money than the doctors and lawyers in his town. And he did it year after year. For decades.

How, you ask? Well, I can assure you it wasn't building patios and installing windows.

His method was so simple it was almost funny.

"Learn how to buy good property, fix it up nicely, and sell it at the right time. Reinvest your profits and be logical," was mostly what I remember. And that was just about it.

Profound? I guess so. All I know is this guy could buy any house he wanted, wherever he wanted, whenever he wanted, with all cash. He had developed a method for buying distressed homes and apartments, using his carpenter skills to build up the values, and then selling the properties for massive profits. 

His secret? He showed me that it was found in the difference between the words "find" and "create".

You see, finding new business is not the way to build wealth. You have to do something else entirely. 

You must CREATE the business.

To spend less money getting jobs and make more money working them, you have to create jobs. Otherwise, you fall into the same trap everyone else is in, fighting for a few stale crumbs under the bidding table. 

Yep, that's it. If you try to find jobs, pay for the leads, and bid the heck out of them to beat the competition...you will rarely win.

But if you create jobs, using a legitimate real estate investing system...YOU WIN every time with 

$ Work that is profitable

$ Work that you control

$ Work that is consistent

And what will this mean for YOUR BUSINESS?

$ It will mean substantially more income on every job you take on. 

$ It will mean not having to deal with difficult customers who kill your profit margins.

$ It will mean less stress and more time off with those whom you love.

"An Invaluable Resource That Pays Huge Dividends"

"Rhett has written an invaluable, practical, and usable guide to help navigate the unique business of contractor investing. He writes with a tangible experience that any contractor or real estate professional needs to have if endeavoring to invest in this market. The Contractor Investor proves to be a "must have", and will pay huge dividends to those applying all of the hard-earned insights and details Rhett brings to the table."
John Nelson
John Nelson-Owner, JNT Building and Remodeling NARI Contractor of the Year, 2010 Sacramento Region (Exteriors above $100,000)

The Contractor Investor, a full-fledged real estate investment course, shows contractors exactly how to fund, locate, purchase, remodel, market, and sell homes...for massive profits!

Here's just a sampling of what you'll get...

The first section covers The Real Estate Opportunity. Here you will learn:

* The golden principles behind investing and why it so important for producing wealth.

* An overview of the depressed real estate markets and the goldmine opportunity they offer.

* The unique position of the building contractor, and the stong advantage he has over his competitors.

The second section covers Raising Money for Real Estate. Here you will learn:

* How to market to and work with investors - legally and ethically.

* How to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for real estate purchases, in just a few days.

* How to manage and collateralize funds for maximum security.

The third section covers Buying Valuable Real Estate. Here you will learn:

* How to locate the "hidden" sources of distressed homes, to get deals that no one else knows about.

* How to negotiate your way into extremely profitable deals.

* How to evaluate real estate to make the most profitable decisions possible.

The fourth section covers Remodeling Real Estate. Here you will learn:

* How to approach the home remodel to guarantee a high return on investment.

* How to find out the "unspoken" desires of an area's buyers.

* How to embellish a home to make everyone want to buy it.

The fifth section covers Marketing Real Estate. Here you will learn:

* How to learn "who" the potential buyer is, and why knowing is crucial to your marketing.

* How to make efficient use of advertising dollars to market the home to the largest possible audience.

* How to write ads and use graphics to generate the highest possible response.

The sixth section covers Selling Real Estate. Here you will learn:

* How to work with real estate agents, title officers, and attorneys.

* What contracts are vital to a safe and secure transaction.

* How to structure the deal to make the top dollar on every sale.

And the final section gives an actual, real life example of the entire process, from raising funds to closing the resale.

What it all boils down to is this: when you learn how to purchase homes needing renovation...you are, in a sense, buying jobs for yourself but with someone else's money! That's right. You don't pay for that lead. The investor does. The investor pays for the home and the remodel...but you have complete control over it. 

There is simply no better way to work.

In The Contractor Investor, I will personally show you how to:

* put together deals that make triple the profits of your typical construction project.

* work jobs where you can personally do as much...or as little, as you wish and not have it affect your bottom line.

* develop a plan for your future; have a business model which creates ongoing profitable jobs so you don't have to be concerned about the later years when you can't work as much as today.

And now let me tell you what I am not doing... 

1. I am not claiming this method to be push-button easy, something even a monkey could do. There is no such system on planet earth, and I know you are too intelligent to believe there is one.

2. I am not going to give you theoretical fluff; "pie in the sky" ideas that have no place in reality or have never successfully been done.

3. I am not going to give you a million and one useless details about every possible issue a CPA or attorney could possibly think about real estate, just so I can deliver a mountain of material and make it look important.

Thes truths in this explosive book are tried and tested, practical and proven.

You will find hard core, white knuckled, blood in the sand action steps for building an ultra powerful real estate business. For years, I have burned through countless hours of study and real life experience, working in the trenches all day and racking my brain at night, to know this. I have seen firsthand the payoffs of doing this business right.

But it still takes work. Like everything else in business, to make it profit and build sustainability, you must plan your work and work your plan. In other words, to move the treasure chest, you gotta' get off your butt and dive in full force.    

A lot of people who sell systems on how to make money will only say exactly what they think you want to hear. They speak of their "system" as if you only have to push a few buttons and your bank account will choke on the cash funneling in. 

Well, they can say whatever they want.

But who will tell you about their mistakes? About their losses? Who will tell you it doesn't always go just right? WHO WILL TELL YOU THE PLAIN TRUTH?

Me. I will.

Yes, I have made some incredible money on real estate deals. One particular property netted $50,431 in a little over five months, start to finish. And that was only the profit. 

But I also lost some money, too. Why? Because I did some deals without researching some important things first.

My losses taught me an extremely valuable lession, a priceless lesson, a lesson I want to share with you. I learned through real life experience that planning, researching, and undertanding the business were soooo important.

So important, they could not be overemphasized.   

"If I have learned anything, it is this: the absolute most important part of business success is 'knowledge'. Without exception."

Do you know someone who makes more money than you? I'll bet you do. Chances are they also know more than you do.

Knowledge is power, and that is why you must have this course and learn the system! In order to succeed, you must have the knowledge to succeed.

Contractors and building professionals are uniquely suited for real estate investing. They have the skills already in place to remodel homes and build substantial value. And that puts them way ahead of the competition; newbie investors who spent their first twenty career years filing reports or selling cars.

Contractors have the advantage! And they should be at the top of the game of real estate investing!

You already know how to remodel homes. Now to succeed in this dynamic and fascinating business, you must also understand buying and selling homes. The good news is you will find all of that practical, hands-on, up to date information, right here, in THE CONTRACTOR INVESTOR.

"A 67% Return on Investment in Five Months"

"I have actually worked through the principals in this course. I've seen 'em firsthand, and I know they work! There is no question about the accuracy and potential of what The Contractor Investor teaches...

I bought a house in Orangevale with a private lender and renovated the entire thing from floor to ceiling. I sold the house a couple months later and made a smashing 67% return. In less than half a year's time. Unbelievable.

The opportunity here is huge and I hope there are more construction guys out there who see this opportunity and act on it, as long as they don't buy the houses I want!"
Michael Trainor
Real Estate Investor

"As a California attorney and real estate broker, I have had a front row seat for the recent real estate market boom and subsequent bust. When it comes to "flipping" houses, contractor-investors have a tremendous advantage over their competition. The Contractor Investor, by Rhett Kniep, explains why contractors have this advantage and, more importantly, serves as a comprehensive "how-to" guide for contractors who want to earn profits by buying, repairing and selling residential properties. From finding the house and funding the purchase to making the right repairs and marketing the property, The Contractor Investor will give you the knowledge you need to successfully flip houses in any market."

Joe Sandbank
Attorney at Law

For me, writing this course has been a labor of love. I love to write, and I'm told I'm pretty good at it.

But I must tell you there is another, more significant reason I have written this course. It is because my life has changed and I can't do some of the things I used to do. Specifically, hard physical work.

I worked a lot of years in the trades and enjoyed them all. But, like many guys in this industry, I've suffered some bad accidents.  

Falling under a rolling tractor, rupturing two discs in my neck and back, and breaking my ankle; these and other catastrophes are taking their toll on my body, and as much as I hate to admit it, I am unable to work like I used to. 

I continue to invest and develop real estate, and always will. But I just can't do the hands on work like before. 

In truth, this book is the result of some personal disappointments. But realizing the most important things in life come by trial, I should not be surprised. Shifting my professional gears has enabled me to spend the time to plow ahead and get this project done. 

So here it is. What you are about to learn is the result of many years of trial and error, of professional study, of real life experience. But know this: applying these principals will empower your business like nothing else! There has never been a better time to invest in real estate than now.

So Here's the Deal...

If I only add up the profits I have made on these jobs, or if I calculate an average number of hours or days or weeks gaining this knowledge...I could justify charging a huge price for this material. But I am not going to do that.

No, I want to see more contractors get their hands on this know-how and put it to use. Contractors have one of the most important jobs in all the world of business, and it's time they get a shot at the pot of money availalble in real estate.

And for that reason I am making this course extremely affordable, likely costing less than it would take to fill up your gas tank, one time!

Look at it this way: if you apply these principals to your business ONE TIME, and only once, you will generate anywhere from $10,000 to $35,000 profit, on average. And if buying this course costs you the dollars it takes to fill your truck with fuel ONE TIME...

how many gas tanks would the dollars in profits fill? A thousand gas tanks? 

Spend a dime and make a hundred dollars. Not bad!

You Get a 100%, No Risk, Money Back Guarantee 

Simply put, this means you can review the course, at your leisure, for a full 60 days. If for any reason whatsoever you decide it is not for you, you can contact us for a full refund, no questions asked.

Basically...you can't lose!

You might ask: why I would deliver this extremely valuable material at a full refund if someone requests it?

I'll tell you why: I am so confident you are going to realize the immense value of The Contractor Investor, the opportunities it will open up for you, I am not worried about people asking for refunds, because most won't! The vast majority are going to be out making it happen, and that's the kind of contractor I want to be sharing this information with. 

In Addition to That, I'm Adding These Bonuses...Free

Take the wise road, order now and you will get more than just the course. I am providing these FREE bonus reports and forms that augment what is taught in the course. These forms are usable and practical and make learning the process much easier.

They are:

#1: Real Estate Evaluation Form - this form is a concise and effective breakdown of the most important aspects of any property - on first review. This is the form you will use when first looking at potential properties. A very important step!

#2: Property Rehab Masterlist - this form lines out the significant aspects of every home, the issues you must address when planning the rehab. Not only does this form help keep your items in order, it will also help all your subs and workers, to keep them on the same page as you. An extremely helpful organizer to ensure efficiency and maximum profits! It comes in two versions: a PDF and an Excel Spreadsheet which you can tailor to your own needs.

#3: Cost Analysis Free Report - this report gives a clear analysis of the deal making process. Here you have the most important points to consider in each and every deal. It addresses all purchases by the "mantra" of my real estate system: working from the standpoint of costs, making sure you always buy with loads of profit built in! 
Everything you need to know is right here in The Contractor Investor, available to you immediately via download.

Oh, One More Thing... 

I am doing a test run on this round of products and plan to increase the price at a near future date. 

There is just so much valuable information here, the result of years of study and application, my business associates think I should charge more. So a price increase is coming...

Get access to this fabulous material now before it goes up! 

[Click Here to Order Now](#buynow)

* Huge Profits on Every Job

* Steady and Constant Work

* Long Term Benefits and a Plan for the Future

* Flexibility to Choose Your Own Work

* Control Over Job Outcomes

* Developing of Profitable Relationships

* Building Esteem in the Construction Community

* Knowledge to Grow On
The Contractor Investor

Only $97

You will have access to this ground-breaking real estate investment course within minutes...and be well on your way to the some of the most profitable jobs in the entire industry!


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PS. Remember...this is a matter of action...available to those who seize opportunity when it presents itself...

The Contractor Investor offers it all, and will show you: 

* how to ensure a high income that will bring freedom
* how to make certain you can retire in comfort
* how to gain admiration and respect among your peers
* how to take complete control over your business 
* how to work in an exciting and enjoyable environment
Smart people give themselves and their loved ones a future, and build a great business getting there. Remember: profits, consistency, and control. All yours to gain in The Contractor Investor! 
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