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Do I Stay in this Marriage


"Do I stay in this marriage?

This one question plagued me for years. I searched endlessly through
bookstores, libraries and even the internet, but could not find the
answer to my question.

If you are bold enough to ask questions about your relationship, how
do you decide
whether to stay or go?

That’s what I wanted to know, how do you decide? For the life of
me, I know marriage is supposed to be forever. I get that. I also get
that the divorce rate is close to 50% depending on who you ask.

I have spent the past two years, researching, developing and living
this topic. I am committed to ensuring that women every-

"Do I stay in this marriage?

Effective Tools
to help you decide whether to stay or go

Smart Tips
to empower yourself to make a life changing decision

Practical Tips
you can use today whether you are ready to make a decision or not

Fresh and Exciting Ideas

Straight Talk
on the personal, legal and financial implications of divorce

I am a researcher by nature and profession. I am also compassionate,
and feel an innate need to share what I’ve learned with others. That
is my mission. If any good has come from the dissolution of my own
marriage it has been in strengthening my walk with God and accepting
my true purpose here – which is to share love and give knowledge.

There is no need for you to struggle as I did. Why? I truly believe
that God has put us here to learn from each other. We all have gifts
to share – this eBook is mine.

The tools inside “Do I Stay in this Marriage,” are critical if
you are going to make a life decision that will affect you and your

Why leave such a critical decision to chance?

"Do I stay in this marriage?

This eBook is not just for people who really want to leave their
marriage, and are looking for confirmation, nor is it for people who
are too afraid to do the hard work to create the relationship they

It took me 2 years to write and design this eBook, which you can use
as a tool designed to get you thinking about what is right for you and
your children at this point in your life!

I’m not just talking about whether you decide to leave, I’m
talking about whether you decide to stay as well.

My eBook contains tools to help you make the decision and if you
decide to stay - to help you take your relationship from good to
great. When you are ready to decide, really decide whether you will
stay or go, then please don’t waste another minute worrying. Take
action. Right now.

The tools and advice in “Do I Stay in this Marriage,” can help
you get to your personal truth much faster than if you were just
sitting around worrying or talking with friends who may not be walking
the same journey as you.

"Do I stay in this marriage?

This book is a unique resource designed specifically with you in
mind, because I have been where you are.

I have walked in your shoes I am offering this you my eBook for much
less than its true value. Think about it, how much you would pay if
you believed that someone or something could help you get to the
bottom of that question that has been lurking in your mind for a very
long time. What is that information worth?

Order now. Don’t waste another minute worrying or wondering. For
$12 you get a book written by a mother and attorney, packed with
information that can positively impact your life today.

Cheryl Elizabeth Taylor, Esq

(c) 2012 All Rights Reserved

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