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How to Give Birth Naturally:

Your Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Having a Natural and Joyful Childbirth at Hospital or Home

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Download it Today.

Learn How You Can Have a Peaceful, Comfortable, Drug-Free Birth

Complete, Convenient, Cost Effective and Immediately Available, with Everything You Need, to Prepare for the Natural Birth You Want.

The Complete Online Prenatal Course Includes:

[Childbirth Breathing Techniques CD](http://www.peacefulbirth.ca/what-is-peaceful-birth/pregnancy-cds/)

Relax while you listen to the guided imagery of the birth you want

your mind will replace anxiety and fear with confidence, calmness 


 Learn different kinds of breathing techniques for labour

that will reduce pain and increase concentration, so you can stay calm and focused


 Rhythmic breathing techniques combined with deep relaxation will help you have a

  less painful birth

[To learn more, click here](http://www.peacefulbirth.ca/what-is-peaceful-birth/pregnancy-cds/)

pregnancy book

[ Peaceful Birth Workbook](http://www.peacefulbirth.ca/what-is-peaceful-birth/work-book/)[](http://www.peacefulbirth.ca/package-for-sale/work-book/) 


Learn to difference between pain in labor and needless suffering

and what you can do to avoid the needless suffering in labor so many women experience

 you will learn how to replace those fears with healthy thoughts, that will support you in labor is you can be prepared and excited.


The Workbook offers many tips and fun exercises to help you let go of your fears about childbirth

T[o learn more, click here](http://www.peacefulbirth.ca/what-is-peaceful-birth/work-book/)

[Peaceful Birth Relaxation CD ](http://www.peacefulbirth.ca/what-is-peaceful-birth/pregnancy-cds/)


Replace anxiety and fear with confidence, calmness 

Learn how to calm your mind and relax your body,

so you don't get caught in the fear-tension-pain cycle of labor


Learn relaxation techniques for labor,

so you increase the likelihood  that your labor will be shorter and less painful


[To learn more, click here](http://www.peacefulbirth.ca/what-is-peaceful-birth/pregnancy-cds/)

[ Birth Partner's Pocket Guide](http://www.peacefulbirth.ca/what-is-peaceful-birth/birth-partners-pocket-guide/)


The Birth Partners Pocket Guide will help your birth partner know

 what to do and when to do it to best support you in labor

As you work through the workbook and discover what makes you feel safe and comfortable, you will have a space in the Pocket Guide to record your ideas and wishes

Your birth partner can take this guide to the hospital or consult it during a homebirth, as it has all the essential information in it that your partner needs to help you, including intervention risks and benefits. 


[To learn more, click here](http://www.peacefulbirth.ca/what-is-peaceful-birth/birth-partners-pocket-guide/)


[Natural Birthing Classes videos](http://www.peacefulbirth.ca/what-is-peaceful-birth/prenatal-class-videos/) 


These natural birthing classes videos will leave you feeling confident and excited about the up coming birth of your baby.


Learn natural alternatives to medical procedures


Learn how to  confidently to make decisions about your labor as it goes along


[To learn more, click here](http://www.peacefulbirth.ca/what-is-peaceful-birth/prenatal-class-videos/)


$ 97.00 for the Complete Online Prenatal Course

With the complete online course you get access to:


Peaceful birth workbook

Birth partners pocket guide

8 videos

Relaxation Cd

Breathing for labor Cd

And online support, if you have any questions.


[Buy Now](http://1.eliz778.pay.clickbank.net)

      (We are waiting for approval from our merchant account provider. Our payment link will be available by Feb 15th 2012.)

I GUARANTEE you, if you take is course you will go into labor prepared and feeling confident and that you will be able to make the best choices for you and your baby! Women who are knowledgeable going into labor  statistically are happier with how their labor went.

Elizabeth MacKay



You get two full months (60 Days) to review The Peaceful Birth Course.
If you don’t feel that you’ve gotten more than your money’s worth, you can ask for your money back.
Just contact us for an easy, no-hassle refund.

Some of the many Benefits of taking these Birthing Classes


Most women who use these techniques

* Have shorter more comfortable labours

* A calmer baby

* An informed, supportive birth partner

* You are also less likely to need pain medications, episiotomy or interventions

* Most of all, a more positive birth experience! 


The complete online prenatal course is designed for your convenience

* You can learn from the comfort of your own home

* Very cost-effective, because you will not need to take any other child birth classes

* You will learn all about natural childbirth, most of which is never taught in regular public      health classes


For all women wanting a natural birth

* You will learn about natural births at home

* As well as water births 

* How to have a natural birth in the hospital



I know that you will finish these classes feeling prepared and excited about the many joys and challenges that lie ahead. 


[Click here to Follow my Blog.](http://www.peacefulbirth.ca/store/blog/)

I believe getting over your fears of child birth during pregnancy, is the most important thing you can do to have a Peaceful birth experience.











I found that all of the breathing and relaxation techniques were really helpful during labor, especially when things started to get more intense. Thank you so much,

 Naomi Von Sonnenburg











Because It was my first child, I wanted to be really well prepared for labor. The most valuable thing for me, about taking Elizabeth's classes was that it removed ALL the fears that I had about childbirth. I was able to easily remain "calm and focused" through out my labor.- Rebecca Bone











I really enjoyed your online course. The partners guide is very eye-opening. It definitely has given me the information I needed to confidently support my wife in labor.

Hardy Hornburg

                                                                                                                 Thank you Elizabeth for everything, I would have being so scared if it wasn't for all the information and help you gave me. Much Love- Baby Amber and Jenny Melsness


Working with Elizabeth was a pleasure.  Not only was she very pleasant to work with and extremely professional, Elizabeth has a strong command of her subject matter and makes learning enjoyable and effortless. Her video series has been well researched and delivered.I highly recommend her services. You will not be disappointed.

 Ralph Perez, PhD



Thank you Elizabeth for putting together this great program.  

I feel confident referring my clients to this program, I know they will be very well prepared for labor and delivery.

Emmy Sanderson (Doula)





The information included in this site is for educational purposes only. It is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Because the information here is presented generally (not individually) and without knowledge of your specific circumstances, please consult your own healthcare practitioner if you have any queries or concerns.

You are responsible for your healthcare choices, I hope to help you make informed choices, but in the end, responsibility for those choices lies with you. In short, the author/s and owner of this site cannot be held liable or responsible for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information or product you obtain through the Peacefulbirth.ca site. 

Copyright 2012

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