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Posted on [February 14, 2012](http://boulder-research.com/ipos/) by [lizb10](http://boulder-research.com/author/blog/)

Initial Public Offerings receive an inordinate amount of attention in the financial press. Some are spectacular in their opening day’s trading. Most are not. Wall Street loves IPOs because they generate very large amounts of revenue. Typically, the spread ( what the book-running manager is paid) is about 6% of the offering price. The selling concession (what the individual broker receives) is about 60% of that 6%. So on an IPO that is priced at $20 net to the customer, the lead investment banking firm receives $1.20 and the individual broker receives a $.72 selling concession. Heady stuff these days when institutional commissions are 3 or 4 cents per share on a regular trade.

There’s more. On hot deals, the deals that are expected to start trading at a premium to the offering price, the competition is fierce to receive allocations of stock. The accounts that pay the most in commissions receive the most hot stock. Period. Large retail allocations of hot stock are rare.

Playing the syndicate calendar is also an art as well as a science on both sides of the offering, investment bank and investor. Boulder Research LLC will show you how the dance takes place, who the dancers are, and when it’s better to be a wall flower.
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[Greed and Fear](http://boulder-research.com/greed-and-fear/)

Posted on [February 13, 2012](http://boulder-research.com/greed-and-fear/) by [lizb10](http://boulder-research.com/author/blog/)

Two emotions, greed and fear, can kill any investment portfolio’s performance. Both can cause you to make decisions at exactly the wrong time. Investing in stocks can be an exercise in emotion. It is not all spreadsheets, revenues, and earnings. Numbers matter of course, but at the end of the day, except for black box quant trading, emotions will come into play not only with the buy and sell decisions, but also during the ride in between.

Emotionally, it is easier to decide when to buy and more difficult on the sell side. Wall Street research departments are awash with buy recommendations, but sells are few and far between for reasons we’ll discuss next week. Not much help from the Street is there for the private client. Boulder Research LLC will give you logical ways to make your decisions, both buys and sells, taking emotion out of the process. We will show you not only the process, but specific timely examples time and again. All of which will improve your rate of return and help you sleep better at night.
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[The Whisper Number](http://boulder-research.com/the-whisper-number/)

Posted on [February 10, 2012](http://boulder-research.com/the-whisper-number/) by [lizb10](http://boulder-research.com/author/blog/)

During earnings season, all eyes are on companies as they report their earnings or lack thereof. Wall Street analysts have published their earnings estimates and investors await the numbers. But when the numbers are announced by the companies, many times the stock does not react as expected.Why is that? Welcome to the world of the whisper number.This is also part of the inside call mentioned in yesterday’s blog. The whisper number is the true estimate which is being anticipated by the Street, and is not published by brokerage firms. This number is circulated among Wall Street sales and trading desks and communicated to large commission paying accounts via phone, rarely in any written communication. As a retail investor, you will not hear the whisper number. Boulder Research will suggest investment and trading ideas that make the whisper number irrelevant, leveling the playing field.
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Posted on [February 9, 2012](http://boulder-research.com/options/) by [lizb10](http://boulder-research.com/author/blog/)

Two types of options traders/investors are the speculators and the sellers of time.

The speculator typically has a specific expectation for the movement of the stock and the time frame for that movement. They will typically be long calls or puts, or be long spreads. With this type of approach, it is usually high risk/high reward.

The seller of time is a different animal. They typically sell calls or puts, receive the premium, and wait for nothing to happen. Time works in their favor. Boulder Research LLC will point out timely, actionable options ideas for the speculator, the seller of time, and everyone in between.
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[Oil: Broad Market Viewpoint](http://boulder-research.com/oil-broad-market-viewpoint/)

Posted on [February 9, 2012](http://boulder-research.com/oil-broad-market-viewpoint/) by [lizb10](http://boulder-research.com/author/blog/)

In our view, the price of oil in the long term will be largely determined by demand. Worldwide, demand will continue to rise as nations develop. Think about this. In the US, 26 barrels of oil are consumed per person per year. China, with 1.2 billion people, consumes 2 barrels per person. India, with 1.0 billion people, consumes 1 barrel per person per year. As China and India progress economically, their oil consumption will continue to increase over the long term. Huge potential demand dwarfing what we have today.

Long term, own the oils. Boulder Research LLC will show you how and why.

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[Inside Call](http://boulder-research.com/inside-call/)

Posted on [February 9, 2012](http://boulder-research.com/inside-call/) by [lizb10](http://boulder-research.com/author/blog/)

Getting the inside call. The inside call is information that goes to certain, typically large, clients first. This information can be anything that has the possibility of making money for the client and generating commissions for the broker. As a retail investor, you’ll never get that call. You don’t really want it either. Boulder Research LLC will show you our thoughts and investment ideas which will make the inside call superfluous.
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Boulder Research is a boutique research company focused on providing timely, targeted research that gives an investing edge to our clients. The staff at Boulder Research are industry insiders with over 40 years of experience in fields such as Options and Equities trading, Oil & Gas, and Hedge Fund Management. It is our goal to provide to our clients targeted, actionable data that may be used to maximize the chance of successful investment.
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