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_ Vegetarian around the world is a great recipe book for someone who
is looking for easy-to-follow main meal recipes, making preparation of
your vegetarian dishes easy.

My name is Sean O'Donnell and I have created this diverse collection
of food as a starting point for you to enjoy preparing, cooking and
introducing vegetarian food into your weekly meals. The funny thing is
I am not a vegetarian and I have developed these dishes for my
girlfriend , who is. I have found by having 2-3 vegetarian meals a
week has improved my health in many ways. When vegetarian food is
prepared with love and fresh ingredients it is a delicious, healthy
way to eat.
My recipes offer a wide array of vegetarian dishes from around the
world for you to experience. Feel free to change to satisfy your own
personal taste!

Food should always be reinvented.
Many of the dishes in the book are a great fundamental base for you
to work from. Using fresh ingredients in all of your meals will mean
you are on the path to a healthier place. Use this as a step toward
living a longer and more fruitful life.

Introducing vegetarian dishes into your existing diet offers a lot of
health benefits like reduced risk of heart attack, lowered blood
pressure, control of diabetes, prevention of cancer, and elimination
of toxins from the body. Beautiful fresh vegetables allow easier
digestion and improvement of overall health.

_You will feel energised _


_$10 is the number I was focusing on when I created Vegetarian
around the World. The main ingredients in nearly all of the recipes
cost $10 or less. I wanted to demonstrate that you can feed a small
family fresh, healthy, home cooked food on a budget. Saving money and
improving health. One thing to note is that I have cooked many of
these dishes and I haven't had any meat lovers complain that "there's
something missing".

Preparing any recipe in the book brings diversity and class to your
vegetarian meal. The recipes are influenced from many traditional
dishes from Tunisia, Japan, Russia, Cuba and other countries. The
collection of recipes from different countries, allows you to have a
great variety of choice - variety in taste and preparation.
You Receive -
A Large Variety of Tasty Main Meal Recipes from around the World your
family and friends will love.
Tips on Preparation
A Few Quick and Simple Sauce and Dressing Recipes

It is our hope that anyone who enjoys the beautiful food in
Vegetarian around the World, will begin a journey to a healthier life
through delicious, fresh and flavoursome meals.

Enjoy reading, preparing and eating!!!

_Bon apptit!_

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