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Through Teddy's Eyes

A Boy's Battle Against Cancer

Told though his own eyes and words, this heart wrenching story follows an eleven year old boy (Teddy) through his eight month battle with Leukemia. The author (Teddy’s mother) wrote the book as a promise to her son that his story be told and as a way of coping with the tragic loss. Originally intended to be read by and to children, the book can be read by people of all ages, especially those who have suffered the loss of a loved one or who has someone who is critically ill. The book stresses the need for love and support in times of crisis from family, friends and caring individuals.

A Brief Commentary from Sandra Conti - Teddy's Mother

Why is the cancer rate in our children climbing so dramatically high and so quickly?  When I was a child, we almost never heard of a child having cancer, yet today, we are hearing of it at an alarmingly high rate.

When Teddy was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, otherwise known as the Adult Leukemia, I was in shock. This healthy, active little boy of mine had never been sick, was very active in sports and had a very healthy diet.

There was and probably still is speculation about the high voltage power lines giving off energy that can cause cancer and our home backed onto a power corridor.  There was also controversy about the nearby oil refinery and the steel mills that were at each end of our city. The fact that the cancer rate was highest in our city might have been because we were sandwiched between the emissions that were given off by these mills.

All kinds of preservatives are put into our foods that allow them a shelf life of a year; with so many more moms working outside the home, it’s easier to buy readymade frozen meals for their families.  Are all or any of these things killing our children?

When Teddy began what he called his “adventure” at McMaster Children’s Hospital, he asked me to write about it, so that it might help other children and their families, so I did. He kept a diary about his daily activities which included being a ‘Stuffed Animal Doctor’. We had bought him child size hospital greens and a stethoscope and he would go around to the other children’s rooms & see if any of their stuffed animals needed to be looked at, a game that the other younger and often frightened children loved. Even Teddy’s nurses got a kick out of him.

And so I wrote Through Teddy’s Eyes.  I believe he chose the title from heaven, because I was going to name it something else. His picture on the cover, again, I think he somehow chose.  The words I wrote were, I believe, my therapy, because I only remember sitting at my dining room table a few months after he died, crying as I wrote them.

Copies of Through Teddy’s Eyes are all over the world; from Miami Children’s Hospital, homes in South Africa, to our own city’s public library in the children’s section.

I have been told that Teddy’s story has helped many families cope with similar experiences and I know that Teddy smiles down from heaven, happy knowing this.

Although I originally wrote the book in 1988, before the internet, I feel that the book is timeless and should be read and enjoyed by all. Consequently, with the help of my husband, John, I have converted the book into pdf format and put it online. You can download a copy of Teddy’s book by clicking the ORDER button below and completing the resultant order form. Once this process is completed you will receive instructions on how to download the book.

Thank you for your time and enjoy the book.

Sandra Conti

A brief excerpt from the Author’s Note at the beginning of the book.

He wanted so badly to get better. The question he asked most often was "Why?" "Why me?" "What did I do that was so bad?"

How do you begin to explain why to a child, when you, yourself can't begin to comprehend a reason.

What happens to a child and his family and friends is something everyone should be aware of. Everyone! Parents, grandparents, hospital staff, bill collectors, employers.  

I'm writing this book, I suppose, to give my son's death some meaning. To help me understand and accept my loss. Though I know in my heart that it's only temporary.

"Through Teddy’s Eyes" is a book that should not be missed. It is available for download at an affordable cost of $19.95 (Canadian). Part of the proceeds of this book will be used to help the critically ill children in the McMaster Children's Hospital.

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