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Are you interested in saving money on your utility bills?_

_ Would you like to make use of an alternative, environmentally
friendly energy source? _

Do you want to make your home more energy efficient?

From: Paul Meier


These days we regularly hear in the news and media about what bad
shape the environment is in. There are stories all the time about the
fact that fossil fuels are running out - and energy costs are
continually rising.

For the average person, environmental damage can seem like something
that is removed from them, but people do feel that they want to do
something positive. And when the cost of energy starts to become
uncomfortable, then these two issues start to make alternative energy
sound like something you want to find out more about.

So its little wonder that people are starting to get serious about
finding alternative energy sources...

Renewable Energy Helped Me Cut
Costs & Do Something Positive
For The Environment

Not so long ago I was where you are today. I was alarmed by the
environmental damage reports on the news. I worried for my children
when I heard stories about the impact that humankind was having on the
planet. And like the average hard working homeowner, I was feeling the
pinch with the ever increasing cost of energy and gas.

I felt that there had to be a better way, so I started to seek out
information about what alternative energy sources were out there - and
which of those would work for me.

I investigated a wide range of options and I soon realised that the
development of alternative and renewable energy had come a long way -
and there were a lot of options available to me.

I firstly decided to head to my DIY store, to see if there were some
hints for saving energy or integrating renewable energy into my home -
and I found there were very few answers. I contacted local builders
and other tradespeople - but beyond suggestions of more energy
efficient appliances and insulation - I didnt get a lot of really
useful information.

People simply didnt know about the options beyond the basics for
energy efficiency.

_I bought this e-book cause I am a really keen person when it comes
to alternative energy. I live in south Texas right on the Mexican
border, so solar power is the best idea for me. You helped me a lot in
deciding what steps I need to take and what I need to do to achieve my
goals. Thanks. _



Making Sense Of Alternative Energy

The problem has always been that a lot of people simply havent really
taken alternative energy seriously.

In its earliest stages of development, for most people is simply
wasnt fast enough or "glamorous" enough to compete with what was
already available.

Hydrogen fuelled cars, smart cars and wind turbines have gone a long
way toward changing peoples attitudes, but finding renewable or
alternative options for the home was still a struggle.

I knew what key factors I wanted from an alternative energy source.

It had to be clean.

It had to be cheap.

It had to be free and plentiful.

What I needed was something that would work effectively in my home -
something that would improve energy efficiency and reduce energy
costs. After investigating different options, I finally discovered the
one alternative energy source that made sense for me.

_Hi Paul. My name is Ahmed and I live in Saudi Arabia. Im a local
supplier of alternative energy devices such as solar panels and I
found Sun Home Power quite interesting and very technically also.
Thanks for sharing the know-how and for providing me with a
perspective image of the problem._



A Cost Effective, Energy Source That Provides A Real Alternative
Energy Solution

In fact, the solution came about while on a short camping trip. A
friend came along with a solar powered light. This simple device
soaked up the suns rays during the day - and then used the energy it
had stored throughout the day to produce a glowing light that was
perfect for nights at the campsite.

This simple solar powered light really had my mind racing. Id seen
information about solar power, but Id dismissed it when thoughts of
cloudy winter days crept in. The possibility that energy from the sun
could be used not only while the sun was shining, but also stored and
used later was nothing short of a revelation.

I was certain that I was onto something and I realised that if solar
power could be harnessed and stored for later use - then the
possibilities were incredible.

I could use it to heat water, I could use it to heat my home - but
most importantly - I could use it as a source of energy that could be
stored and used later to operate a range of other home appliances.

Sure enough, as soon as made this connection - I was able to
discover a whole lot more options for harnessing the suns rays and
using solar power in place of conventional energy sources.

Armed with this powerful information I began to integrate the use of
solar power in my family home - and after trial and error I found the
most effective ways to use solar power.

Having done that I knew that I had to share this important
information so that others could benefit from it - not only to save
money and cut back on energy bills - but to make their home greener
and reduce their impact upon the environment.

_Sun Home Power__ are really great. It helped me in my quest to
understand alternative energy and this can save me money. I am
struggling to pay the bills and I see that this book offers a lot of
methods of saving money. Thanks for letting me know. _



Solar Power Delivers Cheap, Clean, Renewable Energy - Saving Your
Money And The Planet

In "Sun Power Home" Ive put together a guide that will help you to
take positive steps toward making your home greener and more energy

Harnessing the power of the sun can benefit you and your family in a
number of ways.

With the use of solar power you are able to reduce the impact you
have upon the planet. The great thing about this renewable energy
source is that it simply comes from the suns rays - without any
adverse impact upon the natural environment necessary to source it.

Once you have installed the solar panelling and youre solar powered
energy is readily available, it will lower the cost of your energy
bills leaving you with more money free to spend on other things.

Unlike environmentally damaging fuels like petroleum, oil, coal and
so on - solar power is clean and doesnt adversely affect the

And finally, solar power can even let you provide cleaner energy to
the wider community. If you produce more energy than you require, you
can even sell that power - providing green energy to others in your

_Hello Paul,_

_ I was once not so interested about this subject. Sun power is
definitely the way to go these days. As oil and gas prices plummet,
sun power can be a very good method of saving money. Thanks a lot for
your e-book. _



"Sun Home Power" Reveals Everything
You Need To Know To Make Your Home Green & Energy Efficient

Solar power is undoubtedly a wonderful energy source - and the fact
that it is 100% free and totally renewable makes it an attractive
prospect for every home owner looking for a better way to source power
for their home.

"Sun Home Power" is about helping you to find out more about solar
power and how you can make use of this remarkable power source to
reduce your energy bills and to green your home.

Inside this guide youll discover:

Just what solar power is and how it can be beneficial to your
daily life.

How solar power has been overlooked in the past and the
important reason why it should be developed more for the future.

Where to go to source the most appropriate solar energy products
for your home and other needs, plus a wide range of ways to make use
of solar energy both within the home and in other areas.

The very latest in solar power technology and how you can use
this to dramatically reduce the cost of your utilities bills.

How to integrate different types of alternative energy sources
and combine them with your solar power to save even more money.

And much, much more....

"Sun Home Power" is a comprehensive guide to help you successfully
integrate solar power energy into your home and reap the rewards of
using this green, cost effective energy source...

Tried And Tested: Heres What Other People Around The World Say
Sun Home Power:

_Ive just ordered the e-book from the SunHomePower website and I am
really keen on reading it and the other bonuses that Ive already
received. I am actually interested in building a solar thermal
systems, so its great that Sun Home Power contains all needed info.
Cheers :D_


_Hello Paul! I am a supporter of alternative energy. I found your
e-book as one of the most educative and interesting ones that is
currently available on the market. Thanks for posting it and I like
your support as well. Have a nice day. _


_I live in a sunny place near Lisbon, in Portugal. Almost every day
is a sunny one. So, I thought that I might profit someday from the
advantages of alternative energy. This is why I bought Sun Home Power
– to learn more about solar panels, and it was worth the money.


_Hi Paul,_

_ The e-book is really great and easy to read. In addition, I like
that Ive received a lot of bonus materials. Now Ive just need to have
the time to read them all and put the know how into practice. Thanks
for the support :)_


_Ive read your e-book. I didnt know so much about energy saving and
how I can save more money just by doing things right. Its amazing how
Sun Home Power has changed me and Im now a better person. _


_Dear Paul__,_

_ I am writing you to tell you that I really like Sun Home Power. I
found it really interesting how you have merged a lot of knowledge as
well as detailed DIY plans. Thanks for supplying me with the needed
info. I can now start to save money. _


_Good Day Paul,_

_ I live in Estonia. This is near the Baltic Sea and it is a really
cold place. Ive bought your Sun Home Power e-book and would like to
create and install a windmill. I feel that everything you stated there
is good, so hope to create one by the next weekend. Thanks for a great


Dont Delay - Get Hold Of This Useful Information Today At An
Low Price...


Solar power could truly transform how you supply power to your home,
it could change the way you impact the environment and it will save
you money in the long term. Through "Sun Home Power", you can discover
everything you need to know about implementing solar power into your
home, as well as integrating it with other energy forms that you
already use.

To help you to get the information you need to start on the path to
greener, more economical energy use - Im excited to offer this
opportunity to you right now for an incredible $49. This is an
incredibly low price to pay for this concise, informative package
which will literally save you money in the long run.

This amazing resource provides you with an extraordinary amount of
focussed information that will help you to make a positive difference
by saving money and preserving resources.

If youre serious about becoming more environmentally friendly and
saving your hard-earned money by reducing your utility bills - then
"Sun Home Power" is a must!

Get These Amazing BONUS Materials
For FREE - Simply By Ordering Now!

Bonus # 1

"Save Power 4 Home"

Find out more about the ways that you can save power and money in
your home. This goes beyond the basics of just greening your home and
shows you how you can become more energy conscious and save a whole
lot of money as well as do your part to protect the environment.

Bonus # 2

"Windmill 4 Energy - Maintenance"

Installing and maintaining a wind generator is just another way in
which you can create a more energy efficient home, while at the same
time using renewable energy resources to keep things running in your
home. This informative guide helps you to work on maintaining your
wind generator so that it runs efficiently. VALUED AT $49.

Bonus # 3

"Solar 4 Energy - Maintenance"

If you experience any problems with the solar panels youve
installed, this troubleshooting guide will help you to carry out any
fixes, as well as give you advice on the correct maintenance and
upkeep of the panels. A must if youre going to start using solar power
in your home! VALUED AT $39.

Bonus # 4

"Lifetime Support & Updates"

When you purchase this incredible guide to solar power, youll also
receive this special bonus offering lifetime support and updates on
"Sun Home Power" guide as well as on all bonuses listed here. VALUED
AT $49.

Bonus # 5

"Special Parts List"

The bonus "Special Parts List" helps you to understand the technical
requirements for solar energy solutions that really live up to your
expectations. Not to be missed if youre eager to start making your
home greener right away. VALUED AT $39.

Bonus # 6

"IRS TAX Rebate Forms"

These forms and the guide that comes with them could save you a lot
of money and time when youre preparing to submit IRS forms to get your
rebate entitlements. VALUED AT $29.

Bonus # 7

"Sizing Calculator"

Understanding the scope of your requirements is covered with this
handy sizing calculator. Using this bonus, youll be able to create
accurate figures to work from when purchasing materials and planning
any green power projects for your home. VALUED AT $39.

Thats an incredible SEVEN bonuses - worth nearly $300 - for FREE!
You simply cant fail to achieve your goal of having a greener, more
energy efficient home once you have all this information at your

If you were to go out and buy each of these bonuses individual youd
spend $293 for these seven bonuses... But right now they could be
yours for free - simply by spending $49 to get the amazing "Sun Home
Power".... So what are you waiting for?

My 60 Days, 100% Money Back Guarantee

I want to make sure that youre completely satisfied with the high
quality information contained within the "Sun Home Power" guide - so
Id like to offer you my personal guarantee.

When you purchase this ebook, youll receive everything right away,
PLUS youll get to try it out for the next 60 days! That means a whole
2 months to try it out and see what you think! If you dont feel that
this book delivers everything promised - then Ill give you 100% of
your money back - no questions asked.

With "Sun Home Power" youve truly got nothing to lose. Follow the
advice that it offers however, and youve got everything to gain by
making use of this highly focussed and information packed resource.
This reveals everything you need to know about solar power and making
your home greener - and if you dont feel that it delivers on that
promise - youll get your money back.

Its really that simple.

Dont waste any more time finding throwing away money on utility bills
for environmentally damaging energy resources. Discover a better way
with "Sun Home Power".


Paul Meier

_ Founder of Sun Home Power_

P.S. - Using solar power gives you an opportunity to do something
truly positive for your family, community and the environment. Whether
your primary concern is saving precious resources, or saving some much
needed cash - solar power provides you with a means to achieve your
objective. "Sun Home Power" simply delivers the information you need
to reach your goals.

P.P.S. - What are you waiting for? If you value the environment, if
you care about the state you leave the planet in for your children -
then you need to get serious about conserving energy and finding
renewable energy sources. Grab hold of this chance to find out
precisely how you can make a change. Youve got nothing to lose with my
no questions asked, money back guarantee - but so much to gain if you
take action now!

_ Start today!_

_Sun Home Power__ are full of valuable info. I like it and I am
really impressed of your work. The e-book is one of the best written
ones in this niche. In addition, I wanted to tell you that I like the
other e-books too that came with the package._


_I am really disappointed that UK doesnt have so much sun. Its one
of the rainiest countries in the world; however, I believe that your
e-book has application even in UK. Solar power is the future and I am
sure that your e-book will be a success. Thanks mate. _


_Hi Paul. Thank you for Sun Home Power. Ive ordered it and received
it. Now Im reading your e-book and trying to figure out how I can
create my first solar panel. Im not sure, but I am excited now!_


_Sun Home Power is amazing product.__ Its presented radical info
that will help people to save money. Saving money in this way is
really great, cause solar power and unconventional energy is not so
new, but its practical to use._


_Hey Paul,_

_ Thanks for offering me the possibility to learn more about
alternative energy. Solar power is a really good method of saving
money. Gas and oil prices are so high these days that everyone should
consider solar power as a good alternative._


_I am living in a sunny country where most of the days are hot and
the sun is up in the sky. I found Sun Home Power as very interesting
and I would like to start a business in this niche. Thanks :)_


_I am living in New Mexico and I am already a contractor that
handles sun power devices and installs them in houses all across the
state. Ive ordered your e-book and I found it very cool and I believe
that it is a valuable resource even for me who know a lot about this.



_ Ive ordered Sun Home Power guide and I am feeling really good that
I have done that. I like the fact that it explains everything in
details, helping me to understand not just the phenomenon, but also
certain aspects such as how can I profit from this e-book to reduce
costs. _

_Sun Home Power is a must :-)_


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