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My friends and family all thought I was NUTS...who's laughing now?

I know, this may  sound a little crazy at the moment right? But hear me out... 

I may be just a young "kid" who's barely experienced life, but no bones about it. I've accomplished some pretty extraordinary things with my life over the last couple years. 

Understand this, I'm not here to say you'll make a million bucks within the next two years...even though an average of 1,440 millionaires are created every day. But what if the things I show you, and the system I give to you risk free, is something that can deliver you to a healthy six figure income?
(Yes- ABSOLUTELY - You Succeed and its completely Risk FREE! ) 

Heck, what if it fails miserably and you only make an extra few hundred bucks a week? Would that at least help? 

Finally! A No-Hype, Real Way to Finally
 Get Ahead In Life – WAY Ahead! 

I sincerely hope you're skeptical right now, You have to be...heck, I still am these days! I've ordered every program and opportunity out there to try and get ahead in life. I've lost a lot of money -suffered many frustrations .And because of all the junk out there, it has forced me to do something crazy.
Because I believe in what I want to show you so much... 

I Have A Completely RISK FREE,
No Obligation Offer For You. 

It seems that as the economy worsens, more and more people come out with their fly by night scams and I'm getting sick of it. Why can't someone actually take care of the “normal guy” for once who just wants a better life? 

A 6 figure Income-New Home-Luxury Sports Car,
 Traveling The World... 

I don't know you ...you don't know me .And society has probably engrained in your mind that unless you and like you, I have no reason to help you. That's partly why we're so skeptical by nature .Well, truth is , I can't help everyone in the world That's obvious .But better way than the typical 9-5 rat race where Corporate America controls your life, your bank account, your dress, your time, and your employment status. 
It's sad- 94% of our population believes they have to work really hard to make a living. I call that slaving. 6% believes that there is a better, smarter, and faster way. 

If you're part of that 6 %, I have
some awesome news for you... 

I'm not some 'fancy shmancy' copywriter nor am I slick with my words. I'm just here to lay it all on the line and explain to you, in the most honest words possible, how this all happened for me...and how it can easily happen for you. 

I'm only 28, so it's not like I've had years of a really tough life. I grew up in a middle class family in a small western Maryland town of 22,415 people. To make a long story very short , after attending college for a year in 2002 ,I dropped out after remembering how my parents,  and I were affected when corporate America pulled the rug out from underneath my family's financial security.

Things Could Not Get Any Worse For Us!

How could anyone with even half a heart do that to someone with a wife and kids to support? Keep in mind that this was back in '97 where layoffs weren't so common. Now they're running rampant. 

But when corporate America decided to turn its back on my family, I decided, and was determined to turn my back on corporate America, obviously that decision kicked my butt! I had school debt and credit cards to pay...I was getting overdraft fee after overdraft fee. 

 So I did what every 20 year old kid loves to do I moved back home with my parents.( Ha!) I was sweating away in a factory full time by day and delivering pizzas in a rusted out '89 rattle trap piece of crap truck by night. 21 years old, I looked into the future and saw no light at the end of the tunnel. 

(my pizza delivery mobile)

4 Years Ago it Happened...

I'll spare you the trial and error horror stories we can exchange those down the road. But after searching and trying everything. I mean EVERYTHING about ready to give up, a little system stumbled upon me that  was a complete “no brainer”. After a few years of “failure” and getting my education form the school of “hard knocks”, when I had all but given up, I stumbled in to something real. his system found me, and it approached me in a similar manner as to how this letter found you. 

In my first 5 months , I developed a 6 figure income. In my 6th month, I pulled a whopping $147,483.14 in one month!
My Overall earnings have soared to an all time high… $400,000 within 18 months.  Now I'm basically retired at 28.I live the good life making more money than I spend on every vacation, and I'm able to give freely of my time and money to my church, family, and friends who are not as “well off” as I now am. 

From zero to 6 figures in 5 months  flat with a six figure month at the end !? Holy COW! When I first “plugged in” I didn't even expect it to work. I decided to “try it out” and as  a bummed college drop- out, this simple formula literally catapulted me to a CEO income with a retired lifestyle. 

Good For Me, Right?
No - Good For You …

You see I'm not trying to brag. If I was, I'd tell you all about my new Lexas 460(hybrid), Black custom T-bird, porsche turbo, motorcycles, and  3,000 sq. ft house;) haha! I'm really not trying to impress, though. I'm trying to impress upon you what is possible.( I'll give you tons of proof of what I've accomplished - if you want it.) But here's the good news for you... 

I'm not here to present a way to get rich quick. That just doesn't happen even though we all try it at one time or another. I simply put together a system you can try risk free, where you don't need a big budget or advanced knowledge and it works far better and quicker than anything I've ever done on the online or anything that I've done before or seen- period. 

60 Days Risk Free? Who're You Kidding!? 

I know why would I give something away to someone I don't know? Well, here's the truth: I put something together to be mutually and equally beneficial for us both. You see, how I put this together is in a manner where I am only successful when you are. So the better you do is the better I do, why not let you plug in risk free? Heck, why not let everyone plug in at no risk? Sure, I've put a lot of time and money into developing this, I know it works. I have nothing to lose by letting you try it risk free. Make Sense!? I don't know about you ,but knowing that I'll have 60 days to try a system out and make money with it, not having to worry about losing a dime, should speak volumes on credibility and integrity. I was just a poor guy 4 years ago with a 2 digit bank account (many times in the negative) and loads of debt. I didn't have advanced marketing education nor did I know HTML and I still don't ! 

I finally decided enough is enough, and decided to give myself a 90 day deadline. I would have to learn everything I could about online marketing and become profitable make AT LEAST $7,000 a month (figured this was enough to pay the bill and  live comfortably) OR I would just give up and get a job at a local department store. 

The Results... I soaked up EVERYTHING like a "sponge", tried dozens and dozens of tactics. Some stuff was absolutely garbage and didn't work at all, while some strategies showed promise but I had to test and tweak them putting my own spin on them.

Shortly thereafter -I hit the Jackpot! By Week two,
I had already made $8,213.75. At the end of my 90 day "Do or Die" trial period I had banked over $67,521! The result was a rock solid proven system that I could leverage the heck out of and FINALLY be financially free of all the economic B.S. that I had been so consumed by. This system is the result of months of, blood, sweat, tears, (and Roman Noodles).

Introducing The "eMillionaire Blueprint"
Step by Step Wealth System


eMillionaire Blueprint
Module 1: Laying The Foundation


This initial module set prepares you by providing the groundwork for everything else that you will learn with this powerful system. In this module you'll learn:
A clear birds eye view blueprint of the entire system that I will reveal to you so that you have a clear picture of what it takes to achieve the results that you desire. This module will serve as a "roadmap" that will show you what you can expect at each stage of this wealth creation process and demonstrate what type of earning potential you can easily achieve. How to achieve "mental success".  This is no "FooFoo" hocus pocus positive thinking crap. These are rock solid proven techniques that you'll need to achieve new levels of success that you probably can't even imagine right now at this point in your life ( mastering this technique is what completely changed my life and literally turned things around within a very short period of time. Very Powerful Stuff!) The simple tools required for success...opposite to what you may believe it's a very small amount. The fastest and most simple (and free) technique I know of to find hidden gems on product demand, which will allow you to explode your profits.
There is no filler in these lessons. They are very precise, step by step profit blueprint lessons. You'll find no wasted space, time fillers or distractions.
This course is a blueprint to online wealth... PERIOD.

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eMillionaire Blueprint
Module 2: Product Creation

In this second module you will learn my exclusive secrets to creating or "controlling" power products that sell themselves. These will be products that are in very high demand and convert VERY well (much better than your average fluff filled internet ebook).

You may have noticed that I said your products, not just "bending over" and doing all of the work to build someone else's list. You'll learn the critical secrets behind this inside the course. Prepare to be shocked as I go against the grain of what the average guru teaches.
My secret sources that I still use everyday to to find hot prospective products that will allow you to start profiting immediately...some of my clients have stated that the value of these sources alone has been worth the price of the course because they have made thousands with them. My secret formula to "grading" these products to separate the "wheat from the shaft" . These guidelines actually apply when selecting any products from any source and will allow you to instantly be able to tell if it's a winner or a loser...and be right 99% of the time. My blueprint formula for customizing a product and customizing it to be your own brand new high end product. My simple method for customizing a product to make it "yours" quickly and easily. This technique alone will allow you to add HUGE value to your  products. My very exclusive FAST CASH recovery system.  These are 3 simple ways to get at very least double your investment in any product in just a matter of days .
(This makes it very easy to leverage your business and multiply your profits faster.)

During this module, you'll start seeing income flowing in. This cash flow is very important during these early stages. Its essentially what lets you stay afloat and perfectly positions you to build on your success and leverage your business in later modules.
Not only will I tell you exactly how to do this, but starting with Lesson 2, I'll let you look over my shoulder and see exactly how its done with quick little "how to" instructional  videos that will make it a snap to follow the plan that I'm laying out for you.!

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eMillionaire Blueprint
Module 3: Setting Up Shop

In the third module you will learn how to make the transition from your fast cash system into earning long term profits. In this module, you will get the blueprint to putting together a long term business plan that will continue to keep paying you for years to come. 

You'll really start to have fun with this module because you can start to see your future ahead of you. You'll already have made a good amount of money, but now you'll be planning how to leverage this into earning in the high six figures per year. 

You'll learn:
My secret 7 point formula to market your products that will attract new customers like moths to a yard light. The blueprint to setting up your long term profit system, including the exact step by step instructions showing you how to make and build simple high impact profitable money sites. My simple blueprint, step-by-step system for high impact writing, that you can use for writing copy, creating power auto responder email messages... and writing insanely profitable- high converting sales letters. Secret resources of the so called "gurus" to getting others to do all of the work for you. You'll learn the power of duplication here.
As mentioned above, this is the module where your business will go through a transformation. You will begin to see your income double and triple and you're momentum will be building putting a lot of things on autopilot.

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eMillionaire Blueprint
Module 4: Traffic Tactic Blueprints

Let's face it, if you have no traffic, then you have NOTHING, when it comes to running an online business. You need traffic like a fish needs water, when it comes to finding and profiting from visitors who are looking to buy solutions to their problems.

During this fourth module I'll reveal to you exactly how to get more traffic than you can imagine. Some have said that the information in this module alone rivals some of the "guru's" complete traffic courses!

Inside this module I'll show you:
My blueprint traffic system that leverages and combines free traffic tactics and paid tactics, allowing you to start profiting Fast and Cheap. Then I'll show you how to leverage this success and start raking in more traffic and consequently, more money than you ever thought was possible in a business like this! The top 7 FREE traffic tactic strategies that will provide you with floods of traffic for months and even years down the road without you having to come out of pocket and without doing any additional work. My top paid traffic tactics blueprints. I'll teach you my personal system for buying traffic that will give you all the traffic you need without costing you an arm and a leg.
I'll provide you with more over the shoulder videos that will show you exactly how to dominate the Google rankings for any keyword you choose- For Free!  

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eMillionaire Blueprint
Module 5: Fast Cash Blueprints

Module 5 is the result of one of those "AHA Moments" that happened for me during my early days of building my business. This module will flat out change the way you look at your business. During a recent master mind meeting, we all agreed that this secrets revealed in this module, fill void of the missing information that most internet marketers never learn.

This is a VERY POWERFUL module that will show you:
A closer look at the overall eMillionaire blueprint system to discover exactly where your money is being made. Nope - it's not where you think. My secret system for taking your business from the basic little "fast cash money maker" into a "long-term profit gorilla". My 4 point blueprint systems for raking in more cash per sale making by squeezing every once of profit out of each transaction by providing more value to your customers. How to double your profits by leveraging the power of affiliate products that compliment your products. This will literally send your profits through the roof! My secret system for profiting automatically, month after month, in the future ...from just one initial sale to one customer!
By the time you reach this point, you'll know more than 99% of the average internet marketers out there and your bank account will prove it. You'll be pretty close to having your profit system setup, but there's still a couple of Power Tactics that can solidify your business that very few marketers realize...

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eMillionaire Blueprint
Module 6: Advanced Insider Blueprints

In this  final module you'll be getting my personal exclusive Advanced Insider Blueprint system to Exploding your income and taking your business to the next level (think growing from a little Ma' and Pa burger joint into McDonalds).

All of the previous modules gave you everything you needed to earn a solid six figure income. This module will show you to build on that knowledge and experience to make you rich... Period!

Inside You'll learn:
My 11 secret business growing tactics taught to me in a bar while attending a $25,000 seminar that will "blow out" your merchant account due to the insane amounts of sales and money suddenly hitting your account.

(Yes this really happens and even though it's a good problem to have, I'll show you how to deal with it.) How to easily apply just one of those tactics to build yourself a crowd of partner promoters who will send you more customers than you could ever imagine getting with your own marketing. 7 "insider tactics" that the guru's are using to multiply their profits by 10X using resources that they already have in place.


I Firmly Believe This To Be One of The Last
Genuine Online Opportunities Out There...

...The last opportunity for the average person to finally get ahead in life. I get offers every day now... company CEOs wanting me to put together, something just like this, for their business. I turn down every single one, because I want this to be exclusive. This unique opportunity is not for everyone. It's for a select few like yourself that are trying to better their lives and have a burning passion to get ahead in life. This may look or sound like other offers you've see, but unless it's got my name at the bottom, it's not the same! 

I see all the crummy offers every day, and frankly, I'm sick and tired of the junk out there. Occasionally I'll see something that looks good, and ya know what I'll do? I buy it! ...Only to see how it measures up  to what I've put together. None of them come close.

I May Be Biased, But Check Out What Others Have To Say... 

“I have lost $10,000 over the last 3 years. What a rough lesson to learn. I gave it one last shot, and within 2 months of responding to your offer, I made $8,600. I now average over $12,000 a month with a personal best month of $23,400!”- Tim Waters


“$10,100 in our first 54 days! We paid cash for out daughters college summer school. Thank You!”
      -Douglas and Anne B., -MD


I was involved in real estate . When the economy plummeted so did my business. Even in a good economy I didn't own my business my business owned me. Now, because of this system, I have  true time and financial freedom. I make 20 times my monthly bills. Life is good!”-Jason W., TX 


I could give you many more amazing stories, but there's isn't time or space for that. I'll send you all the proof in the world and more actual testimonies with my system, but like they were, I'm sure your skeptical. I was, too at first... But with a risk free offer (something I didn't even get 4 years ago), I encourage you to just try it and let the results speak for themselves. I'm putting myself on the line by offering this to you for risk free.  After all, you could get the course, get your money back and steal the system. I'm a firm believer in - If I help you first, then it will help me - you'll see. 

I'm sure you're wondering what this is all about. Well, it's 90% visual, which is why I put together a killer DVD as part of what I will send you. But I can tell you this it's nothing like you've seen before ( I can say that ,because I've seen everything ). It has nothing to do with recruiting or making phone calls...nothing to do with going to family and get rich quick deals or cash gifting...no real estate or stocks...no investments... 

An Honest, Legitimate, Predictable, And
Proven Money Churning  System. 

That is exactly what this is. It is virtually completely automated and passive (that's how I build my systems). In fact, half of this system is simply you deciding to take control of your life and checking this out. Have you ever seen one of those million dollar ideas  turn into something real?

Sometimes Opportunity Knocks - Other Times
It Beats Down The Door...

      You have seen a very small portion of what this system has done for me. That was 4 years ago...before I developed a system that now blows that one out of the water. I have been earning a 6 to 7 figure income for three and a half years now. Imagine what your life will be like when you develop a 6 figure income ( $8,400 or more per month ) within 3-9 months from now? 

Where Will You Be 30 Days From Now? 

Life is precious, it's short, and we only get one shot. Do you have a back up plan to really better your life? 30 days from now, will you be doing something to change your life, or will you simply be another month older like 94% of everybody else who settles for less than the potential within them? What this exact system has done for me is nothing short of amazing  with the latest enhancement, what it can do for you will blow my story out the water. I'm the pizza boy college dropout who retired at 28. What will your story be? 

"What If I'm Not Computer Savvy?"

Not to worry! A lot of people think that you have to know rocket science to be able to effectively profit from internet marketing. They couldn't be more wrong!

Sure there are some complicated tactics you can learn to eventually apply but you will soon realize that the Lions Share of profits is really made with the basics.
There is simply NO NEED for you to be some sort of computer programming wizard to make a killing online! I personally still don't know how to read or write HTML. But this hasn't stopped me.  All you really need is a simple blueprint with step by step
"how to basics". That's it. Nothing crazy or complicated.
For a Limited Time, as a part of your "eMillionaire Blueprint System", I'll give you a free copy of my Online Business Basics Blueprint Video Tutorials worth $997 by itself!

**BONUS** "Online Business Basics Blueprint"
 Video Series... For FREE!! - Value $997

You will get over 20 bonus blueprint "how-to" videos that will teach you any and everything you ever wanted to know about internet marketing. You'll even learn about the things that you didn't know that you didn't know. This blueprint video series will give you the equivalent of your Doctors degree  in internet marketing!

This will be your complete video reference any time you need to learn a particular technique or strategy (everything from creating a top ranked video landing page, to setting up a Web 2.0 opt in page)

That's a $997 value at no extra charge!
You Will Have a Complete Online Business Blueprint To Wealth!

[Grab Your Copy Now!](#get)

Each Person Is Presented With 3 Golden Opportunities In their Life... 

That's what they say at least and I believe it to be true. Most people are too comfortable in their little” comfort box” to ever make a change. Because of that, they never even see a good opportunity pass them by. This Could be the first good opportunity that's come your way yet...it could be the second...it could very well even be the third and final. That's another reason for this risk free offer .That way you can check it out and not have to look back and kick yourself later if, by chance, It is one of those opportunities. 

“ I Can't Afford It.”...No You Can't Afford NOT To! 

With how nasty the economy is, everybody is pinching there pennies... well, almost everybody ! This economy has nearly everyone on an “ I can't afford it”  budget. A night on the town? A random shopping spree? Forget it! Most people can't afford that. But that is what this is about! It's about being able to afford anything and everything. It's about having the time to enjoy your newly found freedom. This is something you can't afford to pass up. 

This Just Keeps Getting Better and Better...

Typically with my private coaching clients I will charge a minimum of $4,000.00 upfront and a percentage of their profits on the backend. With this I'm still completely booked and currently have a waiting list of clients looking to work with me.

After many many request from people on my waiting list I've put together a "do it yourself" version of my consulting services and this is what you just read about what's in the course. Considering the fact that you will be able to change your life, almost Immediately and start making the type of income that will give you true freedom, this course is easily worth $3999.

But I know we're going through tough economic times right now and that would be very difficult for alot of you to swallow, so I won't ask you to pay that much, even though you would most likely make your money back within your first few weeks.

As a matter of fact, this is only going to cost you a small fraction of what other's pay for my private coaching.

This will only cost you $147.00 $47.95 for my eMillionaire Blueprint Wealth System...this is a very special opportunity for a strictly limited number of people as part of a marketing experiment. Very soon we will be returning to full price as soon and without any advance notice.

 And I'm so confident that you're going to love this that I'll back it up with my...

"NO B.S. - No Haggle 60 - Day Money Back Guarantee!"

Grab Your Copy of the "eMillionaire Blueprint" complete video course, take a look at all the videos and read the guide. In other words, I want you to kick the tires a little. Start Applying the methods and witness first hand how effective this system is. If you are for any reason at all not 100% satisfied with this system within sixty days of buying it, I will immediately issue you a refund 100% of your money back, no B.S. , no requirements, no questions asked. PERIOD!

On a final note – I sincerely  want to see you succeed in life. I believe we are all created equal with an equal opportunity at life...including success. Whether you just want to pay off your bills and not feel the “squeeze” at the end of the month...or if you want to replace that J-O-B... or even if you want to live life to the full... making more money than you thought possible while having true freedom. I would love the gratification of being a huge part in helping you get there, and replacing one of the testimonies on this website with yours! Don't wait another minute. If you set this aside for even a day, I know how we work (myself included)...we set it aside “good intentions” then we either forget about it, it gets lost in a sea of bookmarks... and then it's one great opportunity that could be the last – out the window. Act now, and I promise to reward you for taking immediate action. The quicker you respond is the more serious I will take you. 

This offer will only remain open to a limited amount of customers. I hate gimmicky scarcity tactics just as much as you, but the fact of the matter is that I want each and every person who purchases this blueprint wealth system to be a smashing success and I just don't have the time or resources to work with hundreds of customers one on one. So to keep this manageable, after I hit a particular number of sales, I'm going to have to pull the page down. After that there may be a chance to purchase in the future if when I decide to reopen the doors, but I can't make any promises.

Really...Can You Afford NOT To Have This Course?!
Your Financial Freedom Is Literally Less Than 60 Days Away!

[] Order Today and SAVE!

[ ](http://1.emillbp.pay.clickbank.net)

[ ](http://1.emillbp.pay.clickbank.net)



Best of success

P.S. "eMillionaire Blueprint" is a complete step-by-step blueprint system for creating an enormous amount of wealth for you and your family. You have our 8 full week, 100% money-back guarantee to fully evaluate and use the strategies laid out for you. If for any reason you find that you aren't in a position change your life from that point on, simply send it back for a full refund.

P.P.S. - I know where you are coming from, I to was skeptical when I first got started with internet marketing. At first, I thought all of this stuff was a scam, and that no one was really making any money online. I just didn’t think it was for me. Boy, was I wrong! The key achieving wealth online is to find a simple system that works and then "milk" it for all its worth!


Yes! I Want The Complete "eMillionaire Blueprint" Wealth System Course Now!

YES!   I understand that this is the chance of a lifetime, so I want to take it!

After making my one-time payment of $147.00 $47.95 by clicking the link below, I'll receive instant access to the life changing wealth blueprints instantly.

I'll get the step by step blueprints for each module and detailed how to videos, professionally recorded just for this course.

I'll also get the 20 bonus "how-to" videos in the eMillionaire Blueprint Business Basics Video Instructional package ($997 value) at no extra charge.

I also understand that the FREE bonuses that I receive are mine to keep even if I return the system for a full refund.

I understand that it's all backed by your 100% money-back guarantee, so I can order with zero risk!
Give Me The System Now!   [ ](http://1.emillbp.pay.clickbank.net)
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