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It's time to treat your business as a business.


To develop your
Breakthrough Success Cycle

It's all about Implementation.

 WHAT IF ...

   You Really Could "Have It All"?

  What If you could have

ü  a business you love,

ü  a life you love and

ü  a simple implementation plan to transform where you are to achieve your biggest dream.


Dear Solopreneur (and those ready to be),

The way to win at business and in life is to blaze your own path. Remember what Robert Frost said:

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

I want to keep you on your track, implementing your plan to achieve your goal.

You CAN Have It ALL.

NEVER more than Now -

You’re here most likely because you’re a high-achieving business owner, with 10, 20 even 30 years of experience under your belt. You might describe yourself as a solopreneur as I do, but you might just as readily identify yourself as self-employed, a self-bosser, a consultant, entrepreneur, sole proprietor, speaker, author or trainer. That is, someone in business for yourself. You’re likely over 40, and you want to launch a new business; or improve, tame or grow your existing business – now.

To build and grow your own business, you need to bring to it the commitment, tenacity, drive and dedication you’ve honed throughout your career. You also need to learn the parts of the business that you were never taught in school or in the workplace. And you need to put them all together as a unified organization and operation.

   Your Strategist             
Kerri Salls         
I'm Goal Achievement/Exit Planning Strategist Kerri Salls, a business advisor assisting high-achieving entrepreneurs and business owners since 1999. I’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and business owners. I now offer more programs online to create even better results for you, FASTER.

ü  I know what it’s like trying to figure out what to do 1st, 2nd and 3rd, to build the business, while you do the paid work, that you do have coming in.

ü  I know how important it is to make this next act of your career -- work.

ü  I’ve been where you are, resolved to replace that 6 digit paycheck you had and then some.

ü  You want to get about the business of growing your business this year, not going back to school to learn how; not waiting until you can get funding. We speak the same language.

Passion and Power → Profits

For you to have the solopreneur success you desire and deserve you have to overcome the limitations in your former career training and experience, strip away unproductive and unprofitable activities in your work life, and find your focus.

That’s the zone where your passion intersects with real needs in the marketplace. It’s the place where you could be making money and loving what you do every day.

But many solopreneurs get bogged down focusing on the wrong things. They generally have passion in abundance, but lack many of the fundamental business skills long-term success demands.

Passion is essential when starting a business. But you need more than passion to thrive in today's marketplace – you need a simple, straightforward, step-by-step implementation plan to follow to get your business organized in a clear systematic way, whether you are starting your first business or refining and improving an existing business.

Either way, the Solopreneur Blueprint™ program gives you the keys to break through to the next level of your success; to having more clients, control and profits in your solo business!

If you:

1.    Are thinking about taking the next step to make what you do into a real business

2.    Were recently downsized and are ready to go out on your own

3.    Have been on your own for a while and need to ratchet up your business to build the security of a 6 figure income

Then I invite you to work the Solopreneur Blueprint 90 day program.

I want to help you build a strong foundation
for the business you are building.

Instead of sophisticated ideas you don’t understand ...

Instead of expensive programs and tools you can’t afford to implement ...

I want to keep you on your track, implementing your plan.

That’s why you need the Solopreneur Blueprint.

I provide all the pieces. They are all there, step-by-step over 90 days.

Like me,

ü  You want to do your own thing.

ü  you want to build a 6 figure income,

ü  you want to take back control of your career, and

ü  you want to put all the pieces in place.

Everything I have done in my own businesses since 1988 and everything I do with my one on one clients, I poured into the Solopreneur Blueprint. As a result, you get a proven practical foundation to grow your business. I help you lay a strategic foundation to run your business so it feels like and runs like a real business.

And like me, I’m sure:

ü  You’ve read the stories of how other people started their new businesses, which gave you hope.

ü  You’ve read the articles telling you how affordable and cost-effective it is to launch your business and finally live (and work) in your dream location.

ü  You’ve heard the options and abundant opportunities suggested for consulting work, freelance work, or selling your creations.

ü  You've read the plethora of books for specific new careers; and dozens more books on business plans, marketing, sales, leadership, etc.

They are full of insight, experience and advice we can all learn from.

What they don’t do, is
. . .

They don’t tell you HOW you will do it or where to begin.

Here’s the only tool that not only tells you what to do to start your business,

We tell you HOW to do it.

We give you resources (which you can access from anywhere) for every step of the program. And we stay with you step-by-step.

The Solopreneur Blueprint is a series of 90 assignments every solopreneur must apply to lay a strong foundation for Breakthrough Success.

If you are looking for a quick way to have more clients, control and profits in your solo business, here is a systematic approach to build every process; to create the momentum to get results; and to grow and thrive in this new economy.

This program helps you achieve a breakthrough in your income potential and your sense of real control over your business and your life. 

To an outsider, the process of entrepreneurial success appears to be mysterious and almost magical. What they don’t see is a scientific and repeatable process. And you can apply it to your business too.

Not only does the Solopreneur Blueprint™ show you the steps and the tactics of taking control of your business and your life; but since it was designed to be both a course and a SUPPORT SYSTEM for solopreneurs like you, it is a resource that will pay for itself hundreds of times over.

Expect a genuine breakthrough in your business,

simply by working on your business step by step for 90 days.

When you commit yourself to the Solopreneur Blueprint™, the first steps will help you decide what it is you want, establish your vision, help to identify your core values, and align them with your business objective.

The next steps are to make plans to get what you want. While you will not make money if you stay in planning mode indefinitely, it is also true that planning, as a solopreneur, is a critical discipline to embrace, just as a musician embraces practicing scales or an Olympian prepares for a race.

You may groan about taking time away from making money to make plans. I know how you feel. I felt that way too in my first business. But I found that it was easier to be decisive in my business when I put solid strategic plans in place first. I’m giving you the same tools and templates that I use every day.

Entrepreneurs average 3.8 failures before final success.
What sets the successful ones apart is their amazing persistence.
- Lisa M. Amos

You can shorten and minimize the struggle, detours, and blind alleys when you apply the systematic methods of the Solopreneur BlueprintTM

This Program Makes
Planning and Action Simple!

Intentionally, the Solopreneur Blueprint™ walks you through developing your strategic entrepreneurial success in workable chunks. Each day you get one assignment, focused on purposeful planning and decision making which most solopreneurs and sole proprietors are prone to avoid.

As a solopreneur, you need to work on your business at least as hard as you work in your business 
every day.

You'll Achieve Positive Results
From The First Day

My Solopreneur Blueprint will show you exactly 
what you can do yourself for no or little investment;
what you do and don’t really need to put in place;
 and how to do it all.

For example:

You’ll learn exactly how and why to set audacious goals for yourself and why setting "more realistic" goals can be a big mistake.

You’ll find out exactly how to get control of your finances and see exactly what you need your business to deliver, so you’ll want to look at the numbers because what you see will be so exciting.

You’ll accurately assess exactly where you are in building a business with longevity and staying power. This comprehensive checklist helps you ensure your business success, no matter what field you work in.

You’ll see how small shifts in the way you plan your work (and play) time will skyrocket your productivity and achieve your goals efficiently

You’ll uncover unique ways you can climb to the top in your marketplace, be the best at what you do, and identify and develop opportunities your competition misses.

That’s Just a small sample of the many ways you will save 
and make money with my Solopreneur Blueprint.

It gets better and better as your own plans evolve to become crystal-clear plans for achievement.

You’ll start implementing easy strategies; strategies to accelerate your business development fast; all while laying a foundation to support your breakthrough success.

Hilary Badoian, VP Client Services at [Boardroom Events, LLC](http://boardroomevents.com)

Action Puts you In Control of Your Future

The biggest challenge of self-employment is holding yourself accountable. There’s no boss hanging over your shoulder to get the work done.

The most essential activity of business success is not planning, but IMPLEMENTING.

The Solopreneur Blueprint™ is about planning AND implementing (and a whole lot more besides). The most important thing is for YOU to take concerted action every day during the entire 90 day course.

Your outlook on the future of your business will be dramatically altered for the better. You will build momentum. You will be better equipped to succeed and prosper in the changing tides of this new economy than 90% of your direct competitors. 

It feels like you already have so much to do and working on your business is just one more thing on your list.

I also know how hard it is to build a foundation to support the business you are creating. You are very busy already wearing many hats, just keeping up with the work in the business….

I understand. I really do. But, it’s a catch-22; if you don’t prioritize working on your business as a business, you could end up out of business.

The challenge is to transform your solo business or launch your solo business on a solid foundation of systems, tools, templates and processes in a short 90 day period, applying the kind of business training few people have the benefit of. And your challenge is to do it without expensive coaching, academics, or even more expensive years of trial and error and struggle.

I understand those parameters and goals. What I am introducing here is a totally different approach. The Solopreneur Blueprint™ is a 90 day system that consists of strategies and processes to lay a foundation for you to grow and thrive in any economy.

Here, I’ve taken my VIP Breakthrough Program and packaged it into an online product to make these systems, tools and templates available to you, a wider audience of consultants, solopreneurs, business owners, and service professionals.


Here's Some of What You'll Achieve Using This Comprehensive Program

When you invest in the Solopreneur Blueprint™, and complete all 90 assignments, you will have all these essential core strategies operating in your business.
You will:

1. Build a Powerful Three-Year Vision
2. Plan Time To Plan
3. Get Control of Your Finances and Manage the Numbers
4. Lead a Championship Support Team
5. Deliver World Class Customer Service
6. Refine Your Selling Skills
7. Create a Low-Cost Marketing Engine
8. Strategize Your Unique Positioning
9. Implement Your Custom Operations Manual 

Cindy Brandt, CPA, MBA, President of [C.A.Brandt ](http://cabrandt.com)

There’s More…

You will:

ü    Hone in on the EXACT clients that will pay you what you're worth, get great results and send you referrals

ü    Create a compelling marketing message that will make your ideal client say, "Wow, that's exactly what I need, can I have your card?"

ü    Make your service stand out in your industry and in the marketplace

ü    Set rates that sell and even increase those rates painlessly for clients

ü    Create packages and programs so your clients stay longer and get better results, and make you more money

ü    Leverage your expertise

ü    Delegate effectively to save money, time and your sanity

ü    Master networking effectively and confidently

ü    Reach your ideal clients in larger numbers and inexpensively

ü    Work smarter not harder

ü    Be perceived and paid as the expert in your field

ü    Create a 3 year vision for your business with the exact steps to take to achieve it

ü    Stay accountable to your goals and achieve them

ü    Get proven tools, techniques, systems and processes all along the way to avoid reinventing the wheel on your own

Make the decision not based on where you are right now, but rather from where you will be after you take the decision that you know is right for the growth of your business.

It all starts here with investing in yourself and building the right foundation for your business.

Now you can get the entire Solopreneur Blueprint ™ today in one ebook. No waiting. No email series. You have it all up front.

The Solopreneur Blueprint™ will not magically attract new clients and increased profits for your business. To get results, you must APPLY the lessons.

I want to get this system in your hands.


Because it changes lives.

I feel strongly that this information should be in as many hands as possible for those who want to invest in themselves and recognize the necessity of starting with a strong foundation for the business they are building. With all the lessons, assignments, handouts, and reusable tools the value of this program is $1497.   

But the price of this one-time download .pdf file is set at only $97.
Yes, just $97. That's a savings to you of 94%.

Owning your own business is not just about financial rewards. Big rewards are almost always achieved by people of great passion, drive and conviction for what they do.

This 90-day program is as much
the development of YOU
as an expert with passion and focus
 as it is laying a strategic foundation for your business.

You truly don't have to choose between having success in your business and having time for your family... The Solopreneur Blueprint™ shows you exactly how to attain both the grand vision and the grounded focus to build a profitable business on a rock solid foundation and have the lifestyle you deserve.



   Sign me up for the ebook: 

                  Solopreneur Blueprint™ –
                  90 days to more clients control and profits

   in my solo business, a  $1407 value, all for the low price of $97.

[Pay-in-full at $97](http://SBebook.goalsdone.pay.clickbank.net)

I want YOU to have what I have - YOUR VERSION of a business you love, a life you love and the opportunity to transform where you are to achieve your biggest possible dream.

You can do that.  Here are the breakthrough steps, systems and processes to make it happen in your own business, on your terms.

When you order your copy of the book version of the course:

You will receive a Welcome email from me with a link to download the course ebook, immediately. 
You can get started today on your path following the Solopreneur Blueprint so you too will begin achieving your big bold business goals as a solopreneur.
You can move through the assignments at your pace, as fast as you want!

Business Strategist[


If your dream business needs a launch pad and you want to do this on your own terms, the Solopreneur Blueprint™ is perfect for you.

OR, if the solo business you already have needs a stronger foundation to grow from, the Solopreneur Blueprint™ will give you the tools and disciplines to increase your results.


Let Now be the time and the place for you to take charge of your future. The tools and technology to build a solo business have never been better. The opportunities for your new success have never been more abundant.

If you are ready, here, today; I offer you a proven plan to live your passion; loving the work you do every day, growing in prosperity, success and joy.

Don’t try to do it alone 
(that way is too hard, too slow, too risky).
Don't delay.& 
[Sign up today.](http://SBebook.goalsdone.pay.clickbank.net)

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results are specific to that business. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results.  They are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

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