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What if someone could teach you the simple truth about how to change your "CAN'T" into a "CAN"?

We want to encourage you to eliminate certain words from your vocabulary.  Words like "Can't" or "Should" or "What If?"

"download the CHINESE NEW YEARS 

Do you want to facilitate a workshop for your friends or family?
do you want to know what the dragon energy will bring to you this year?
We will give you step by step instructions how to host a workshop in your home, or church, or neighborhood meeting hall.
You can get a group of 20 or 200 together and bring in the year of the dragon with these 10 steps. 
but be prepared...........lives will be changed!

Included are: 
1. guided meditation to start out the day.
2. menu ideas.
3. suggestions for helping you and your guests recognize what needs to change in your life to create a dragon experience.
4. interactive activities to help drive away what is holding you back.
5. explanation of what the chinese new year is all about.
and more fun ideas!
host a chinese new years "year of the dragon 2012" workshop soon!!

You can download this workshop now for only $12.99. You don't have to wait for it to be mailed to you.  You gain instant access within minutes of paying $12.99.

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