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We've made it simple: How, what & where you should ship - explained! 
If you sell online, if your job is at risk or if you are unemployed: This is for you!
Many businesses are struggling - Help them sell their products within the USA and internationally safely & profitably. 
There is international demand for "made in USA" products.
Be employed or beat the competition & increase profit in your own business!

Are you unemployed? Is your job at risk?
Give up on get rich schemes! This is a REAL opportunity!



CREATE A JOB: Have you been looking for a job and can't find one? Create your own position! The information offered here will teach you to be a valuable shipping consultant. Your services will allow you to slash shipping costs and expand markets for a company that already ships their product. A local small company that does not ship, can now expand their market both internationally & within the USA safely.
What company, in this economy, would not want to increase sales?

FACT: Supply & demand determines your paycheck!
If many are able to do the same work as you, your pay will be less.
Shipping Consultants are valuable and earn top dollar.

COMPETE PROFITABILITY: Are you a new online seller? To compete profitably, you must keep your costs down. Where can you get FREE packing materials? Who should you ship your product with? - This information is critical!

FACT: Shipping costs are going up! If you fail to keep these costs in check, your business will die!

EARN HIGH PROFITS: Are you already shipping online? Are you baffled as to how your competition is able to sell for less? Pull out all the stops! Lower your costs & expand your market. The USA has free trade agreements in place and everyone has heard of NAFTA. But, did you know we also have an agreement with Australia? Australia wants our products bad. Many come to the USA, taking loads of our products back home via shipping containers because of high rates from the major carriers.

FACT: When a service or product is in demand & there is no one to fill the need, sales are high and earnings go up!

JOB SECURITY: Do you already have a job as as ship manager? Secure your job in an unstable economy! Shipping rates are on the rise. Make yourself an invaluale asset to your company by presenting methods to reduce cost & expand the market! 

Help your organization earn insanely high profits and secure your job!

Back in 2003 we began to sell online. The competition quoted high shipping rates but my competitive edge was to offer actual shipping costs. This challanged me to discover many cost cutting measures.

Yes, you can figure it out on your own, spending many hours & make the same costly mistakes as I. Our manual is simple, easy to use, and equips you to make money.

Avoid hidden dangers that may cause you to lose money. Sell internationally & avoid the dishonest buyer.

In this economy, businesses are desperate. Yet many still depend on their local economy. Fill this high demand need to sell more and expand local and international markets.


How to ship a envelope that would be $4.95 wiith USPS FLAT RATE for as low as $1.71 & almost the same as Express!Oversize freight shipment that would cost $1,800 FedEx/UPS for $51.10 another way.Secrets the big shipping companies don't want you to know to avoid the $8.00 hidden charges for using your "DISCOUNT" account (almost 2x your rate)Where to get free packing materials that you may be throwing away!What kind of packing materials to use that will reduce your shipping costs.How to modify a box that cuts shipping costs by 50%!Show how an international oversize parcel that costs $750 with FedEx/UPS can be sent ocean for $50!


Know at a glance how to
ship for the lowest price!

I'm revealing my secrets, but not for LONG!

Why? I'm creating more competition! I sell online also.
Either I will raise the price or I will pull this site down! I haven't decided which!
I'll decide this after 100 are sold.

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The world is your market place.
                                -Market it effectively!

• Learn how to ship to Mexico

• Learn how to ship to Australia

• Find out which carriers to use

• Find out how shipments should be packed

• Discover how to save $$$$ on shipping rates!!

"Here is what our shipping staff have to say"

I have worked with Bob for many years. It has been challenging as he strives to keep prices low for his customers. The methods we use deliver the lowest possible shipping rates.
Shelly D
Ship Manager

Creating boxes can be difficult because they need to be built to certain specifications. But it makes sense. Lower shipping rates mean happier customers.
Giavanni B
Box Creater

I personally pack all of our boxes. In order to get the lowest price we must use the right packing materials.
Donna B
Bob's Wife & Box Packer

Shipping-Consultant Secrets Revealed!

Limited Time $49.99

Will be for $149.97 sold after 100 are sold "IF" I decide to keep this site up!

PACKED FULL to the point 13 pages! information that you will ever need


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