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Get Started...Starting Your Business.

The beginning of something amazing!

You are standing at the beginning of an amazing journey.  However, no matter how much drive and energy you have you are going to need some help and guidance along the journey of launching your company.  Our system is designed to guide you step-by-step as you move from concept, to design, to launch.  We provide you all the guidance around developing your business plan, to the financials, to the marketing, website product selection and much much more.  

The Create-U.com Membership Model.

Avoid the 95% Failure Rate!

Did you know that 95% of people who try to make money on-line FAIL?  There are many reasons, however the biggest reason is they just don’t plan properly!  The Incubator is designed to avoid failure by taking each idea carried by our members, from concept to launch.  The step-by-step modular program guides you though every consideration you need and offers you the opportunity to launch your business with virtually no failure rate if you stick with program.

Build it Part-Time.

With the guidance provided in the Incubator there is no reason why you cannot build your blueprint for your business while you are working or seeking work.  You can even design your business to be run part-time if you want.  

Build it to Profit You.

Building the plan behind your business is the intelligent way to ensure your success.  Even if you start with low to no start-up budget, our training program walks you through the considerations and methodologies to grow your business from the ground up.  Many startups that have become successful have grown from a seed into multi-million dollar empires.  The key is to plan accordingly and bring into account all of the factors from your personal life, to the marketplace.  In the end, anyone can start a company to profit them, their family, and the community if they plan for it properly.

Prior to Launch, Be Sure.

Part of the incubator membership includes vetting your plan.  When your plan is complete, you can submit it back to Create-U.com prior to your launch.  We will conduct a comprehensive review of your plan and conduct a consultative analysis to guide you on any changes, or thoughts we have.  This step gives you an incredible opportunity to gain surety regarding your plan prior to launching.

Run it like a Pro.

Once you have your plan back from us you are ready to run the business and join our Growth Circle.  We guide you quarterly and continually offer you a library of training programs to keep you updated on the latest digital marketing tactics, business concepts and marketplace awareness.  You will have a team of seasoned business professionals working behind the scenes with you to ensure your company succeeds against its blueprint.

How we are giving back.

As part of our effort to give back to the community Create-U.com gives $1.00 every month from all our membership fees to Doctors Without Boarder/Medcins San Frontiers.  We selected this organization as we feel that it exemplifies the concept of giving selflessly to millions.  To learn more about Doctors Without Borders see their website [here](http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/donate/overview.cfm?ref=main-menu).


Each membership subscription starts with a 14 day trial for only $5.00.  If within the 14 day trial you are not pleased, just cancel your membership and you will not be billed.  Once your trial has expired your normal billing rate of $97 a month will begin.  The Incubator takes roughly 3 months to complete the training, however you may cancel at anytime and recieve no further billing. Your credit card statement will show a charge from CLKBANK*COM.  If you have any questions please feel free to [contact us](http://about.create-u.com/contact-us.html).

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