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Want more than a job?

Students -- Earn extra cash with flexible hours!

Retirees -- Supplement your fixed income!

Job Seekers -- Earn $$ while you search!

Downsized -- Start your own business, fast!

Anyone -- Earn extra cash for any reason!

Make your own hours -- full or part time!

Why this business!

* Minimal Start Up Cost

* Very low overhead
* Great Income
* Unlimited Earnings Potential
* Recession Proof
* Demand is Increasing

* Work Part-Time or Full-Time

Concerned about start up cost?
Relax ... you will replace the cost of the program and tools
(under $150. total) with your first few lockouts!

Operate your business from home with very low overhead

Want great income? You will be earning $40-70 per hour!

Earn as much as you want! Work part-time or full-time!

Who locks themselves out? Everyone, every day! All day ">Demand for
lockout service is only getting higher!
You would be surprised at how people locked themselves out
of their cars today -- in your town!

Without the proper tools and skill, It is almost impossible to open
the vehicles on
the road today without damage.
You'll learn how to unlock car doors for profit in just minutes!

Yes, running a profitable business is more than just opening
the car doors!
With Unlock Car Doors for Profit, you'll learn the easy way!

We'll show you how we turned a profit almost instantly!
In this complete step by step guide, we'll cover everything you
need to--
1. get started for less.
2. set up your phone.
3. access the competition.
4. get the phone ringing -- ideas to find your customers on the cheap!
5. answer the phone properly and secure the the job.
6. know what should you should charge? -- setting your prices
7. and more!

Save money ">With Unlock Car Doors for Profit --

Avoid the expensive learning curve! We learned the
hard way, but you don't have to.

Questions? We'd love to hear from you. Check our FAQ first.
Please indicate if you'd like response via email or phone!
Please allow 12-24 hours for a response!
Frequently Asked Questions!

What extra is required for start up?
Very little. The lockout kit we recommend can be
ordered for less than $70.00. (Includes shipping and
will be delivered within a week.) Hopefully you already
have a vehicle and a cell phone!

How will I find my customers?
Our program is packed with ideas on how to find
customers on a budget. We'll tell you how we
did it.

What can I earn?
The average lockout fee nationwide is $40-70 nationwide. Service
the area closest to your home. If you never travel more than 15-20
minutes to a lockout, each one will take only an hour. The larger
the city, the higher the lockout fee you can charge. Your income is
limited only by the amount of time you are willing to put into
and servicing your new customers.
Actually, you can earn more with 8 lockouts a week (8 hours) than you
will working a 30 hour work week job at $8-$10 per hour! That is just
a little more than one lockout a day. Do the math :-)

What hours will I work?
Since you are the boss, you control how much business you want.
Part-time or Full-Time, you make the call!
We decided to be available 24-7 to service lockouts! Many of
our competitors are only available until 5 or 6pm and closed on
weekends and holidays!
Yes, you are on call, but actually only work as much as you want!
You'll have plenty of free time for
other pursuits. Great for anyone who
needs income and plenty of time to
pursue what they love (musicians,
artists, students etc.)

Why is it so profitable?
Extremely low overhead expenses and
you you only leave home when you have
a job to do. No expenses unless you are
making money!

Why it better than a franchise?
With most franchise business ideas, low cost start up and a quick
return on your investment is not possible. The considerable start up
expense is usually financed at higher that normal interest rates!
Starting a new business is enough on it's own, without the worry
about losing a large amount of money.
How hard is it to unlock car doors?
Anyone can master the skill in no time. Find your friends and
family and practice on their vehicles. The lockout kit will
open 98% of the cars on the road today. Once you purchase
the program, you'll have access to our online videos that
show you dozens of examples. Our
examples cover the cars on the road
today. In fact, there are usually a few different methods you can
use to open each vehicle.

Chapter 1: Why this business? Page 4

Chapter 2: Who can unlock cars? Page 7

Chapter 3: Who is your competition? Page 8

Chapter 4: What will you need to get started! Page 10

Chapter 5: Setting up your phone(s)! Page 11

Chapter 6: Finding Your Customers! Page 14

Chapter 7: When the phone rings! What do I say? Page 21

Chapter 8: Extra Good Business Practices! Page 29

Chapter 9: What should I charge? -- Pricing Strategy! Page 31

Chapter 10: Let’s unlock some vehicles! Page 32

Chapter 11: Other things to consider, as you can! Page 35

Chapter 12: Ready, set, go! Page 37


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