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"Your Mind Love and Heart,

Together They are Smart,

Together if they Live, Together they will Grow,

Not Just Your Life but, Let the Whole Galaxy Glow"

                                                                                                 Author: Atam S. Dhillon

The Karmic Rewind


Author - A J Dhillon

Live it as you Breathe for Life

Your Life will Change Forever


Copyright © 2011 Atam Dhillon

Website: www.TheKarmicRewind.com


All rights reserved.

ISBN-13: 978-0-9872638-1-0


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" When you are faced with the possibility of an early death,
it makes you realize that life is worth living,
and that there are lots of things you want to do,"
-Stephen Hawking

This book is Devoted to The person Who saved my life when I was medically Declared Dead for 13 seconds on 26th January 1999 'No matter what you do, in no way you can pay back what you owe to your parents, as they are the reason You ARE, Only if you think deeper'

So, Special Regard to My Parents.


What this Book is About


As said - Live it as You Breathe for Life, your Life will change Forever. In contrast, what I intend to say is the tools that I will provide to you through this book are so powerful, all you need to do is read it with your true heart and believe in yourself. I have divided this book in four parts to make it easier for you to grasp the concept easily and understand the logic that exists in the whole universe.

' Don't Just Read this book, Live It. '

I live by what I have put down into words in this book and it has changed my life completely. It changed the way I looked at circumstances and situations in life and at life as a whole. I have always been a confident, positive and optimistic guy since my school days. My friends knew they could count on me and I knew that some of them were very reliable while others were the type who would run in a flash when trouble comes to you. Yet, did I ever take that as an offence towards me? No; the reason - I was brought up in an environment where we were taught to be humble all the time. From that age I had already realised that it is not the people themselves who behave in that manner, it is the circumstances around them that have caused them to mould into the personalities they are today.

I see it too often and will help you realise it so that you understand what the root cause is for what we are today, the kind of life we live, the kind of habits and behaviours we have. It's all what is fed into our brains, directly or indirectly, consciously or subconsciously, intentionally or un-intentionally, and it all matters.

Read it as you breathe for life every day

Take in the contents as you Eat for Living every day

Drink it as you drink water for dilution of concentrates in your body

So you stay healthy as you look after your body every day

Exercise it to Look after your Future circumstances the same way

Read this book as importantly as you breathe air for life every day, the air as a whole is not what makes the important part of your breath; it is the Oxygen component of it. Ever wondered where that came from? Ever wondered we are not billed for it? Thus, I believe it is time to start showing gratitude towards whomever it may be that created us, and all the rest which was needed for our survival. Be thankful to God, and if you don't believe in God, then I am sure you can be thankful to all those circumstances, those people, those things that appeared out of nowhere at times to help you at some stage in life in some way. I am sure we all can relate to such instances, we just need to think hard and realise.

This Book is an Expression of my Philosophy on life's Factors

My Philosophy as I Call it


So you can start to exercise common-sense.

Firstly, I have written about common sense, which I believe is not very common these days. No matter how hard we go about telling others how something is just common sense, when they don't act on something as we believe they should as a common practice, but they don't understand. And yet, we may be doing the same in our own lives. The only difference is that we do not like telling ourselves that we are not following common sense. Even more tragic is that we are acting in that manner for really important instances.

The second part of this book is to help you understand the concept of life and life in its own essence from another point of view. How the decisions and actions you take or even how you react to certain things can affect how the following moments will unfold in your life. It is like the probability sphere of life.

I call it FPS


Understand who you are, how things work in harmony with the universe. I am presenting to you a powerful tool that will help you understand your inner self and apply the changes one needs to be able to live life the way it's meant to be.



In the last part I will focus on


All we need to be able to achieve something different is to make a change somewhere, somehow. As a result we are sure to see some changes in the physical form. But, that is the biggest challenge we face - how to make a life changing change? I have given my best to help you in finding the changes.

We are living in a trend of Losing Health for Wealth

and then losing wealth for health.

We need to correct this and have our life back

So we can Live it as it was always meant to be.

"Money is the most envied, but the least enjoyed.
Health is the most enjoyed, but the least envied."

Charles Caleb Colton
1780-1832, British sportsman writer


Author Biography: Atam Dhillon, born in june 1979 in the capital city of India's Punjab Province named Chandigarh. Lived uptill the age of 18 in India and moved to Australia, where I finally settled. Currently I live in Canberra, The Capital city of Australia. I do not miss my hometown as much since I have moved to Canberra. The city I grew up in and Canberra, both resemble very closely to each other.

I found a master key and concept, all of a sudden it all started to sink into my brain. Something magical happened and all the burdens on my mind were just gone. I realised the struggle I was putting up with. This was not going to get me anywhere. And the most Important step I took was; I decided to say Yes to Change. Change in Life towards the way Life was meant to be lived.

In this book I share with you the Logics of the world and the Universe. The Un-Common Common Sense that prevails in everyone's Life, when it comes to Living the Life as one would love to. I have cracked that code, and In this book, I will help you do the same. I will share with you My concept of Future Probability Sphere and help you find your spot in Your Personal FPS. Then I will take you through the logical flow of universe and how the habits and basics of human nature are in resemblence with the way the universe operates.

Through this medium and with heavy back-ups from the scientific community, you will be encouraged and compelled to believe in the real potential we as humans have within us. We just need to recognise this. After This You will find the best Motivation in Time for Four Changes, which is part-IV of this book. I had started writing this part first as a short motivational book. I was so passionate after I was able to get over the hurdles that were stopping me from doing what I wanted to do, That; I wanted to share this with as many people as possible. and when I started writing, I could not stop myself from revealing all I could to help you all find the real Happiness in life. Time for Four Changes will be the best support you will ever find to make you think deeply about making the change in life. Step by Step techniques in this part along with step by step instructions for Karmic Rewind Tool will help you achieve the Life you want to live.


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