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Wilderness Rhythms
Playing Music to Enhance the Nature Experience

A well written work that outlines important aspects of the wilderness experience and how the addition of music can create surprising results.   The book is divided into two sections. In the first section, the author shares his understandings of the nature and music experience independently by outlining relevant past experiences that set the stage for the benefits of combining music and nature.  The second section is in the form of a journal that offers insight into the experience of injecting music to various nature activities. Through his journaling, the author uncovers a state of expanded awareness that can be reached regularly and quickly. This has enormous impact on the nature experience and on the amount of time that can be saved by 'getting into' nature sooner. The author's knowledge of traditional woods survival skills and lore offer much insight throughout the book. This is an important read for all nature enthusiasts!
E-Book only $9.99
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Table of Contents

Introduction: The River Runs Deep


Chapter 1. To Be In Nature

Chapter 2. River of Song: Discovering a place for music in nature

Chapter 3.  Ancient Cedar Branch Flute


Chapter 4.  My Groove in the Grove

Chapter 5.  Killer Bears and Blindfolds

Chapter 6. Ginger and Ginseng

Chapter 7. As Ancient as Fire

Chapter 8. Sitting Rock

Chapter 9.  Mississippi Without Music

Chapter 10.  Le Tour Music Combo

Chapter 11. Frail'n the Ol' Banjo

Chapter 12.  Descending Mist of Awareness

Chapter 13.  Last Note

E-Book only $9.99
Available soon in paperback!

Sample of Book

Introduction: The River Runs Deep

...On a rugged hillside in the Highlands, waters trickle down over a series of steep rocks into a valley. It is here where a little stream called Nature forms. Its banks are covered with vines and its waters flow clear. This stream has yet to have been dammed or polluted. A ways downstream, a pool forms within a meadow. Another stream empties into the pool here as well. Like the first stream, it has never been polluted and its waters run clear. This stream's name is Music. The water of the two streams mix in the pool before travelling through the outlet. Enough flow is created at this point to declare it a river. The name of this river is Music in Nature, which comes from the two streams that formed it. Along its deeper sections, where the water is cool, a fog often floats over its surface, which seems to accent the sounds of the forest with distinct clarity. And like all rivers it flows to the ocean, but, the Music in Nature River does so at a tremendous speed—almost instantaneously. This ocean is also special and has been called many things, such as: Heightened Awareness, Inspiration, Connection, and Serenity. It is the Music in Nature Rivers speed and clarity on its way to the Heightened Awareness Ocean that make it special. Neither stream that formed the river, alone or doubled, equals the power of this unique combination... .

Chapter Four. My Groove in the Grove

...I see deer tracks a little ways ahead of our position. What makes these tracks stand out is the deer hair strewn in one area. A close look at the tracks show a noticeable movement on the hooves as though it was pivoting its foot. It must have given its body a good shake, like dogs do when they come out of the water. The movements clearly show in its four tracks and hair on the ground. After a few more tracks down the trail, it becomes clear that this is where the deer heard us coming as the tracks show it turning around and accelerating—dew claws digging in. The tracks exposed the wet soil under the dry surface layer, indicating their freshness.

Arriving at a different Cedar grove from before, we head into the deeper brush. A blanket of moss and puddles along with much deadfall slows our pace. But, we will be at our destination soon. The spring water level in the nearby river is roaring as the sound reaches us through the echoes of the trees. Otherwise, the little grove is still and peaceful. Playing some music in this place with the ambient sounds is sure to sound nice.

With Sienna exploring close by, I uncase the wooden flute. The flute I chose to bring is made from Maple and has a relatively low pitch. I play the first notes while looking into a low, wet area full of moss, water and Cedar trees. I have to admit, it seems a little weird to holt a walk to play some music. I assumed Sienna would wander off with her mother and ignore me. Not the case. Sienna walked over and listened. She is used to music in the house, whether instrument or recorded, and goes to a music class once a week.

My focus of attention is mostly on my surroundings and I play melodies, which fit the moment. As if on cue, the call of a hairy woodpecker nearby cut into our soundscape... .

About the Author

Chad has a keen interest in studying and facilitating quality wilderness experiences. He has various university degrees related to his field and has learned from numerous elders and experts. He shares his experiences through his writings and teachings. Chad has taught survival, primitive and modern wilderness related skills to people of diverse ages and backgrounds and has done consulting for B.B.C.s survival challenge series: The Bare Necessities and other programs. Note from author Thank-you for your interest in my new book. This book is the result of two decades of playing music in nature, teaching outdoor skills, and researching/writing on as much. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.
Yours in nature,

Chad Clifford

Chad's flute music

Author's flute music is played during a slideshow of nature photographs (photo's by Tania Marsh & Chad Clifford).

E-Book only $9.99
Available soon in paperback!

E-Book only $9.99
Available soon in paperback!

E-mail me at [chad@wildernessrhythms.com](mailto:chad@wildernessrhythms.com) if you have any questions.

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