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* How to Reduce Your Medical Bills and Save Thousands of $$ By
Ken Staten - You should not pay full price for your medical bills.
No one does, especially insurance companies or the government
(Medicare or Medicaid). If they don't pay full price, neither should
you!! Medical providers (hospitals, doctors, labs, etc.) negotiate
price discounts for their fees every day. It is common practice for
them to do this. I have devoted my career overseeing the complex
processes and functions required to bill insurance companies and
patients on behalf of medical providers (doctors and hospitals). My
"insider" knowledge saved me thousands of dollars on a recent hospital
stay. Learn how to obtain substantial discounts on your medical bills
just like I did. It is simple and easy to do if you know what to do.
Healthcare is a highly discounted service. When a medical provider
bills you or an insurance company, they bill the full "sticker price"
(i.e, their "normal fee"). Insurance companies and the government do
not pay sticker price! If you don't have insurance, you will pay the
"sticker price", unless you know what to do to get the reduced price
just like a big insurance company receives! Medical insurance
companies get huge discounts and so can you! If you do not have
medical insurance or if you are underinsured and have medical bills
that insurance does not pay, you need to read this short, easy to
understand guide. During my period of joining the ranks of the
uninsured, I saved thousands of dollars by getting discounts from all
of my medical providers. You can do the same! If you need medical
insurance and have been denied because of "pre-existing conditions",
learn how to get the insurance you need from my personal example. If
I can do this, so can you when you know what to do. Order today and
download your copy of How to Reduce Your Medical Bills and Save
Thousands of $$. This book is presented in Adobe PDF File Format -
Requires Adobe Reader - to Download the free version of Adobe Reader.
Ken's medical bills totaled $11,740 for a one night hospital stay
(hospital and doctor bills). He paid $5,480. He saved $6,260! This is
a must read book! Practical Tips, easy to understand Insider secrets
you should know Quick Results - you will start saving immediately!

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