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“WOW! I love it!...Where did you learn how to make something so adorable?”
“Everything You Need To Know About
Creating An INCREDIBLE Diaper Cake Is
Demonstrated In This Amazing
Video Collection”
Don’t spend your extra money on ordering diaper cakes. Newly released, instructional videos take you by the hand, step-by-step to create your very own...
Give a special gift that keeps on giving!
If you’ve priced diaper cakes lately, you know they’re outrageously expensive – but they don’t have to be...not if you’re taught how to make one yourself with our one-of-a-kind Diaper Cake Guide.

Our Diaper Cake Guide is delivered to you through an easy-to-learn video system so you can watch in the comfort of your own home. You’ll begin to learn how to design and create your own diaper cake in just a few minutes...for a fraction of the cost of buying one!

As you read through this page, you’ll see without a doubt how our exclusive Diaper Cake Guide videos demonstrate everything you need to know in designing a cost-efficient, personal cake on your own. The best part is the price is always up to you! Go simple or extravagant!
We’ll show you clear, uncomplicated techniques to create:
Multiple tiered towering creationsAdorable customized themesRe-useable accessory adornmentsYour very own design themesAnd more!
From the moment you turn on our Diaper Cake Guide- following step-by-step, you’ll soon be able to unveil your own dazzling creation that will delight the Mom-to-be and dominate the topic of conversation. You’ll be capable to craft everything from penny-wise creations to breathtaking masterpieces – impressing the guests and shaping the baby shower into a very unique, festive and especially memorable get-together.

Yes, you can easily create incredible diaper cake centerpieces to suit a wide variety of tastes and styles. Our video guide will allow you to master the techniques of this fun and inventive craft. You’ll learn plenty of ideas to help you create a themed cake that’s absolutely perfect for the occasion.
For example, start with these ideas;
Boys, girls, twins and neutral-themed diaper cakes.Whimsical diaper cakes: cartoons, flowers, bumblebees, the possibilities are endless!Reusable items to include in your creation: wash cloths, rattles, binkies, music & more.Adding gifts to pamper the mom-to-be.
The greatest thing about diaper cakes is that you load them with goodies the baby needs. They’re versatile, economical, no waste, and perhaps best of all...no calories!

Another wonderful idea is to create the cake especially for the Mom-to-be; decorate with her favorite aromatic, skin silkening bubble bath and oils, scented candles for her far and few between - “take-me-away” moments, adding colorful wrapped chocolates for a finishing touch...personally delivering it to her hospital room!

Our Diaper Cake Guide helps you share your creativity and leave the parents-to-be with a beautiful centerpiece made out of items that parents want and babies need. And they’re extremely easy to take apart and use. Need ideas for decorations? Check these out...
Boys, girls, twins and neutral-themed diaper cakes.Toys; stuffed animals, trucks, building blocks or angelsBoxed Gift Sets; take apart and display the items individuallyMobiles; colorful, playful and babies are fascinated by their movementNursery decorations; a perfect theme the parents-to-be can use permanently in the baby’s roomInexpensive items; coupons, gift cards, home-made knitted socks, booties or photo albums
Now, take the same concept and furnish one for a child’s 1st Birthday, Baptism or even for a first time Dad! The possibilities are really just left to your imagination...

Our comprehensive video guide will teach you step-by-step how to create impressive, adorable, unique gifts you can give away to friends, co-workers and beloved family members...while receiving one compliment after another!

Do yourself a favor, once you get done reading this page and ordering the Diaper Cake Guide videos … go and look up how much a diaper cake costs to purchase.
Do you see how much premium diaper cakes sell for?
Even if you don’t think you have artistic ability or have never done crafts before, our video guide makes it easy to learn from the experts and begin crafting your own wonderfully, incredible diaper cakes right from the beginning and saving HUGE $$$ while you do it!

BONUS #1: “Baby Shower Guide”
A must have for hosting your own baby shower, kicking it into high gear! The “Baby Shower Guide” offers great ideas on throwing an amazing, fun-filled baby shower including Theme ideas, Fun baby shower games, Best gift ideas and so much more...

BONUS #2: “Smart Parenting”
Who Else Wants to Become the World's Greatest Mom or Dad Without Putting Yourself to Wit's End in Raising Highly Successful Children? This exciting report will bring out the best parent in you. It also tackles children's behavior from a psychological viewpoint. This will enable you to understand your children more and know why they engage in the things that they do."

P.S.S. Remember, the special bonuses are only available until midnight tonight so hurry and order now!

P.S.S.S. And don't forget our unconditional 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied for any reason...Try it Risk Free!

That’s two e-books plus our instructional video collection all for one low price!
An offer you can’t refuse!
How do I order “The Diaper Cake Guide?”
It’s as easy as clicking on the “Add To Cart” button below!

Let me say this again...

When you order right now you’ll immediately have access to our:
Order now and start designing your very own personalized - sensational diaper cake gifts saving you both time and money, risk free.

Click the Add To Cart button below to get started!

P.S. Think about this for a minute...why on earth would you purchase a baby diaper cake when you have all the necessary tools available at your fingertips to create your very own, over and over again?

- No ordering - No added shipping costs - No waiting


Smart Parenting: Raising Happy And Responsible Children in the 21st Century is a must-read for all parents who want to raise success-bound kids.

“Diaper Cake Guide” video collection with To Craft Irresistible, Impressive, Unforgettable Diaper Cakes, plus two complimentary “must-have” e-books.

Baby Shower Guide: Highly-Effective Tips And Tricks To Make The Baby Shower Event A Grand One!
ORDER TODAY and you'll also receive 2 FREE bonuses.
As an added bonus when you order our “Diaper Cake Guide”, you’ll receive
our complimentary e-book, “Baby Shower Guide” and “Smart Parenting.”

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