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CB Heads Up Display


Business Intelligence for Successful CB Vendors
CB Heads Up Display (CBHUD) is an Executive Dashboard and Premium Business Intelligence Tool for ClickBank Vendors.

CBHUD provides real business intelligence and insights into what is happening in your ClickBank business, allowing you to look past the sales numbers and see your business in a whole new way.
[ See your ClickBank stats on mobile devices](#mobile1) [ Customize your executive dashboard](#dashboard) [ Get important alerts and reports](#alerts1) [ Analyze lifetime customer value ](#lifetimevalue) [ Track new, active and inactive affiliates](#affiliates1) [ Setup in only five minutes](#insights1)
"In my opinion CBHUD is an essential tool for any successful ClickBank Vendor."
Eric Schwarzer - Creator of CBHUD

Mobile Access on Phones and Tablets
CBHUD has been built to work well on the iPhone, Android devices as well as tablets such as the iPad. You can get all of your stats from almost any device through your CBHUD account.

CBHUD has the look and feel of a native iOS application - well sized intuitive controls make getting what you need quick and easy.

Getting secure access to stats for all of your ClickBank accounts is now a reality - all connections are secured with 256bit SSL encryption to keep your data safe.

Your Business, Your Executive Dashboard
] CBHUD gives you the flexibility to put important data you look at frequently on an unlimited number of custom dashboards. Why dig through screen after screen to get the stats that matter to you - instead, see your business the way that you want to with charts, tables and other widgets.

Add custom charts and tables

Here are some examples of the widgets that you can add to your own executive dashboards.

Intelligent alerts help you react quickly
] You need to move fast when things happen in your business - but you need to know about a situation before you can act on it. CBHUD can help you identify problems and opportunities in all of your ClickBank accounts.

High refund and chargeback rates

With ClickBank coming down on Vendors with high refund and chargeback rates, CBHUD can help by alerting you when your refund or chargeback rate jumps up.

Don't wait for refunds or chargebacks to become a serious problem - let CBHUD email you when your refunds and chargebacks rise above levels you set.

Identify newly active Affiliates

If you depend on affiliates to promote your products you're always on the lookout for newly active affiliates.

CBHUD will email a summary of newly active affiliates for each of your accounts - and include sales data so you can quickly see who is starting to ramp up their promotional efforts.

Engaging with new affiliates is an excellent way of building long term success for your business - CBHUD will help you spot the affiliates you should reach out to personally.

Watch for inactive affiliates

CBHUD can help you keep your affiliates active by alerting you to those affiliates who have not made sales in some time.

You'll see how much they've contributed to your bottom line, and how long it's been since they made a sale - giving you the opportunity to reach out and see what can be done to keep them promoting your product.

Keeping affiliates active could do wonders for your bottom line. CBHUD can help.

Discover the real value of a sale
] With earnings scattered between your own vendor and affiliate accounts it can be a real challenge to find the value of a customer over a period of time.

CBHUD helps you to easily calculate the average amount earned from a new customer over time.

CBHUD does this for you by combining earnings from both your Vendor and Affiliate accounts including: Initial Sales Upsells Subscription Payments Refunds, Chargebacks and Fees Products purchased as a result of the initial sale, by the same customer from your other vendor accounts are included - everything you own that you cross-promote to your customers can be tied back to the initial sale.
By using your own affiliate account to send traffic to your offer and attaching a tracking ID to the first hop, CBHUD helps you identify true ROI from media buys and PPC advertising.

CBHUD is the only tool we know of that can perform this kind of analysis retroactively on existing sales history.

See your Affiliates in a whole new way
] Affiliates are a crucial sales channel for many successful ClickBank vendors - CBHUD can help you discover which of your affiliates are contributing to your growth and which have stopped promoting you completely.

Make notes and keep contact information close at hand

CBHUD gives you a central place to store contact information for your affiliates, view their performance across all of your accounts in one view, and provides one click access to a competitive intelligence tool for gathering more information on their sites and promotional methods.

Reward your super-affiliates

Knowing who your best affiliates are can help you focus on building and strengthening the right relationships. Building your customer and prospect list is just one half of the equation - a strong base of affiliates will help ensure your future success.

Gain deeper insights into your business
] Sales and earnings don't tell the whole story - CBHUD helps you dig deeper to uncover insights into Customers, Affiliates, Products and even Marketing you've done in the past.

Find your most valuable customers in seconds

Your top customers are loyal - they trust you and buy frequently - but do you know just how valuable they really are?

CBHUD can show you your top customers - including earnings from all of your accounts, giving you a true picture of how valuable your best customers really are to your long term success.

You can bring up a customer's entire transaction history by entering just their email address - seeing data from all of your accounts in on place in seconds.

CBHUD takes care of analyzing your data - fast

Some analytics products start collecting data after you install them - and take days or weeks to show you anything useful.

CBHUD starts working day one. A few minutes after activating your account you will know which [affiliates are adding to your bottom line](#affiliates1) who your most valuable customers are, and uncover [what the lifetime value of a customer acquired through different channels really is - ](#lifetimevalue)[plus much more](#overview).

Easy to setup, Easy to learn

CBHUD requires no technical skills to setup, there is no special code to add to your websites, no software to install, no scripts to debug, no hassles at all. North American support is available via email, skype, even by phone if you need it!

Your Order securely processed by ClickBank
] CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc. and used by permission. CBHUD is not an authorized agent or representative of Click Sales, Inc. Click Sales, Inc. has not reviewed, approved or endorsed CBHUD, or any claim, statement or opinion made by CBHUD, 2187320 Ontario Ltd, or Eric Schwarzer.

If you're not completely and utterly thrilled with CBHUD, you can ask for a refund at any point in the first 60 days after purchase. This service has been built to support the activities of ClickBank Vendors who already have successful businesses and will not be beneficial to someone who is just starting out with online marketing.

A limited number of CBHUD accounts are now available
To give our clients the very best support there are only 47 CBHUD accounts still available.

ClickBank is fully aware of the limited availability and you will be unable to place your order if there are no openings.
$9 is all it will cost you to put the full power of CBHUD to work for your ClickBank business right now.

You'll get your own Executive Dashboards, Insights, Alerts, Access from your Mobile devices, Premium Support and more for 31 days.

Your CBHUD account will be created instantly and totally integrated into your ClickBank business in under five minutes.

We will provide you with top-notch support by email, skype, even remote assistance and phone support if you need it.

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Use CBHUD for 31 Days for just $9
Full access to CBHUD continues for only $197 per month.

New reports, Insights, Dashboard Widgets and Features will be added regularly to CBHUD as a result of your needs and feedback.

You'll automatically get all of these improvements and enhancements at no extra charge for as long as you keep your account.

Not sure if CBHUD is right for you - get your questions and concerns answered fast.
Our [Terms of Service](/tos) and [Privacy Policy](/privacy) are available to review.

Get answers fast - contact Eric Schwarzer, the creator of CBHUD through [Skype](skype:e.schwarzer?chat) or .

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