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Tired of sewing and fitting failures?
Ready to take your 1st Step To Sewing  Success?


"Sewing Courses To Take Your 1st Step To Sewing Success"

"Discover a remarkable series of easy-to-follow sewing and fitting courses packed with tips and how to sew techniques that will take your sewing to a professional level in no time...
PLUS, along the way, save a small fortune
and tons of sewing frustration!"

[ ](http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Marian_Lewis)" Professional Sewing Educator and Expert Author, Marian Lewis, offers her plain language, common sense, sewing courses and brand new fitting method to help beginners and advanced sewing enthusiasts achieve greater sewing success.  It just makes sense to download these simple ebooks and start sewing in minutes! "

Unique Brand New Common Sense Fitting Method
Are you hard-to-fit?  Get common sense insider secrets for great fitting pants and skirts - you won't believe you can sew and look this good this easily!  Get the fit!  It is not your typical fitting course!  It just makes sense!
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Sew a TeePee & Accessories For Your Tribe of Kids! - Basic Sewing Course
Don't pay $300+ for a child's teepee, make your own for a fraction of the cost. So simple, your kids could do it!  It's not just tee pees!  Find multiple home dec items to sew for you and the kids PLUS  many "golden nugget" sewing rules.  Discover the trick to eliminate "rabbit ear" pillows!
[Click Here for full details](teepee.html)

[Order Tee Pee & Accessories](order2.html)[ Basic Sewing Course PLUS 4 FREE Bonuses   Sew much fun!](order2.html)

Couture Classy Designer Straight Skirt - Couture Sewing Course
An absolute classic must-have for your wardrobe - and your friends will think it cost you hundreds!  Start sewing elegant fashions using couture techniques today!  Here is where you save really "big bucks" and you don't look like everyone else!  Use the techniques for all your garment sewing.  You are the designer!  Sew like one![
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Sewing/Multi-purpose Mat Tote Bag - Basic Sewing Course
Master the basics of professional sewing in less time than you ever thought possible! More than 30 photos. Sew a unique gift and learn some awesome tricks to sew bias bindings and zippers! This really is a multip-purpose bag that works for the beach, plus lots of other things, too.  [ Click Here for full details](sewing-mat-tote-bag.html)

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"Simply Superb" Sewing Project Tips - Volume 1 - Sewing Course
Tips and tricks from the masters. The ultimate sewing course with over 60 projects, tips and techniques included!  Add to your sewing knowledge and library!
Get answers to many of your sewing questions.  Sew lots  of unique gifts made with love!
[Click Here for full details
[Order Sewing Project Tips - Volume I Sewing Course - A real deal!  You'll learn a lot!](order5.html)

Tee Hoodies Sewing Course
Deconstruct and makeover your favorite tee shirt into a  tee hoodie.  Discover easy sewing tips and techniques to make it one-of-a-kind.  Perfect for fun gifts.  Kids of all ages love to wear hoodies.  [Click here for full details](teehoodies.html)

[Order Tee Hoodies Sewing Course - Recycle tees into hoodies. There are no rules!  You are the designer!](order6.html)
Watch for more sewing courses!

Love sewing, but hate fitting . . .
especially fitting pants?

Hit the Play Button!  Marian wants to talk to you!

[Marian Lewis
](aboutmarian.html) helps sewing folks improve
their sewing and fitting with
common sense techniques 

People are talking. . .

"Oh, Marian, I could just hug you and CRY!  I got my ebook and have been devouring it!  Now I know exactly WHY I haven't been able to fit anything decent since I was about 25 yrs old.  I have a really twisty back, high right shoulder and low right hip (confirmed by the Dr.'s x-rays), plus a pouchy tummy so absolutely NO pants/skirts fit me decent, except for elastic/stretch pull ons that I have lived with for years. 
BLESS YOU for putting this together and making it available to others" 
Sheila M

"Finally, although I have always known that I have one hip higher than the other, I now know how to correctly alter my pattern to make my garments fit properly."

Ann B

"Sewing Success News"

by:  Marian Lewis

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Marian's article was published In SEW NEWS Magazine!

I was thrilled to be published in the July 2006 issue of ["Sew News"](http://www.sewnews.com/).   Check out my article on fitting the senior figure.  Let me know how you like it.  If you didn't see it, you can order a copy of the article at [Sew News](http://www.sewnews.com/).  You will really want to get a copy of this article.  It will help you with your upper body fitting.

What are "Sewing Blogs?"

Marian's "Sewing Blogs" are online journals that are loaded with lots of FREE Sewing Projects, Sewing Tips and Sewing Techniques for you to enjoy, share with others or leave your comments.

These sewing blogs are really sewing courses in themselves.
Read Marian's Sewing Blogs
[Sewing Success Sewing Blog

](http://1ststeptosewingsuccess.blogspot.com/) [Sewing Project Tips Sewing Blog](http://sewingprojecttips.com/) [WorldVillage.com Blog

](http://www.worldvillage.com/) [MySpace.com Blog](http://blog.myspace.com/sewing_tips)
[What are Marian's Sewing Lens on Squidoo?  Check it out!](squidoo.html)

What Is Your Most Burning Question About Sewing Or Fitting?
We appreciate your questions and will answer them the best we can.
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Sewing Articles

Also check out Marian's published [sewing articles](article-archives.html) here.  You can use them on your blog or in your newsletter if you like.

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Type the word "sewing" or your own search phrase in the search box to find more sewing related websites.   Search my sites, too.

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It Just Makes Sense To Take Your 1st Step To Sewing Success
Discover how to sew common sense sewing techniques and new fitting method secrets for fitting pants and skirts to achieve sewing success today!

Learn how to sew well and celebrate the joy of finally getting your skirts and pants fitting problems solved once and for all.  You'll never again have to say, "I don't have anything that fits me!"

Why Should You Get These Downloadable eBook Sewing Courses?

Just think about it!

You don't have to:
travel to class haul all your sewing equipment somewhere worry about taking notes missing a class clean up your mess if you aren't finished struggle to keep up with everyone else put up with the confusion in a classroom situation
You can:
print out a permanent copy of all the detailed step-by-step instructions for yourself work in the peace and quiet of your own sewing space at home sew  whenever you want or feel like it learn at your pace reread the instructions again if you need to keep the sewing course in your sewing library for future reference save money by doing it yourself at home
And, to top it all off, expert help is an email or phone call away!  How cool is that?

You see why it just makes sense to click the order links above to take your 1st step to sewing success?

Now, You Want To Know What To Do Next?

 It's sew easy even Granma can do it! 
Place your order Check your email inbox a couple of times (necessary for security reasons) Download your sewing course in minutes. You get it NOW!  No waiting! It doesn't matter if it's 2 AM.

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Now I know some of you either don't have a credit card or won't use your credit card on the internet even though we feel our site is secure.  If that is a problem for you, [contact me](contact.html) and we will try our best to accommodate you.

Sewing and fitting success can be yours.Take Your 1st Step Right Now![](index-new.html#Discover_a_remarkable_series_of_...and)

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