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Shrink Your Prostate


Get Your Life Back in 30 Days or Less



I know what you’re going through. I’ve been there.

The half dozen trips to the bathroom at night (and sometimes more).

The fear of going for a long walk and not knowing if there will be a
restroom near by.

The repeated urinary tract infections due to “backup.”

The stress, the anxiety and the ever present burden of wondering,
“is this what my life is going to be like for the next 30+ years? (I
was only 38 when I started having prostate problems).”

Then you start to worry about the long-term affect on your health of
so many antibiotics courses, the never ending cycle of infection and
inflammation and of course the long-term specter of prostate cancer.

Yup, there is no doubt about it, getting older is not for the faint
of heart.

In the depths of despair we find clarity, we find answers, we find

I’m here to tell you that you can take your life back.

You can take control of your own health.

You can set aside the endless rounds of antibiotics and harsh
“prostate-shrinking” pharmaceutical drugs.

You can re-frame this health challenge that has been laid at your
feet as an opportunity to drastically improve your overall health (not
just your prostate health) and live the rest of your life with reduced
stress, greater appreciation for the inexpensive, natural,
side-effect-free remedies that are available to you and the personal
power that comes with knowing that, “I am ultimately responsible for
my own health and well being.”

My name is Phil Saucedo and I was exactly where you’re at now if
you’re reading this.

As a 15 year executive MBA in the long-term health care industry I
was well aware of what many of my male clients where going through
with their prostate troubles. Frankly, I was terrified because of it.

I had just completed another 60 day round of anti-biotic treatment as
prescribed to me by my surly urologist who seemed to have very little
in the way of information, answers or apparent concern.

I remember being at the beach with my family and having to urinate
what seemed like every 15 minutes because

* I had an undiagnosed urinary tract infection due to the backup of
urine caused by my swollen prostate and;
* I had a severe case of prostatitis.

Luckily I had an entire beach full of sand to relieve myself in.

I can laugh about it now but it was certainly no laughing matter
then. I spent nearly 2 years in and out of the urologist’s office
(you know what that means if you’re reading this).

I battled depression, stress and my family suffered for it because I
had stopped feeling like a whole man.

I mean what kind of guy can’t take his family on a trip to an
amusement park for fear of having too long of a walk between restroom
stops? And I sure as hell wasn’t ready to wear a diaper.

During my career as a health care executive, I was used to seeing
challenges come up, analyzing them and developing systems-based
solutions that would allow me to put those solutions on auto-pilot
thereby solving the problem long-term.

After a long period of despair and depression, I decided to put my
analytical skills to their highest and best use: the improvement and
maintenance of my own health in general and my prostate and bladder

Fast forward to the present and I’m back to my old self but better.

Better because I’ve learned and accepted that I am fully
responsible for my overall health and well being and that I have the
resolve to overcome whatever health challenge is presented to me.

The health care industry, my primary care physician and specialists
are now simply tools in my tool bag along with a comprehensive but
easy to maintain program for managing my stress, getting some exercise
and maintaining proper nutrient levels which support healthy prostate
function and overall health.

Now, I want to show you what my 15 years in the health care industry
as applied to the challenge of maintaining a healthy prostate can do
for you.

In my new book, I detail my 2 year battle with chronic prostatitis
which took me on a journey of depression and despair but which
ultimately led to the creation of a comprehensive program of prostate
health built upon a superior foundation of overall mental and physical
well being.


I wasted two years of my life suffering and I had just scheduled yet
another appointment with my urologist when I finally decided,
“enough is enough!”

It was in that moment of clarity that I began to research, analyze
and experiment with every supplement I could get my hands on, every
diet I could try, any piece of relevant information I could analyze,
any technique that made sense.

I was a man possessed.

I was either going to get my life back or go out on my shield.

The idea of being bent over a table with an overworked doctor’s
finger up my rear end every few weeks was definitely not how I saw
myself going out. I had my whole life ahead of me.

You do too and it doesn’t matter how old you are.

The very act of taking control will ease your mental suffering,
depression and stress.

The implementation of just a small percentage of the solutions
offered in my comprehensive program will yield mental and physical
health benefits far in excess of a gushing stream of urine (although I
know that is your most urgent concern and the primary focus of my
In my program you will learn:

* The most important all natural supplement that will begin to
relieve the constrictive swelling of your prostate with zero side
effects (men in Europe have relied on this supplement for decades)
* The all natural supplements which will clear up any bacterial
infection that may be lurking behind the scenes potentially causing
the underlying problem related to your condition.

Both of these supplements are capable of crushing even the most
stubborn bacterial infections leaving a healthy, infection-free
environment for your prostate to heal and shrink.

* Many cases of prostatitis show no sign of infection causing
doctors to indiscriminately prescribe long-term antibiotic courses in
the hope that this “smart bomb” tactic will clear up everything
and anything that doesn’t show up in urine tests or blood panels.
* Unfortunately, this tactic typically backfires in that it is
impossible to know whether the treatment worked given that symptoms
often return and the unintended consequence is the strengthening and
resistance to future antibiotic treatment of any underlying bacterial

* The single most important simple activity you can do while
watching television at night which will DRAMATICALLY decrease your
overall stress level, increase the quantity and quality of deep sleep
you get and stop the cycle of depression and fear which has heretofore
prevented the healing of your prostate
* One of the most popular, simple and effective exercise programs
ever developed; designed to fit your life - not the other way around.
* The simplest way to introduce “live” healthy foods into your
diet WITHOUT choking down a bushel full of fruits and vegetables
thereby providing your prostate with the oxygen-rich nutrients it
needs to heal
* The one supplement you absolutely must take if you’ve been
taking repeated antibiotic courses over time.
* A dangerous and well concealed side effect of taking the
antibiotic which is most commonly prescribed for chronic prostatitis
* The “cocktail” of essential antioxidant supplements which best
support the healing of your prostate
* The little know medical procedure which can eliminate your swollen
prostate problems once and for all when all else has failed with
little to no pain, rapid healing and quick turnaround time (you can
typically be back to work in a few days)

I slowly implemented Phil's recommendations one by one and my faith
was rewarded with the immediate and dramatic improvement of my overall
quality of life and health.

Let’s face it. When you can’t pee, all you think about is the
next time you’re going to pee.

In your desperation, you’ve probably tried some of the super
expensive supplements which promise miracles but just don’t seem to

You’re tired of having your desperation work against you and being
“sold” products that over promise and under deliver.

I know. I’ve been there which is why I decided to document my
experience and create this program. If I can help one other guy get
his life back, it will have all been worth it.

Remember, I’m not selling products. I’m providing you with the
information you need to get your condition under control, separate the
fact from the hype and get your life back. How you use it is up to


Listen, I’ve been ripped off more times by the slick marketing
campaigns from shady supplement companies than I care to remember.

I’ve spent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars “experimenting”
with various supplements which were heavy on advertising but light on
the most important ingredient for getting your prostate under control.

I want to make sure that my program is within the reach of anyone who
wants it.

I watched my 40 year old brother suffer with the symptoms of chronic
prostatitis for over a year and then I stumbled onto Phil's program
which I gave to my brother as a sort of last ditch effort and the
results were no less then an amazing recovery and return to good
health of my big bro. Thanks Phil!

I’ve previously sold my program for $49.00 but given the difficult
economic times, the fact that there are a whole bunch of guys out
there who are uninsured and that my mission is to get my program out
to as many men as possible I’ve decided to offer my program (at
least temporarily) for $29.00.

That’s less then or close to the cost of a co-pay to see your
primary care physician or urologist.

Look at it this way, you’re still spending the $29.00 on
healthcare, it’s just on an empowering form of healthcare that can
keep you out of the doctor’s office and get you back to your life.

After all, without your health not a whole lot else matters.

And that’s the investment you make ONLY if my program succeeds in
helping you get your life back.

If it doesn’t it won’t cost you a penny. Here’s why.

One more thing.

There's an excellent chance that the economy will continue to be
shaky during the next 12 months or so - and that double-digit
unemployment will be with us for a long, long time.

Wouldn't it be a relief to know that poor health and the associated
stress will no longer be one of your major concerns?

That way, you can focus on the most important and critical things you
need to take care of in life such as your business, your work and your

So what are you waiting for? By simply clicking the link below you
will be able to purchase and gain immediate access to my downloadable
Adobe PDF book _Shrink Your Prostate and Get Your Life Back in 30 Days
or Less. _

All you'll need is the Adobe PDF Reader which most computers have. If
you don't I'll also provide you with a link to Adobe.com where you can
quickly and easily download and install the latest PDF Reader
regardless of your operating system.

My husband was beginning to suffer on and off over the last several
years with prostatitis and he hates taking prescription medications.
Phil's program allowed him to naturally handle an issue that was
beginning to become a pressing concern for him. Now he's got his
vibrant health back.

To order _Shrink Your Prostate and Get Your Life Back In 30 Days or
Less_ on a risk-free 60-day trial basis, just click below now:


Phillip C. Saucedo

P.S. Order _Shrink Your Prostate, Get Your Life Back in 30 Days or
Less _and get my FREE bonus report, _How Your Family Can Help You Get
and Stay Healthy _(a $24.00 value).

In it you’ll discover:

* How to take a leadership role in your family’s health
* When it comes to your family, why talk is cheap and action rules
* The importance of “routine” when it comes to family
relationships and health management
* How to become the primary “healer” for your family
* How to fully gain your family’s trust and support during a
health care challenge or crisis
* How to strengthen and deepen the relationship with your spouse or
* How to bring your family along with you on your journey from
victim to hero

To order _Shrink Your Prostate, Get Your Life Back in 30 Days or
Less……. _and get my FREE bonus report, _How Your Family Can Help
You Get and Stay Healthy…….. _just click here now:

About Phil Saucedo

Phil Saucedo is a 15-year executive MBA in the long-term health care
industry who has spent nearly a decade observing the disastrous
effects of the health care industry machine on his elderly clientele.

Upon reaching middle age himself, Phil was presented with health
challenges that forced him onto the health care industry and big
pharma treadmill.

As Phil’s health began to deteriorate from both his conditions as
well as the doctor prescribed “treatments” he was perpetually
undergoing, he woke up and said, “no more!”

Since that time, Phil has been on a quest to share the knowledge he
acquired from healing himself and more importantly the powerful belief
that anyone can take control of their own health without completely
upending their lives.

Phil is a regular guy with regular worries about his health, his
work, his family and his country but rather then sit around and wait
for the other shoe to drop Phil decided to observe his elderly
clientele along with his own health habits and beliefs and apply his
exceptional entrepreneurial powers of problem solving and correction
implementation and his background as a journalist to bring the very
best of what he has learned to his readers.

Phil continues to bring tried and true solutions to his readers about
their most pressing health care concerns as well as fitness, stress
management and the strengthening of personal and romantic


(c) Copyright 2012 Phillip C. Saucedo. All Rights Reserved

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