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At 25 years old.In the past, I was a bad, bad girl. Really bad! I did
bad things to myself for most of my life using food, tobacco, alcohol,
stress, bad relationships, worry, fear, guilt, prescription
medications, negativity, lack of knowledge, good excuses, low
self-esteem and an unwillingness to learn. I was stubborn. I was
untrusting and I defended myself constantly.

I was on a roller coaster ride to nowhere goodand I didn't even know
it. This wasn't because I was stupid; in fact, I am a pretty brainy
gal! I was also stubborn, misinformed and I always believed the bad
about myself. I had created a smoking, drinking, junk food shoveling
machine that never seemed to get enough fuel for negativity.

Pains happened. Diseases set in. I whined and complained. Energy
levels depleted to nothing, I weighed 266 pounds and became faced with
the scariest question of my life; "Am I ready to die?"

I spent 3 months in bed - barely moving or forming real thoughts. My
spirit felt flat - my skin was grey. I visited a few more doctors and
specialists for answers - and I was always sent home with an expensive
prescription for pills and guilt.

I was told I could have ALS, Crohn's Disease, mild MS, Chronic
Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic/Severe Acne and on and on and on.the doctors
really had no viable answers for me and every time I tried again, I
always felt worse. When they ran out of ideas of what I was suffering
from, they accused me of being mentally unwell.

This is me today, after I discovered what works when you want to live
disease free and well ~ in all areas of your life!”

I didn't know how to make myself well and I no longer had the energy
to try.

Doctors had failed. I realized that I was on my own or on my way out.
I had to do something before it was too late to do anything.

I was terrified of all of these unknown consequences ahead of me and
felt alone - but with the love, support, insight and determined
research of my husband, it became clear. He came up with a suggestion
that sounded like it was at least worth trying!

It's been almost 4 years since I made the decision to take his idea
and walk through my door to true wellness. Was it scary? Of course - I
didn't know what I was in for - but I was in control for once in my
life and things actually started changing for the better! I started to
feel so much better than I had before!

The weight loss occured as a positive side effect to the things I
started doing to make my _entire self _well. In other words, I didn't
try to lose 132 pounds - it snuck off of me while I started caring for
my whole self (and I realize you may not yet believe me because I
never would have either!).

Anyone can do this!

Today, I am more _well _than I have ever been in my entire life! I
will turn a healthy 40 years old in 2012!

You cannot fail if you keep trying! This isn't a diet - it's a new

Before - After I used to suffer from:

* Severe facial wounds and scarring
* Obesity
* Tobacco 'Dependence'
* Cellulite
* Mild incontinence
* Sleeplessness/Insomnia
* Coarse, dry/damaged hair
* Extreme joint, sciatica and muscle pain/aches
* Lack of patience, quick to anger


* Hormone imbalance
* Constant desire for junk food
* Chronic migraines
* Low libido
* Feelings of confusion
* Feelings of worry
* Constant hunger
* Feelings of defeat
* Frequent colds, flus
* Exhaustion

* Brain fog (unclear mind)
* Dizziness
* Chest pains
* Numbness in feet and hands
* Irregular temperature (always cold or too hot)
* Swelling (in hands, feet and eventually - my eyes)
* Heartburn
* Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
* Shortness of breath

The New Me: Things Have Changed for the Better!

* Energy to spare
* 132 pounds of unhealthy weight gone
* Excellent relationships with others
* Desire to learn, move forward every day and stay well
* Able to handle stress easily
* Super productive in my daily life
* Confidence and self esteem renewed!

* Phenomenal relationship with my husband in all areas (including
the most fun ones!)
* A renewed belief in myself - mind, body and spirit
* I am open minded and a clear thinker
* I feel calm, at peace with who I am
* I look _and_ feel better
* A desire to share the 'miracle'

* I am prescription/medication free!
* I am tobacco free!
* I chose to release 'The Fat Girl' from her prison - and she is
* The 'old me' is gone - a new, true me exists in her place
* The choices are always mine!
* I am more giving, helpful and compassionate
* I take every day as an adventure!
* Loving life on a daily basis

This is a combination of my story and important documents that let us
know why we are fat, why we stay fat and why we'll never lose weight
and be well if we don't change certain crucial factors in our lives.
It was the information I had been looking for my entire adult life.

It took years of online research, but all of that research (and how
we changed our lives for the better in every way) is now compiled into
one informative ebook!

_MAC USERS!! _Please be aware that MAC systems that are not running
Windows cannot open this book (we are working on this). Bonus: The
Book of Recipes!


* Recipes by well known food lovers reprinted with permission!
* Some of my family favorites!
* Recipes that let you be well!
* Dessert too! No one can forget that!
* And many more awesome recipes!

There is no miraculous secret to health - there is only usable
information and misinformation. I spent too many years chasing the
wrong information (while quickly emptying my wallet). I had given up,
but my husband showed me that I was worthy enough. I'm here to do the
same thing for you. Things really will change for the better in your
life if you give yourself what you need.

I'm here to tell you that this works for everybody - and that the
only one who can choose to get it done is _you_. There is no miracle
coming for you unless _you_ make a decision. _You_ are worth it.
What's stopping you? For me, it was a genuine lack of true
information. It was also the unwillingness to bother at all.

This is the information you need to get well!

The book is also filled with clickable links so you can follow the
journey I took to create wellness in my life. There are so many
incredible stories and positive outcomes. The 'miracles' are revealed!

P.S. After you click on the "Download Now" button you'll be
transferred to the "Payment" page. After you have successfully paid
for your product, please click "Return to" and you will be taken to
our "Thank you" page from where you'll be able to instantly download
the password protected ebook and get your unique password code to
unlock it.


The information contained in this ebook will benefit your life so
much that I am willing to put your money where my mouth is. OK, not
really, that's dirty - but I am willing to refund your money if you
are unsatisfied with your purchase. I'll refund it. No worries.
Copyright (c) TheFatGirl.net


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