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Get Inferno for $37.00


Everybody is telling you what diet is best for you.  How to eat, what to eat.  By coming here, you yourself are looking for something that is different.  A diet program that will work for you! Not what is working for your friends, but what will work for you. If you are like me then you are tired of trying new diet programs or latest trends and then fail to get the results that you want.


When I decided to make this diet program/cook book,  I weighed 334 lbs.  That’s right I said 334 lbs.  I was tired of trying new programs only to fail at achieving my goal. I try heavy hitter programs like P90x and Insanity workout programs but failed at losing the weight. I gained muscle but failed at losing the weight. What I needed to figure out was why?


What it came down to, was that I was eating way too much.  I, like my father ate food all the time.  Now some people have an addiction with smoking, my addiction was food.  So to counter this I decided that I needed to figure out a diet that would help me curb my appetite.


I went and learned about all sorts of diet programs. Programs like Atkins, South Beach, Low Calorie, Balanced Diets and more.  I became a certified Nutritional Specialist.  I became extremely knowledgeable about my weakness.  FOOD!


After I did all of this I sat down and began writing a cookbook.  Not a diet program.   It was my desire to come up with meals that would be a major benefit to me. A benefit that was not just going to help me today, but in the future as well.


Afterwards I looked at the cookbook and saw how it could be turned into a simple diet program.  Not one that will leave out something that your body will starve for in the future. But a low calorie and balanced diet that will have great results if you just follow the recipes.  That is what became the Inferno Cookbook.


What will you find in this cookbook:

You will find over 100 custom recipes.

Every Recipe is either 200 calories or less.

Full of simple step-by-step instructions.

It is 355 pages full of recipes, tips, and hints that will change your life.

You Get Instant Access to this eBook.

With the Inferno Cookbook you get:

Recipes that are easy to follow

A low-calorie and balance diet.

Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and more.

You will have the information needed to show you why this diet works so well.

You will understand why a low calorie balanced diet is much healthier for you instead of just a low calorie or a balanced diet.

This Cookbook Is perfect:

If you want a balanced diet

If you want to be on a low calorie diet

If you are using HCG diet

If you want to lower your risks of Heart Attack amongst other health issues

Get Inferno for $37.00


Now if this is not enough to convince you to purchase, I have put together some bonuses to sweeten the pot.


The First bonus is A quick guide on how you can lose 10 pounds quickly.  This e-book is 28 pages and is full a helpful tips that you will find extremely helpful to you as you work on losing weight.   The Value of this e-book is marked at $19.95


The Second Bonus is another e-book that is called “65 Tried and True Amish Recipes” This e-book has 65 Amish recipes in it and is 66 pages long.  It is full of Amish Recipes that you can enjoy. This e-book is valued at $29.95


The Third Bonus is 1000 Atkins approved recipes.  A great resource to add more recipes to the Inferno Cookbook.  This Is valued at $19.95


The Fourth and Last Bonus is called “Amazing Weight Loss and Health Tips” This 33 page report is full of helpful tips and hints that you will need in order to lose weight.  This report is valued at $29.95


So with all four bonuses you get a additional value of $92.80 on top of the Inferno Cookbook and diet program.  So as you can see you will have well over $120.00 worth of material for just a fraction of the cost.


In order to get the Inferno program and all four of these fantastic bonuses then all you have to do is click the link below.   It will take you to the page you need in order to purchase this great product.


The price of this product with all of the bonuses is normally




But you can get Inferno for:




Order Now By Clicking the Button Below!


Please Remember that there is a 60 day money back guarantee. So if you do not like my cookbook for any reason then you can get your money back.  I will not ask you why.  That is my guarantee.

If you have any questions regarding this product you can feel free to contact me at:  support@dc-inferno.com

Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.



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