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Flipping Products on eBay for Huge profits

First, let me introduce myself: my name is Mike Gerber. I am a 29
year old eBay entreprenuer - and have been selling on eBay for over 10
years. Believe it or not, I started my eBay “career” selling golf
balls that my college roomate and I collected from a local course! A
lot as changed since then, and I am now making well over $2,000 /
month (profit!) selling just a few highly profitable items online per
day. Oh and I only spend about 1.5 hours per day doing it. OK, enough
about me - now let me show you how you can easily do the same:

What if you could start selling products on eBay that would earn you
an extra income of THOUSANDS of dollars per month working only
part-time? What if you could learn the secret of doing this without
using the same low-profit drop-shippers and wholesalers as every other
eBay seller? And what if you could start this business TODAY without
investing any of your own money upfront?

I’ve recently been earning THOUSANDS IN PROFITS A MONTH selling
PART-TIME on eBay, and I’m making much higher profit margins now
than when I used to sell drop-shipper items that many beginning eBay
sellers think is their only option. I’ve discovered that there is a
MUCH more profitable way to sell products, and I didn’t need lots of
money for huge wholesale lots either. In fact, this is how much money
I started with to buy inventory: $0!

If you’re a skeptic (like I tend to be!), here’s a very long
screen shot of the last couple days worth of Paypal transactions:

As you can see, I usually sell around 7-10 high-margin items working
an hour or two a day. While I may not sell 100’s of items like other
eBay “experts”, I am able to turn a VERY GOOD PROFIT on my
listings. I don’t want to waste my time selling lots of items that
only make me a few cents each. I source my items without using
drop-shippers and wholesalers.

Before I get any further, let me show you an example of an item
I’ve recently flipped on eBay for big profits:

(Please Note: Inside my e-book you will get many more examples like
this one, but with all details visible. Including where I purchased
the items, and where you too can purchase items for huge profits!)

Where do I find these products that sell for amazing profits? You
might be surprised to learn that they are AVAILABLE FOR ANYONE TO BUY
out on the internet and in retail marketplaces RIGHT NOW, if you know
where to look. Most people don’t.

I’m very excited about my eBay successes and am ready to share the
techniques and resources that have allowed me to flip NEW items for
MAXIMUM PROFITS without drop-shippers or wholesalers.

In “Flipping on eBay”, I don’t hold anything back. I tell you
exactly what I sell and where I find my products. I tell you how to
develop your own product niche and how to find the most amazing deals
on products that you can flip for excellent profits.

More Highlighted Features Include:

Examples of my real-life deals, including SCREENSHOTS for proof

TONS OF LINKS to all the resources I use to find my deals and
simplify the eBay selling process

An “eBay Profits Formula,” to help you quickly determine if an
product is a profitable deal for resale

Little-known information on broadening your market and maximizing

A section explaining how to start flipping products today, even if
you have NO MONEY

“Flipping on eBay” Table of Contents:


CHAPTER 2. Examples of My eBay Flips

CHAPTER 3. Finding Your Own Flipping Deals

CHAPTER 4. How to Start Flipping with No Money Down


CHAPTER 6. Now Go Get Your Flipping Game On!

Try my formula for success on eBay for 60 days and if you're not
completely satisfied just send me an email and I'll give you your
money back; no questions asked.

I sincerely wish you the best success on this new venture you are
about to take! I have absolutely no doubt that you too can create a
very profitable business, if you follow my plan (and also think
outside the box a bit). And be sure to email me after you make your
first big sale - I would love to know that I have had a small part in
someone elses success. :).


Yours in success,
Mike Gerber

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