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Are You Ready For A Road Trip To A New Health & Wellness Destination?

Then Grab Two Of Your Closest Friends & Come Along For A Fun Adventure For Christian Women!

(Surprise Two Friends with a FREE Gift Event Ticket That Will Help Them Become The Healthiest & Happiest They’ve Ever Been!)

Hi, Coach Liz here, Certified Wellness Coach for Christian Women and your tour guide for the Live Boldly Wellness Road TripTM coaching program. What’s NEW & FUN about this wellness group coaching series is that it's way MORE than just hard-to-find weight-loss information.

Instead, it's a highly interactive experience! Together you'll join us on a several tours as we visit the latest in stress, nutrition, relationships, fitness, and spiritual faith matters.

Plus, it's based upon new health & wellness principles I've developed and dubbed as the Biblical Fitness ScienceTM of wellness. Meaning...I combine biblical truths with cutting-edge biological health science and deliver it in a fun new way so you can achieve wellness success NATURALLY.

As a matter-of-fact, Irene Johnson used the same principles you will learn in the Live Boldly Wellness Road TripTM to overcome depression, lose over 50 pounds, reverse Type II Diabetes (after 15 years), and eliminate allergy symptoms that have bothered her for over 25 years.

Now she's active, enjoying mountain hiking and other daring activities (see video above), has repaired broken family relationships, and overall is simply loving life again! And she'll join us on the road trip so you can learn how she did it...step-by-step.  

“I truly enjoyed how Coach Liz explains the biological workings
of my body that relate to how God created me.
 Nobody has ever taught me biological health science from a Godly perspective.
 That combination was what made all the difference in turning my life around.”
           - Irene Johnson
Los Angeles, CA

Finally, you will have the hard-to-get wellness know-how to order up
your very own life-script and wellness vision plan! Here's your road trip itinerary...

4 More Bonus
Tours Added!

You Get a Total of 12
  Tours To Kick-off Your Road Trip Then Monthly Continuation Coaching To Ensure Success!


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Jump start your road trip with positive energy as we get a pre-departure briefing on what every Christian woman needs to understand to feel valued, purposeful, and beautiful.

What you'll take home...
A crystal clear vision of what you want to create in your life The ability to discover your personal talents & strengths The wisdom of the "Greatest Wonder of the World"           And tons more to keep you motivated!


In this tour you'll get a "Crash Course" on how to develop a hearty healthy lifestyle to avoid woman's heart disease and diabetes. This tour destination takes complex medical science principals and distills it for you in simple-to-understand, clear explanations so you understand 'how' your body was designed.

What you'll take home...

 An understanding of heart wellness, cellular metabolism, etc..
 Learn about inflammation, acidosis, homeostasis, cellular detox
 And oxidative stress, ph-balance, pro-biotics,
          And tons more to keep your cells & arteries healthy!


In this tour destination we’ll hear from Irene and discover how she used these all natural weight-loss methods to lose 51lbs, drop 4 pant sizes, and reverse Type II diabetes by doing things that are natural to the way our bodies are designed. 

What you'll take home... 7 Roadblocks keeping you from losing weight
Heal your relationship w/fitness. Which activities are right for you? 
How to reshape muscle to get toned & feminine not bulky & manly And tons more to keep you feeling strong n' fit!

Learn the principles of a fun, NEW, fitness method I've coined as "Adaptive-Response Body CoachingTM". (Especially for woman 30 extra pounds +.)


In this tour destination we'll stop by the farmers market and learn about powerful foods that will give our hearts, cells, and body nutrients it needs to stay fit and healthy. We'll also learn about some of the most popular herbal supplements.

What you'll take home...

 The understanding of the California "Raw Foods" trend  Knowledge of the most popular herbal supplements  Top 3 factors that increase your appetite immediately
 3 solutions for "out of control" eating And tons more to keep you energized!


In this tour we'll swing by a spa & resort to relax, decompress, and chat about how to stay looking n' feeling beautiful by aging with wisdom & grace. We'll learn new information on what it really takes to keep our body & appearance looking fantastic.

What you'll take home...

Learn how to erase wrinkles naturally Learn the most important topics in nail care An understanding of what causes thinning hair
And tons more to keep you living beautifully!


Your bodies best friend is your mind. What you're thinking directly affects your ability to control your appetite, hormones, and physiology. In this tour we'll learn to rewire our thinking to overcome insecurities, past mistakes, regrets, and fears that are causing you to overeat, get sick, and depressed.

What you'll take home...

 The ability to focus on your “highest & best activities"  How to feel blessed not stressed  How to get around the "roadblocks" of bitterness, worry,
 insecurities, and other stuff holding us back       And tons more to keep you feeling confident!


How can we use our healthy body & minds for God’s benefit? In this tour we'll learn to discover God's purpose for our life according to our talents and spiritual gifts..

What you'll take home...

  How God designed your spiritual life to be an adventure   Incredible clarity that empowers you and excites you   How discovering your spiritual gifts prepares you to fulfill
  God’s purpose 

And tons more to keep you living faithfully!


In this just added destination you'll learn how to repair broken relationships, nurture good relationships, and eliminate toxic relationships related to family, friends, or co-workers.

What you'll take home...

The biblical response to dealing with impossible people How to find love again after a bad break-up
How to deal with broken relationships arguments and divorce
And much more to grow loving relationships!

You will feel more purposeful, more satisfied, more joy in life, and wake up looking forward to another day. Learn to be in harmony with those around you.

Plus, you'll enjoy more peace and sweet complete sleeps because you're becoming more aligned with the way God designed your body.

And of course, you'll become more spiritual and start living confidently to truly achieve the dreams in your heart.

Gift With Purchase: Give (2) of your friends the gift of health & wellness by inviting them along on your new adventure! Included in your purchase is an Exclusive Limited-Use License to share the phone coaching program with two or your friends.

Certified Professional Health & Wellness Coach: Your coach is certified by the #1 wellness coaching organization in the world, Wellcoaches, Inc. Coach Liz is uniquely trained in transformational health leadership to help you accomplish more than you thought possible.

The program is developed in combination of Coach Liz's honors degree in biological science, training as Clinical Exercise Specialist by American College of Sports Medicine, advanced bible-based training in counseling (BSF) and apologetics studies through Biola University.

Plus her practical experiences as a state representative with President's Council on Sports, Food, Nutrition health program "President's Challenge" round out the program to improve your complete health and well-being: physically, mentally, and spiritually. No one else offers this unique combination of coaching!

Web-Based Wellness Activity Center: This is where you & your wellness coach stay on track with your progress. It contains your new wellness vision life plan, all your assessments, logs, health record and internal email to contact your coach directly.

Health & Wellness Program: All you need is a phone line to dial into our special 1800 number wherever you live; anywhere in the world. No computer necessary. Yes, you can use your mobile phone for maximum convenience. 

The group phone coaching special event occurs once-a-week. Between each call you will have 1 week to work on the specific area we discuss. You're never by yourself. You will have fun making progress with your assigned "cheer team" of two other women.

New! iPhone & Android Mobile App: Live Boldly Wellness Road TripTM phone app comes with podcasts on women's common problem areas, wellness resources, explanations on Biblical Fitness ScienceTM, video presentations, and more ways to interact with Christian women in the same life circumstances.

With iphone & Android apps you can keep empowering yourself anytime, anywhere, with real-time updates. Windows coming soon!

The Live Boldly Wellness Road TripTM is not for everyone. It’s an exclusive online community for Christian women who are in a “state of readiness”. Women who are finally ready to get their health, fitness, and life in order so they can discover their God-given purpose, gifts, and talents to make a bigger impact on their family & community.

                   Remember, Sharing is Caring...
So make two of your friends smile today with
a surprise road trip ticket to wellness!

Join us today because the phone technology we use with group phone coaching is limited to 50 people at a time. So don't miss out. February 2012 coaching groups forming now.

You're invited to join me and other Christian women as we explore 12 Key Health & Wellness Destinations that have been holding us back from feeling truly joyful because of the constant problems, misinformation, & changes in our lives!

Buy your road trip ticket below. Membership is regularly $199 a month. For 2012 kick-off you can get a monthly membership for only $97 a monthly.
Cancel Anytime.

(Includes two gift certificates to
make you a hero with your friends)

  Buy Now For January Start Date!

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