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Learn To DJ With Virtual DJ Home

Brand new online video course from Digital DJ Tips gives you the essentials to get from complete beginner to your first DJ gig in just four weeks

Want to be in the DJ box, not looking up at it? With Virtual DJ Home, you can - if you learn the secrets. This course will teach you all you need to know to get the DJ bookings and success you dream of. Pic: Harper/Smith

Well done! In choosing Virtual DJ Home, you’ve got your hands on one of the most powerful DJ programs available today, for free.

Now it’s time to make it pay, by taking the essential training that can fast-track you from absolute beginner to playing your first real DJ gig, in as little as four weeks!

Learn To DJ With Virtual DJ Home is an online video course brought to you by Digital DJ Tips, the makers of the best-selling How To Digital DJ Fast training programme, and is the only Virtual DJ Home training product approved by Atomix, the program’s makers. They know that it offers the fastest, easiest way to start getting DJ success using Virtual DJ Home.

As a new DJ, all your really need is someone who already done all of this to “show you the ropes”. Is it really possible to DJ like a pro using just software, and free software at that? Won’t other DJ’s just laugh at you? How do you assemble a music collection, organise your tunes, prepare your software, learn to beatmatch, get your head around effects, headphones, looping, keyboard mapping, setting up in a DJ booth, successfully play your first gig?

It can take many months of superhuman effort to work this stuff out for yourself. So why not let someone who’s already done it show you the basics?

I can show you all this. Five years ago, I was new to digital too!

I've DJed in some of the world's best nightclubs, and this course takes all of that experience and applies it to Virtual DJ Home.

Granted, I’d already been a professional DJ (running my own night, playing in Privilege in Ibiza, guesting at U2′s nightclub, DJing for Ministry of Sound’s radio station…) for nearly 10 years. But then I realised digital was the future, and knew I had to switch – and suddenly, I didn’t have a clue again! I bought Virtual DJ, and spent many, many months getting proficient. Slowly, through trial and error, I switched to DJing professionally with just my laptop and a copy of Virtual DJ. It was several years before I bought any “real” DJ gear at all!

Since then, as well as DJing in “normal” clubs, I’ve played in some amazing places with my laptop and Virtual DJ – places where you could never DJ with traditional gear: Beach parties, pool parties, impromptu raves, even in hotel rooms!

Along the way I’ve taught hundreds of DJs about every aspect of digital DJing, countless of whom have gone on to get gigs and success for themselves. I continue to help DJs to learn, every single week: my pro video training courses sell hundreds of copies a month.

Please let me introduce myself properly. I’m Phil Morse, DJ and founder of the Digital DJ Tips website. And today I’m happy to announce that I’ve teamed up with Virtual DJ to bring you this exciting new beginner’s training course for Virtual DJ Home.

What I’ve got for you

Me DJing at one of my club nights around the time I was making the switch to digital. I can teach you in just a few weeks.

I’ve drawn on all my DJing and teaching experience to create the essential beginner’s online video course for Virtual DJ Home – an hour and a half of basic tuition, aimed at taking you, the complete beginner, right the way to your first public DJ set, in just four weeks! It’s your shortcut to the life of today’s digital DJ.

This isn’t some slickly produced sales video or rehash of the instruction manual – it’s practical tuition from someone who’s walked the walk and is passionate about sharing the knowledge. Here’s what’s in it:

Course highlights
You’ll start off learning what’s really important when you’ve set your sights on DJing success with Virtual DJ Home, so you can put your efforts where they count I’ll show you the one simple trick that means you won’t have to buy any extra gear at all apart from a simple, cheap cable, in order to set your system up exactly like a pro’s A DJ is only as good as his music – so I’ll show you where to find digital music, as well as give you pro how to build a library tips – whatever your preferred style I’ll show you the essentials you need to know about using Virtual DJ, right from the very basics – you’ll be performing your first mix in minutes! Scared of “beatmatching”? I have a proven method of teaching it! You’ll be able to hold your head high in any DJ company, even with vinyl diehards I’ll teach you some tricks that’ll have you doing in five minutes what DJs used to spend months or even years learning! Want to wow your audience with some advanced DJ stuff? Of course you do! I’ll teach you about loops, cues, and vinyl effects. You can easily use all of these things All of this will have you ready for your first DJ gig in no time. I’ll show you what’s in pro DJ booths and how to set up without errors Finally, I’ll give you practical tips on how to come across like a real pro at your gigs. You’ll look, act and sound the real deal

A DJ says…

“I’ve been using Virtual DJ for many months now but would have loved to have had these videos when I started. It would have saved me lots of time and effort searching through the web and all the rubbish and dead-ends that go with it. Of course there’s YouTube but the quality of the audio or video is never really good enough to help you to understand what they’re trying to get across to you. I really like the lengths Phil has gone to to ensure everything is covered in detail, right down to the keyboard commands so you can mix without spending even more money on a controller that you really don’t need. These videos would have given me the confidence to play out in public sooner.” – James Ekema (“DJ James Pieaterson”), Lymington, UK

This course gives you the specific basic techniques today’s digital DJ needs, plus enough of the timeless essential DJ skills, skills that all good DJs know.

All of it is designed with one goal – to get you, the Virtual DJ Home beginner, playing your first public set – and fast.

A sneak preview…

This is just two minutes taken from one of the ten videos. Just think how much the full 90 minutes of this tuition – which is priced at just $9! – is going to fast-track your success with this software.

A DJ says…

“Learn to DJ With Virtual DJ Home made me think that I could really do it, and that I didn’t need too much gear to do it either. Some of the tips were brilliant – things I never would have thought of myself, but so simple anybody could do them. They would have taken me months or longer to pick up on my own – and even then, some I never would have. I am a mobile DJ and have been playing around with Virtual DJ for a while now. I thought my mixes were good before but after doing the course, I look back on them and see how much better they could have been. I am listening to music in a completely different way. I actually feel like a proper DJ now, and am confident enough to play in a club.” – Nathan Webb (“DJ ThirtySeven”), Sydney, Australia

Full course contents

Video 1: Introduction

Why the course is right for you, how to make the most of it with any kind of music, and tips for getting the best from it. We’ll get you on the right track fast!

Video 2: What You’ll Need

How to making sure your laptop is good enough, plus the lowdown on the simple other bits of gear you’ll need to DJ properly using Virtual DJ Home. Plus the killer secret that one simple DJ cable holds…

Video 3: All About The Music

Why and how pro DJs use iTunes, where to buy music, an amazing tip for free and exclusive tunes, how to organising your music and create DJ playlists.

A DJ says…

“All I can say is WOW! What took me a year to learn by trial and error is summed up in one video course! Many features and shortcuts outlined in the video I never knew of, most were things I knew existed but never paid attention to, not realising they were tools there to simplify things and help me. Without this video course I would probably still be oblivious to them. Any DJ should watch these videos. They not only go through Virtual DJ and its features, but explain about music and the art of DJing too. Organising music is the backbone that helps or hurts DJs, and the course brought that out clearly…” – Darius Harpp (“DJ D”), Atlanta, USA

Video 4: Setting Up The Software

Using your iTunes playlists in the software, using NetSearch to fulfil DJ requests, configuring Virtual DJ Home to work well for you, and other tweaks and tips to get the software ready to use.

Video 5: Your First Mix

How to analyse your tunes, check your sound settings and load a track, plus three ways to quickly move around in your music files, and how to perform your very first mix….

Video 6: Real beatmatching

All about tempo, how to use sync and nudge, what the waveforms mean, and what you need to understand about beats, bars and phrases to leapfrog rookie DJs and start beatmatching like the pros.

A DJ says…

“The information about how to set up your audio output and the accessories needed will save people on a learning curve a great deal of time. After spending countless hours searching for proper tutorials, this online course is 100% the best I have ever seen, and I would recommend it to beginner DJs due to the clear steps from start to finish and how well it prepares you for a very successful first gig.” – Robert Hampton Jr (“DJ LewisLace”), Conway, South Carolina, USA

Video 7: Headphones, Crossfading & Recording

Two ways to use headphones to preview tunes and mixes, two easy ways to use the crossfader, and how to record your mixes (plus why this is so important).

Video 8: Advanced Techniques

You’ll get a demo of creative looping, be shown how to use EQs and filters to aid your mixing, and discover two simple vinyl-sounding effects you can use that are built right in to the software.

You'll learn how to plug into existing DJ gear so you can DJ with Virtual DJ in bars, clubs, lounges and other public venues.

Video 9: Custom mappings

Making Virtual DJ your own! Our introduction to mapping will give you some great crossfader shortcuts including “get-out-of-jail” pro “cut” keys. Plus we’ll show you where to find out more about this absorbing side of Virtual DJ.

Video 10: Your First Gig

You’re ready! We go through what to take with you, how to set up your gear when you get there, conquering first-night nerves, and finally, tips for a successful first set.

A DJ says…

“I would call this video course ‘Virtual DJ 101′! It has saved me time by offering tips on using the database and keeping things uncluttered, as well as explaining how to use keyboard shortcuts and where to go for new music. I now feel a little bit more confident about preventing train wrecks and recovering! I would most definitely recommend the tutorial to whomever wanted to begin DJing, for the simple fact that it touches down on all the basics one needs to know in order to begin spinning – whether for fun or aspiring to do it professionally.” – Victor Fong (“DJ Funky V”), Chicago, USA

Frequently asked questions…

How do I receive my videos? If they’re online, are they mine to “keep” forever?

Yes. You get LIFETIME 100% ACCESS to all ten of these videos to watch online. We give you a unique, personal login that allows you to use them forever, from wherever you want to login – your work PC, home PC, laptop, iPad, smartphone… There’s nothing to download and nothing to lose. (If you ever misplace your login details, it’s easy to request them again.)

Some online videos I’ve seen on YouTube are hard to follow! Are these easy for a beginner?

Of course. We’ve make everything as easy as possible to follow. All videos are HD, with professional sound capture. This course is filmed in an informal, “chatty” tutorial style: We use proper screen recordings, with picture-in-picture shots demonstrating the techniques. The videos step way beyond typical free online demos.

I’ve seen several courses online that claim to teach DJing fast – how is this different?

Apart from being made by Digital DJ Tips, one of the biggest DJ websites in the world, this is the only course designed especially for Virtual DJ Home and approved by its makers, Atomix. It aims simply to show you the essentials so you can play your first gig – from then on, you’ll know more than 90% of new DJs and be in a great position to continue your learning.

Is it good value for money?

We realised there was a need for simple, no-nonsense, value-for-money starter DJ training of the type we’ve created here. Why should you have to pay big bucks to be shown the basics? Hence we’ve priced this so low – just $9 – it’s not even a decision.

A DJ says…

“Although I have printed off the Virtual DJ PDF and trawled through it, it was so much quicker seeing someone explain what to do. Everything is explained clearly which made made starting up so much easier, and the in-video shots are very useful. It makes you want to get stuck in and practise! I already feel like I’m miles further down the road towards DJing properly. I guess the major thing for everyone is confidence, and I would definitely recommend the course for Phil’s easy-to-follow instructions and pure enthusiasm. He explains things so easily and it comes across that he really wants you to do well.” – William Gillis, Kenilworth, England

Is this really the best way to learn to DJ properly? Aren’t you just going to show me tricks that mean in the real world I’ll be “found out” by real DJs?

There’s nothing worse than an awful digital DJ in the corner of some bar, trainwrecking bad-sounding, ill-chosen tunes all night! The whole point of this tuition is to make sure you never, ever be one of those. This course is designed to put you onto the right track and save you time, so you can spend every second really learning stuff rather than getting frustrated.

There are so many styles of DJing, so many types of music and shows. How do I know the course is going to suit me?

If you play music people dance to, this course will suit you. The techniques apply to house, electro and pop, but also to all other forms of electronic dance music (ie trance, techno, dubstep, drum & bass etc), to hip-hop, indie, rock, even wedding-style mobile DJing.

Of course certain skills, such as beatmatching, are more appropriate for certain types of gigs and music, but the vast majority of what’s taught here is applicable to any DJ who gets up and plays music in public. Fact is that if you play music in front of other people, you’ll get plenty from this course, whatever your style.

Who isn’t this course suited to?

If you’re happy to mess around in your bedroom with no real intention of ever playing in front of your friends or the public, then you probably don’t have the dedication necessary to get the best from this course.

On the other hand, if you’re currently DJing successfully in public using digital gear, you’ve probably already spent far too long working out the hard way what’s in these videos. Good for you! (I bet you wish something like this was around when you were learning…)

Otherwise, rest assured that as a beginner with a copy of Virtual DJ Home, hungry for the fast-track to success, Learn To DJ With Virtual DJ Home is perfect for you.

A DJ says…

“I’d definitely recommend the course because you will save time that you can better spend practising your sets. Despite working in IT for my day job, I initially found the Virtual DJ software rather daunting, so I turned to YouTube, but I found the videos unclear and lacking the detail of exactly what was being done. But Learn To DJ With Virtual DJ Home takes you through the necessary functionality at an easy pace. Viewing these videos while playing with Virtual DJ has given me the kick I needed to organise my MP3 collection and get back to DJing!” – Richard D (“DJ Rich D”), Surrey, UK

Ready? Get This Training Now!

[Click here now](http://digitaldjtips.com/dlg/sell.php?prodData=cb%2C3) to buy your lifetime access to these videos for just $9! Here’s a reminder of just some of what the course gives you:

Playing your favourite records in front of an ecstatic crowd, earning money, achieving success and recognition, proving yourself to your friends... whatever you want from your DJing, now is the time to make it happen.

The essential knowledge the complete beginner needs to DJ in public with Virtual DJ Home – fast How to collect and manage an effective DJ music collection How to save a ton of money by buying just one simple DJ cable Fast-track tuition in the essential skills and techniques, right from the very first step (including “proper” beatmatching) A taster of some advanced techniques, which you can use immediately to improve your DJing The know-how to set up and play your first gig in public, with complete confidence
All this is yours for life for $9. That’s all ten videos – 90 minutes of quality, professional, one-on-one video tuition – for just $9.

[Click now](http://digitaldjtips.com/dlg/sell.php?prodData=cb%2C3) to buy instant lifetime access to these videos for just $9 – no waiting or downloading required.


Your 100% no-risk guarantee

We’re sure you’ll be 100% satisfied with our Learn To DJ With Virtual DJ Home online video course. But if you aren’t, we offer a 100% no-quibble, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. If it’s not for you, just tell us within 60 days and we’ll refund your money promptly. That’s our promise to you.

We are only interested in happy customers, so if you’re not happy, just tell us and your money will be returned to you, with absolutely no ill feeling. In truth, we’ll just be glad you had the confidence in us to give it a go.


Remember, there is absolutely nothing else like this on the market today. If you’re serious about learning to DJ with Virtual DJ Home so you can break out of the bedroom and play a successful DJ set in public, you need this training.

[Click here now](http://digitaldjtips.com/dlg/sell.php?prodData=cb%2C3) to buy the course for $9 and gain instant, lifetime access to all ten of these videos – that’s 90 minutes of professional, one-to-one training. And if you’re not completely satisfied? Let us know within 60 days and we’ll refund your money in full, absolutely no questions asked.

Got any questions? Please [contact us](mailto:sales@digitaldjtips.com).

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