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Make everything right


* Wiki
How to date *

* Causes of fears and ability to overcome them.
* Social criteria for choosing a sex partner.
* How to make an acquaintance quick and easy.
* A to Z dating structure with live video examples for each stage.
* Rules of getting a phone number and a first call with video
* Choosing a place for a date.
* Analysis of the common mistakes during choosing a place for a
* Analysis of the common mistakes during the date.
* Touching a girl during the date.
* Ways to find out the ratio of girls to you with illustrative video
* Women's tests. Or how to test a man against he's the right one and
what she can get from him.
* How to overcome tests in a right way and put her in her place.
* The long-term relationship.
* Reasons for relationship breakups.
* Conflicts in a relationship. Ways of their overcoming and
* Woman's secret. Women's tricks and ploys used by women to attach a
man and control a man. Resistance Methods against them.
* The emotional shake for refreshment and sharpening of past
* Bonus part - "Hidden sexual signals" section. Video examples how
woman shows she is interested in you as a sex partner and is ready to
get closer to you.

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