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By John Newell

Dear Career Seeker:

It’s really easy to make that kind of money if you plan the right kind of job and acquire the necessary skills. My book, The Alternative Career Guide for High School Students and Graduates, is going to show you step-by-step how you can change your negative job outlook to a very positive one.

The reason you haven’t done it yet is because you don’t know the jobs that I’m going to describe to you even exist.

My book is going to describe in detail the little known facts about a job sector that is expanding, while just about all the others are contracting.

Worried about layoffs? For you layoffs will be a thing of the past. Unlike service sector jobs your employer has to have you or his company can’t run. With the service sector, once you’re laid off, prospects of getting another job any time soon are dim.

Have you had a boss you can’t get along with? With your dream job rather than hassle you, your boss will handle you with kid gloves because you are so darned valuable to him.

Would you like weekends and holidays off, while many others are working those hours making peanuts?

How about paid vacations? You’ll have more time off than most people.

You can count on steady work. You don’t have to worry about strikes, any kind of work stoppages or, unpaid time looking for new clients.

Benefits: All the health benefits will be lavished on you.

Security: In the very unlikely event that your company goes out of business you’ll have no problem finding another job in a matter of days, not months or even years like most other job descriptions.

All this sounds too good to be true? Read my book and I think you’ll change your mind. Now you can get concise, accurate answers to assist you in your job quest, and get your dream job.

You’ll find the answers with my new e-book, The Alternative Career Guide for High School Students and Graduates.

In its pages you’ll find straight talk about how to find the kind of a job you’ve always been hoping for.
Find the one thing that makes employment in this job sector invaluable to you for the rest of your life. Page 20. Find out what job sector is the best one to get into and has been so for decades. Page 3. What are some employers doing to recruit qualified workers? Page 6. Why do most high school guidance counselors shy away from this field, and why is that a good thing for you? Page 22. See how, unless you’re already wealthy, you’ll become an indentured servant after you graduate from college. Page 26. You’ll have your choice of the various sub-fields that are available to you and you can pick the one that you think is best for you. See page 28. What are some examples of companies in this field across the country? Page 7. See what government and private programs are being implemented to help students in this field. Page 5. See the root cause of the labor shortage in this industry and why it is a spectacular benefit for you. Page 21. What company will not only pay your tuition, but also pay you for 20 hours a week? Find out on Page 9. See why college is not the good deal it used to be. Page 26. Why is outsourcing overseas becoming less attractive for many companies today? Page 17. How you can earn $60,000 to $70,000 and more per year without a 4-year college degree? Page 13. See even more companies returning their operations to the USA from overseas. Page 17. See the criteria of what makes a great job compared to just a good one Page 2. Here’s one of many curriculums to choose from. Page 13. What’s the first step in your job quest? Page 32. What are the three reasons why this sector is more vibrant than ever before and is even projecting a “renaissance”? The answer is on page 3. What’s an “essential” job? Find out on page 31. You can take the benefits that accrue from this program to the bank. See why. Page 30. Where are the most convenient schools for you to get trained in your field? Page 23. What company sponsors a career training course that takes only 40 weeks? Your only cost is tuition which the company will reimburse once you are hired. The tuition is a fraction of what your average university charges and financing is available. Page 11. Some of the states that offer customized training programs and low to no tuition rates are listed on this page. Page 10. The advantages to this program over a college degree are just overwhelming. See for yourself in dollars and cents. Page 28. See just how wide-spread the labor shortage in this industry is on page 6 See page 26 for a description of a very effective teaching method that is universally employed by the schools in this industry. See when U.S. labor costs will converge with China. Page 17. See yet another factor that is at work creating a labor shortage. Page 7. Why do they love military people? Page 11. Is college for you? See page 23. What company is offering a paid intern program at $18 to $20 an hour? Page 9. Receive 38 hours of college credit that you can use toward an associate’s degree and a professional certificate honored throughout the industry. Page 12 The issue of getting hired for the right job for you is addressed on page 2. See the new teaching method the U.S. Chamber of Commerce praised in a recent report. Page 5. What program was given priority for getting into this industry? Page 23. Why is “Made in the U.S.A. becoming more important? Page 17. What are some of the sources companies are using to find qualified workers? Page 4. What state has been promoting this field since the 1960’s, which was instrumental in getting the German car company BMW AG to set up shop there? See page 7. One company sees the retirement of baby boomers as a plus. Page 10.

Every day I get calls and e-mails from high school students, high school graduates, and even college graduates asking me what they can do to find a job. The college grads all have loans and can’t pay them. Things are so bad that employers only want to hire people who already have a job! So if you get laid off, you’re sunk, and your future understandably looks bleak. And even if you have a job you could be one of those people who hate your job—you’re stuck and see no chance for advancement.

“Let not your heart be troubled”, as they say on a popular TV show, because there is something out there that will solve all your job problems. In my e-book The Alternative Career Guide for High School Students and Graduates , you get my plan for starting a successful lifetime career that you can start advancing toward right away, and get all your important questions answered.

And it won’t cost you $5,000, $500, or even $100 to get my plan! That’s because The Alternative Career Guide for High School Students and Graduates has a list price of $59.

But act now it’s yours for only $29 — a savings of $30!

And one more thing…

There’s an excellent chance that the economy won’t improve for at least the next 18 months—and there is no telling if double digit unemployment will end any time soon.

Wouldn’t it be a relief to know that you can make $60,000 to $70,000 a year working at a dream job with no worries about getting laid off?

And now, with The Alternative Career Guide for High School Students and Graduates, you can be on the road to attaining that wonderful feeling of financial security that only my book can give you.

So what are you waiting for?

To order The Alternative Career Guide for High School Students and Graduates for just $29.00, just click on the button below:


The price I’m asking is less than $30, an amount you’d likely spend on unimportant incidentals such as coffee, lunch, the newspaper, etc.

And that’s only if you agree with me 100% that The Alternative Career Guide for High School Students and Graduates has indeed given you “the keys to the kingdom,” that will start you on a real career you can build your financial future on.

If it doesn’t, it won’t cost you a penny. Here’s why:

My 100% Ironclad Guarantee of Satisfaction

That’s right…

I totally guarantee your satisfaction with my new e-book,The Alternative Career Guide for High School Students and Graduates.

If you are unhappy with my book for any reason, just let me know within 60 days.

I’ll give you a full and prompt refund, no questions asked.

That way you risk nothing.

But I urge you to hurry.

The special low price of $29 (a $30 discount off the $59 cover price) is for a limited time only.

And once it expires, it may never be repeated again.

You might be mulling this over, but don’t.

You’re going to want to start your career as soon as possible,and stop worrying about money and your future.

To do that, you must act now.

As soon as you order, we’ll deliver it in minutes via the internet…so you can get started right away.

If you don’t like it, we’ll give you a refund, so reading it costs you nothing.

If you DO like it, ordering it costs you only $29. We reserve the right to raise our price at anytime so don’t delay.

So what are you waiting for?

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