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Girl Gamer Cassie Krush explains how she made a virtual WoW fortunate, and how you can too


Hi I am Cassie Krush, and I know you arrived here because you want to learn how to make WoW Gold. Here is my story.  When  I first came into to the game as an new player after playing several months my character was broke. I didn’t even have enough gold to buy a flying mount or the flight training so I was also stuck leveling as I couldn’t progress in the game. Whenever I listed things in the auction house they very rarely sold and I often had to vendor off anything I had be it green gear drops, things I made or even things I gathered. The concept seemed simple enough just list something at a price you want to sell it for and somebody might buy it, but it just never worked out for me.   I grew frustrated and quit playing for several months. When It came to decide if I wanted to keep my subscription I decided to give the game one last try before I canceled my account.


I scoured the Internet for gold tips and found quite a few, but the thing was most of the tips that turned up were several years old and dated back from when the level caps were 60, 70 or 80 and none of these old tips made me any gold. The first tip I came across was a “can’t fail opportunity” that even non-leveled capped players like myself could use to make some gold. It was to farm companion pets by traveling to various vendors, buy pets from them, and then sell the pets in the auction house. I spent a couple of hours traveling to various zones in the game buying companion pets. I promptly listed all these pets on the auction house and 24 hours later they were all back in my mailbox. The next can’t miss tip I found was to farm a hot item in this particular zone.  I traveled to that zone, and discovered about 10 -15 other players camped there farming. Worse yet they were all from the opposing faction so I spent all my time walking back and forth from the graveyard not farming. And these were the tips that were current.  But all my efforts trying to discover how to make gold were not in vain because I discovered some methods that actually work when I tried them. After countless hours and efforts were spent on experimenting with these gold making methods, I know which methods WORK and which ones don’t work.

So I decided to piece together the methods that WORK into 1 (ONE) single location so that folks like me (such as yourself) who have a hard time making WoW Gold can really do it once and for all, without having to sift through all the garbage (thousands of blogs and forums) just to know which methods work and which methods are up to date.

After the piecing together of my findings was complete, the result is:

Cassie’s Gold Guide

Inside Cassie’s Gold Guide, you’ll discover and learn PROVEN methods that work (I know because I’ve tried and tested them, remember):
How your faction and realm impacts you ability to make gold What Addons are, where to get them and how to install them The best Addons for making gold The best times to buy and sell things in the Auction House The art of undercutting Which Profession’s to choose Which items to craft Where to Farm Cataclysm Era Items What to do if you’re a broke level 1-84 What to do if you’re a broke level 85 How having a high level character helps you earn more gold How to quickly level a character to the current level cap using five different proven techniques

 [](http://www.cassiekrush.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/cassie1.jpg)100% Real Player Produced

As most of you may know most gold guides were written by professional marketers not real players. I am not a professional marketer. I am a real person. Most of the people that wrote those other guides do not even understand why their gold making tips don’t work for most players. My guide was written by a real person. My main resides on a small realm and currently has over 310,000 in gold in her bag using techniques I developed in the Cataclysm era.

And Then There’s More…

Cassie’s Gold Guide is a web based membership, and unlike most Guides it isn’t a cheesy PDF.  It was was written since Cataclysm came out and it is current to the latest Patch 4.3.

So go ahead and [Clicking the Add To Cart button](http://1.ckrush.pay.clickbank.net) below now to start learning how to make WoW Gold yourself. :

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