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Qigong 101

Forget everything you thought you knew about Chi cultivation techniques and begin to understand the real methods behind it. Today through the power of the Internet, I can reveal all the hidden secrets of Qigong Gurus in the flash of an eye at the click of the button below! This amazing information can be in your hands right now.

Nurse Call the Doctor!

Shocked?……You bet I was! Not only did this course deliver on everything it promised but also there were even a few extra surprises inside that were worth the full ticket price themselves. It’s so rare to find things that live up to expectations and claims these days. All I can say is that I’m overjoyed with what this Chi gong course has done for me and my training. It’s simple and practical and if you do the work, you flat-out get results.

Anna Martine

Combining simplicity and power is never an easy thing; however I feel that this new course actually managed to pull it off. In fact, the very manner in which it was designed is almost instinctual in nature, allowing even those who do not like to read the explanatory notes to follow through with ease. Guess what? We took it out for a test run and actually tried it out on a few people who were in our email list to make sure it worked.

We have been selling Qigong courses for several years now and have helped so many seekers unlock the true secrets to building up powerful life force energy called chi, qi, ki, or prana. We have had the pleasure and opportunity to help many individuals fulfill their life long desires in this regard. Learning how to cultivate their chi faster and more powerfully then they could first imagine. Even though we have sold many more expensive courses throughout the years, we wanted to provide an affordable product that could reach everyone interested in improved health and wellbeing. This course does that and more! The exercises are simple and easy to do but are also very powerful. They are designed to get you up and running so that you start feeling chi energy and projecting it right away. If you are looking to learn some of the real secrets of Qigong masters then this is the right course for you. If you are truly ready to learn and have an open mind and positive sincere attitude, we are ready to teach you starting today.

Secrets of the Guru’s Finally Now Revealed within the Develop Your Energy Chi Kung 101 course material.

If you are truly serious about building up your chi, then this course will take you far beyond your expectations. How would you like to learn simple but effective techniques that expand and clean your aura of negative energies and other unproductive influences? How about increasing the power of your third eye and your ability to project a magnify energy through it? How about increasing your body’s’ ability to heal, regenerate, and stay young, healthy and full of vitality? How about personal magnetism, charm or charisma? This course will give you a strong magnetic energy that radiates just like the sun emits positive rays of light on a bright summer day. Your energy will vibrate within you in ways that you simply need to feel and experience for yourself to believe.

One of the problems most people encounter when they start energy training is that they have a really hard time feeling the chi.

I read received so many emails of people complaining to me that they purchased some other course or tried to train with a DVD or manual written a by so-called masters, yet they still can’t feel the energy! Guess what? You are not doing effective Qigong until you can feel the chi! Another thing most people learn sooner or later is that really good Qigong training can be expensive and very hard to find! A weekend of training with a known Qigong master can cost you $3,000 or more and they will not provide you with any additional guidance or assistance. Not with this product.

With our course you will feel the increased power of your third eye and your ability to project a magnify energy through it. You will learn how to really use your mind’s eye to control your energy. This course will give you real tools to feel grow your chi stronger day by day.Within just a few weeks of training you will naturally increase your body’s ability to heal, regenerate, and stay young and vital. This course will give you a strong magnetic energy that radiates like the sun and emits positive energy enhancing your charm, charisma and personal magnetism. People will start to comment about how you have changed or there’s just something different about you now.

We offer a three-month mentorship with this course so rest assure that when you need help there will be someone there to assist you and answer your questions.

You simply will not find a better course for this price! This is your best opportunity to learn proven cultivation methods that will take you to the next level.

When you purchase this course you instantly receive the benefit of our years of practical hands on knowledge for building and changing your spiritual energy body immediately. Seriously, wouldn’t you agree that there is no better time than NOW to uncover the real secrets of many Masters, Sages, and Internal Martial Artist?

This course is designed to increase your spiritual growth known as Shen and help you connect to limitless source of infinite possibility. As you train you will be developing your ability to sense and direct chi with you mind both internally and externally. Imagine just for a moment of being able to think powerful thoughts that manifest in reality with your intent. If you have ever wondered what your full human potential was this course is designed to remove the veil of limitations and prove to you that there is much more to the world than you originally believed. Your perceptions will drastically change and as a result of this so will everything else. Perception is your reality.

Massage therapist and holistic practitioner

Astounding, amazing, and astonishing. At the time that I am writing this it has only been 2-weeks since I bought the material and I am still struggling to wrap my head around what it has done for me already. This probably doesn’t reflect to well on me, but I think that this has really achieved results faster than I can come to terms with. Maybe it’s because I have done some prior training with other energy methods, but I’m really blown away with just how swiftly this method works! My clients are already giving me unsolicited comments about how much stronger my sessions with them are and how much better they feel for days after treatment.


Sharyl Vasquez

Well, I must admit that I didn’t buy this course thinking that it would work for me because I have tried lots of DVD’s and other courses over the years that all failed me. I bought it because I was still a little bit curious and the price was really affordable, but boy was I wrong. After spending so much money on so many products that never gave me any measurable benefit at all, I bought this one on a whim alone, was very half-hearted when I started to train it and then after 2-weeks.BOOM, I could finally feel the chi after all these years! Imagine how surprised I was when the results started to show!

Thank You for sharing such effective material, I’m finally doing real Qigong.


How our products work
This system works by taking some of the more powerful Qigong methods that have survived through oral tradition for thousands of years to build amazing chi power. The exercises selected are easy to put into actual practice and build upon one another. The exercises are combined to create a system that develops you mentally spiritually and physically. Because of the potent combination of techniques, it only takes about 30 minutes of training a day to really start to develop this magical energy on an impressive level. It’s not a magic bullet, you have to do the work.But if you do it, the results are sure to follow. Put simply, it works!
The vast majority of people using these methods get stronger energy and vitality in only a month or less. This is a pretty bold claim to make on any product pertaining to this subject matter. I know from my own personal experience that it usually takes most students six months and often up to several years to really feel the changes that chi gong exercises gain give. This course can grow and advance your Qigong skills efficiently in a manner that is both fast and safe.

As a purchaser of this course you will get concise information (no fluff, just the stuff) that helps to develop your third eye, clear energy blockages, build amazing chi that feels like powerful magnetic waves that you will be able to project at will over any distance, and most important of all, you get three months of FREE mentoring to answer any questions. This will allow you to get help, clarification or trouble shoot anything that comes up in your training.

We are so invested in your success that we are going to give you two extra bonus reports for free. These reports can be used in conjunction with the main course to further enhance its already powerful effects.

Free Bonus #1 ( How to make power energy water worth $25.00 Value)

Learn how to make healing chi water. This report will teach you how to charge water physical objects with chi and will amplify your ability to help heal others with these powerful secrets.

Free Bonus #2 (Chi colors worth $25.00 Value)

This report teaches you how to use color visuals with chi projection in order to get different healing effects with your chi. Color therapy is itself a powerful science and when used properly, these frequencies of light can improve health and healing. In this report, learn how using different color visualizations while projecting your chi can give you some unbelievable healing results. If you have ever wanted to know the secrets of powerful energy healers, then this is your best opportunity to find out. The coveted secrets of Qigong healing methods are at your fingertips in this concise report.

At developyourenergy.com we have dedicated our lives to cultivating the life force for the benefit of others and ourselves. As a long time energy practitioner myself, I can truly say that I really didn’t know how much control was in my very own hands. Once my teacher got this through my thick skull, my own reality changed dramatically and I became dedicated to leaning all I could about Qigong and energy healing. When you have strong Chi, combined with even just a little belief or faith and a positive emotional attitude, things like THE SECRET or manifesting things into your life, really come alive in magical ways.

Free Bonus #3 (Electro-Magnetic Chinese Therapy Balls)

This report tells you how to use and obtain Chinese Therapy balls also known as Baoding balls that will energize you hands and blood like CRAZY! This is really a complete Qigong course in and of itself, worth several times the cost of admission. Sifu Ferrera has discovered that by replacing the traditional bell ringing balls with two special spheres, one magnetic and the other dielectric, that you can energize your hands blood with micro-electricity and magnetism! Everyone that has experienced this for themselves are shocked by how effective this simple practice can be. You can even do it watching TV.

Testimonial from Two pranic Masters

Dan’s Electro-Magnetic BaodingTherapy Balls add an extra dimension to the therapeutic experience… Strong magnetism, coupled with themicro-electrical effects, create a powerful sensation that even my skeptical friends have been able to feel.

The magnet is strong enough to pull the iron in your blood, which even most skeptics can feel it…

After just a few minutes of practice with these things, I feel an invigoration that simply is not possible with conventional Baoding Chinese therapy balls.

The magnetic effect seems to really amplify the micro-circulation within the hands, which turn a bright healthy pink very quickly, and the electrical effect between the magnet ball and the copper ball also produces a more powerful pull across the motor and sensory nerves of the hand, as well as an invigorated sensation of the nerve and meridian pathways running into the body.. I never thought much about the traditional therapy balls, but these things are in a league of their own!

Tao Semko

We give you: Effective, Easy, Powerful techniques combined smoothly together to build energy quickly. Simple enough, right? You bet it is, and buying it is really just as simple! It’s really quite funny to imagine that unlocking all of these ancient secrets can be done in an instant these days, just click on the link and in a flash, it arrives today! You get a PDF download with all the necessary information.

P.S. Qigong practice is cumulative, so your brightest future still awaits you. Every feature contained within has been tailored to ensure the best possible outcome for your work and effort. Start filling up your energy bucket today. Harness your full potential and take your first steps forward into an exciting new world that is full of inspiration, limitless potential and mystery again.

Best wishes.

Sifu Dan Ferrera and Keith Batiste


ClickBank will, at its discretion, allow for the return or replacement of any defective product within 60 days from the date of purchase. For recurring billing products, returns for more than one payment may be provided if requested within the standard 60 day return period. After 60 days all sales are final.


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Sifu Dan Ferrera Qigong Class


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All of our courses are pdf downloads with some having audio and video files that go along with them. There are no refunds on any course EXCEPT the Qigong 101 course. Most of these courses assume you have some rudimentary knowledge of chi except the Qigong 101 course. If after the Qigong 101 course you feel nothing and want a refund we can arrange to do so.


There are no medical claims pertaining to the healing capabilities of these items or exercises. It is recommended that in all cases of disease, injury, sickness, etc. that the aid of a licensed health practitioner is obtained and that you follow their suggested treatment. This information is being made available for your personal and experimental purposes only and therefore absolutely no claims of healing and/or curing disease are made herein, expressed or implied. Remember, it is against the law to diagnose or make any claims that you may heal another person by any means whatsoever unless you have this privilege granted to you by law

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