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The only way to win the stock market game is to buy stocks when other people are selling and to sell stocks when other people are buying.

Here, you can find new short-term trading strategies to play against the crowd. We are trying to buy or sell stocks one day before the other people do.
The Average Quarterly Returns of the Trading Strategies
Year Basic Strategy Low Risk Strategy Sell-Short Strategy
Combined Strategy
(Basic + Sell-Short) Dow Jones NASDAQ-100 1996 99 37 25
62 6.0 9.3 1997 82 51 30
56 5.4 5.5 1998 46 38 49
47 4.4 17.5 1999 130 96 51
90 6.0 20.6 2000 43 49 104
74 -1.5 -8.8 2001 12 8 45
28 -1.0 -2.5 2002 3 2 21
12 -5.3 -11.2 2003 8 2.4 11
9.5 4.8 9.3 2004 -1 2.5 6
2.5 0.8 2.3 2005 6 7 13
9 0 1 2006 0.5 5.4 6.2 5.7 3.5 2.2 Average 39 27 33
36 2.1 4.1 Risk/Return 1.17 1.11 0.93
0.88 1.8 2.4
The average quarterly returns are the arithmetic means. All returns are in %%. Transaction cost (brokerage commissions + bid/ask spread) = 0.5% is taken into account.

The developed trading strategies had larger returns and lower risk/return ratios than the market averages.
More statistical data you can find on the [Long History](http://www.stta-consulting.com/HISTORY_FILES/history_file_c1-o4.htm) page. For the latest trading results see the [Recent Picks](HISTORY_FILES/recent_performance.txt) page.

What we can do for you We provide information about statistical methods of stock trading, return and risk, managing trading capital, using stop and limit orders, and much more.

Elena Ilina
Service Manager
Hi, I am Elena.
I've been working at STTA Consulting since 1999. I am a mathematician and I am always ready to answer your questions about our stock trading strategies.

[Write me now](mailto:service@stta-consulting.com)
I will gladly try to help you.
Every day before the market opening we publish the lists of potentially bullish and bearish US and Canadian stocks. We use these lists to buy and sell stocks following our strategies. To test the strategies you need to subscribe to our service. For busy people we have developed Busy People Trading Strategy (BPTS). We use this strategy when we are not able to watch the market during day time. We also perform the daily analysis of the market and industry indices. The list of bullish and bearish index components is published daily ("Analyze Indices" Service)

 more about it [Basic Trading Strategy](TS/basic.htm) Based on the daily list of potentially bullish stocks. A trader should buy 2 selected stocks from the list and sell them in 3 days. [Low Risk Trading Strategy](TS/low-risk.htm) Based on the same list but stock selection method is different. The number of trades is less than for basic strategy but return per trade is larger. Quarterly return of this strategy can be lower than for the basic strategy because of smaller number of trades but risk/return ratio is smaller. [Sell-Short Trading Strategy](TS/ss.htm) Opposite to the Basic Strategy. Based of the list of potentially bearish stocks. A trader holds stock 2 days. [Combined Trading Strategy](TS/combined.htm) Using Basic and Sell-Short strategies simultaneously. [Busy People Trading Strategy (BPTS)](TS/bpts.htm) Based on a special list of bullish stocks. To buy or sell stocks one can use limit or market orders which can be placed before the market opening. [Canadian Stock Trading Strategy](TS/canada.htm) Similar to the Basics Strategy but for the Canadian stocks. [Trading Tips](TS/tips.htm) Some advices based on our trading experience. [Discussion Club (New Ideas](DISCUSSION/ideas.htm)) Our members write us about our strategies. This is what we expected when we decide to publish this site. Thank you. [Internet Journal (New Trading Ideas)](http://www.basicsoftrading.com) Various articles (including articles from STTA Consulting) about various trading and investment methods, market timing, and market statistics. [E-Book. Short-Term Trading Analysis](http://www.stta-consulting.com/text-level-2/text-level-2.htm) Full description of our strategies, detailed statistical research. [E-Book. How to Win the Stock Market Game](http://www.basicsoftrading.com/contents.htm) Read about analysis of trading, risk and returns, managing trading capital, using stop and limit orders, and much more.

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1 month Trial Service ($5) is available.
You will be able to download daily lists of stocks to test all our strategies. [Click here](http://www.clickbank.net/sell.cgi?daragan111/4/FullServiceTrial)

The daily stock lists can be used for testing our strategies, for daytrading, and for determining starting points for long-term investing.
Our service is an informational/educational service for online trading. Do you own research before any trading decisions.

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