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Web Marketing Sucks But You Can Still Make A Buttload of Money on the Internet


I'm Sick of the Internet Marketing Hype, Aren’t You?

"Internet Marketing Sucks!"
It's the Worst Way On
Earth to Make a Living!

There I said it! I
mean it's frustrating isn't it? You've read all the guru's
crap, you've tried everything they've told you and yet you're still not
making beans right?

As they say..."Don't believe the hype!"

With all due respect to that "Make
a Million Dollars Sitting at Home in Your Underwear" Dude--IT'S
(In fact I've often sat at home in my
underwear and I've never received a check for doing that.
Not even once!)

Look there's no two ways about it, work sucks! But unless
you're a Rockefeller or Carnegie, you still gotta pay the bills right?
That's where Making a Living on the Internet
comes in--If you do it right, you
can make a ton of dough.

So what I'm saying is...

"Internet Marketing
is the Worst Way to Make a Living...

When I think about all the other jobs that I've done and how much I
got paid it just makes me sick. I've worked in hot and dirty factories
for minimum wage. I did 22
hour shifts as a cab driver.
Then I got in the corporate world
and still worked my butt off. Soon I was top salesman and
got promoted to sales manager. Then I was made director
of marketing for one of the top websites in the industry.
I was running the Google Adwords and Overture (now
Yahoo Search Marketing),
I did the company's SEO and got top rankings for hundreds
of pages. But
then it hit me... "Dude you're making this company Millions
and you don't get a share of it--This SUCKS!"
That Was When I Decided to Stop Making
My Boss Rich, and to Start Making Myself Rich Instead!
So I started to promote few affiliate programs. I learned all I
could about internet marketing. And you know what? I LOST MONEY
but I didn't give up!
But I'll never forget the thrill I felt when I saw
my first affiliate commission. I was absolutely jumping
around the house. It was freaking amazing! I actually got paid
for basically doing nothing.
Then the thrills kept coming--my first $50 day,
my first $100 day, my first $500 day! Man I was blown away. I really was. I was just doing this
in my spare time after I came home from my "real job."
Eventually I was making enough income
on the internet that I told my boss to "Take this job and shove
My income increased and the thrills kept coming.
Then there was $1605.89...a number that changed my
life forever! $1605.89
was (at that time) the most money that I had ever made in a single day.

Here's the magic day where I made $1,605.89. This was just one day with one affiliate program but it changed my life forever!

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks...
Can you imagine that? How would that
make YOU feel? Would
that just change your life forever?
Seriously, other than a couple days to set
up the affiliate program, I really hadn't done a damn
thing to earn that money. Here I was running
around town, hanging out at the beach, and goofing off with friends, and
I'd just make a cool $1,605.89 in a single day! It blew my mind!
Talk about changing your life.

I'd never made that kind of money before, my father had
never made that kind of money before, and I don't think anyone
in my entire family had made that kind of money before. It was truly
humbling and amazing at the same time.
My life was changed
forever and I never ever, ever, ever, wanted to work a J.O.B.
again in my life.

Never wake up at 5am and fight traffic.
Never struggle to pay bills.
Never argue with my
wife about money.

As it turns out, you can't keep this sort of thing secret. Your
friends and family see you've changed. They see
you don't go to work at 5am anymore.
They see you take more vacations. They
see you buy nice things for yourself. They see
you've moved into a nicer place. They see all of this and
they start to ask "why." They start
to ask "how."
Some folks get a little jealous and some
even get hostile! They're pissed they're still working at the at the
boring 9-5 they hate. They
dread every day of their working life and they start to
take it out on you, telling you that you're not really
working or that you must be doing something dishonest or illegal!
(My own aunt actually blamed me for the spam in her email!
What's up with that?!)

But thankfully, some folks see what I
do as a ticket to a whole new life.
They've asked me to help them. They've asked me to teach them.
And so I have.

So let me ask you...Do you want to make money on the
internet? Are you going to stake a claim to
YOUR PIECE of the internet pie? Are
you going to do what it takes to start making a good living right now,
or are you going to be one who dreams of freedom but just
sits on your butt and doesn't do a damn thing about it?
The choice is yours. Like the commercial says "We're
looking for a few good men (or women). The Few, The Proud, The Internet
I can teach you what I've learned about making money on the internet.
I can show you the mistakes I've made so you don't have to.
I can save
you lots of wasted time and money. You can learn from me and
take a shortcut to wealth, or you can take years
to figure it out on your own. The choice is yours.
--I'm NOT offering you some goofy "money making
system" that
only works for a couple months.
--I'm NOT offering you some "magic software" to fool
the search engines for a few days.

--No Tricks, No Junk.
Just the knowledge and information that's
taken me many years, tons of money, and much trial and error to figure
out--what I've
found to work and not work on the internet. I'm giving you
a foundation of knowledge to build your internet empire on.
I'm not gonna lie to you, it takes work. (Like
anything worthwhile.) And anyone telling you differently is full of it!
once you know how you
too can look forward to making more money than
you used to in a whole paycheck! And that's what I want to help
you with.
I don't want to be too "hypey" cause that's just not
my style. But I have to be honest with you...I'm so excited about this
business and how it can change people's lives that I can't help myself

I am truly stoked about what I've put together for you. I know
the info in this package can truly change your life if you let it (like
it did mine).
Here's Just Some of What You'll Discover...
(Get even more details further down the page.)

How to cut through all the crap and hype that you hear from the
marketing gurus
discover what you do best and how it can make you more money
learn how to make this a real business and not just a short-term
money maker
How to NOT get bogged down with "Information Overload"
The in's and out's, pros and cons of Making Money

Fast Money with Affiliate programs
Blogging for Cash
Selling on Ebay
Yahoo and Other Online Stores
Selling/Making Your Own Products
Profiting from Google Adsense

Driving Massive Traffic to your site

The way of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Pay Per Click Advertising
Unraveling the Mysteries of Cloaking
Building Your Own Money-Making Network

Plus at Least 20 More Ways that your competitors almost never use

How to use “Black Hat” techniques to drive massive
Important sales and marketing techniques
Specific business practices that result in higher profits
Leveraging your time to multiply your bottom line
The power of outsourcing
Putting the whole plan together
The software I personally use to make $10's of thousand of dollars
every month
And much, much more...

I'll share all I know about the mindset and tools it takes to make it
in this business. I won't BS you or try to sell
you things that don't work. I'll be honest and straight
with you and I'll help you succeed.
I've Prepared Over 5-1/2 Hours of Content
for you (that's 7 MP3's) ***PLUS a special
resource page with more tips and dozens of tools I personally use
to make $$$.
All you have to do it listen to the MP3's and
then apply the lessons to your business. What could be easier?
And since these are MP3 audio's you can
listen on your computer,
put them on your walkman and listen while you're jogging
or at the mall, you can listen to them in your car,
or just play them from your stereo or computer speakers while
you hang around the house.
The point is that this offers you the most flexibility. You don't have
to sit in front of your computer and spend hours reading every word. You
can just learn as you go about your normal day. Simple!
So by now I guess you're asking...
"What's this information gonna cost me?"
"Do I have to sell a kidney to afford it?"
"Will I have to take out a second mortgage?"
No Way! I told you that my goal was to help YOU to
become rich. It's not about me making a ton of dough.
I already make enough in my internet businesses.
Look, the world is stacked against the little guy like you and me. Big
corporations own and control almost everything. People's wages are
falling while the corporate fat-cats are getting richer and
cutting jobs. It sucks and folks like you and me are getting squeezed.
This is your chance to fight back. This is your chance to stake
your claim. This is your chance to make a lot of money. Internet
marketing is the best and fastest way that I know of to make a ton
of dough and start enjoying
the life that you deserve. And like I said, I want to
help you to get there.
That's why I'm practically giving away all of this information for only
$47! You get all the benefits
of my years in this business and all I've learned for only 47 measly bucks.
I've spent 10's of thousands of dollars buying courses from some
of the greatest minds in internet marketing. I've gone to their seminars,
read their books, and absorbed their knowledge and wisdom.
And that's why I know I could sell this information for
hundreds of dollars if I wanted to. (In fact I've paid
over $1000 for less information myself.) But like I said, I'm
tired of all the hype, over priced products,
and people getting ripped off. That's why I'm letting
this information go so cheap. Simple as that.
Look, if this saves you from buying just one
worthless, over-priced, over-hyped product from one of the
self-proclaimed "internet
gurus" then you're already ahead of the game. If
what I teach you saves weeks or months of trying
to figure it out yourself isn't that worth
it? Of course it is. The sooner you
get started, the sooner you'll be on your way to the life of your dreams.
I'm so confident you'll LOVE this information
that I'm
giving you an 8 week, no hassle, no hard feelings guarantee.
If you don't learn from me then you deserve a refund. And
you know what? I'll
even go one step further and say you can keep all of the MP3s anyway.
What have you got to lose? Absolutely Nothing!
And what do you have to gain?
Knowledge, experience, and the path to a whole new life!
As a Reminder, Here's Some of
What You'll Discover in My 5-1/2
Hour, 7-MP3 Audio Learning Program.

Audio #1

Why Web Marketing Sucks (But how you can still make Buttloads
of money)
Cutting through the internet marketing hype
The truth about internet marketing "Gurus"
The truth about all the Junk they try to sell you
How to avoid "Information overload"

Audio Lesson #2
Using Your Experience, Strengths, and Talents to Conquer
Your Market

Tools to figure out your core strengths and talents
Leveraging Your strengths to beat your competition
Making money from what you already know
How to know if your hobbies and passions can be profitable
What NOT to worry about when analyzing yourself
Leveraging your strengths to build a real business
Discover how to choose the best business strategy based on
your Personal strengths
Why the 80/20 rule should be your guiding light
Much more about using your strengths and talents to grow your

Audio Lesson #3
Exploring The Top Ways to Make Money Online
Learn the Pro's and Con's of These Money-Making

Online Stores (Including Yahoo Stores)
Google Adsense/Yahoo Publisher Network
Affiliate Marketing (Promoting other people's products)
Creating and Selling Your own products
how to choose the best strategy for you

Audio Lesson #4
Finding Markets, Niches, Customers, and Keywords

Brainstorming to find profitable niches
The best tools for niche and market research
The specific traits that determine a potential money-Making market
Why the most common business idea is a mistake
How to evaluate potential customers
How to determine if a niche will be profitable
The exact numbers to look for when evaluating a niche
Testing potential customers to see if They'll buy
Discovering exactly what your customers want
The best tools for keyword research
finding the profitable keywords your competitors miss
Exploiting the "Long tail" of your market
hidden Secrets of keyword research that most don't know
More, more, more...

Audio Lesson #5
Driving Massive Traffic to Your Sites
Just a few of the methods we'll cover:

PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Cloaking (The secret technique the "Big boys" use but
most know nothing about)
Harnessing the power of video to drive rabid customers to your site

Plus nearly 20 other unknown or unused ways to drive massive traffic (Ways
most of your competitors never even thought of!)

Audio Lesson #6
Leveraging Your Time for Huge Profits

Exploring time and why you're not valuing yours enough
How to calculate the exact dollar amount your time is worth
What you should NEVER do as a success business person
A step by step worksheet to reaching your income goals
Maximizing your personal value
How to waste less time and be more successful
The Specific mindset that will drive your income through the roof
the power of outsourcing for fast growth and profits

More tips and strategies to multiply your efforts and income...

Audio Lesson #7
Putting It All Together for a Successful and Profitable

the strategies for business and personal success
constructing your own step-by-Step Profit plan
tiny changes that lead to huge Incomes
Finding and valuing your greatest business asset
simple testing to catapult income
The most important thing that you need to do right now
Why the smartest don't always win (But how you can!)
Putting the pieces together for a money-Making plan
And more, more more...

So there you go. That's the deal.

-No Hard Sell
-No Bribery
-No Pictures of Mansions
-No Pictures of Fast Cars
-No 15 bonuses That You Wouldn't Use Anyway
Just Rock-Solid Information That Can Help You Make Bank.

So I guess the bottom line is, are you in or not?
+Are you ready to change
your life?

+Are you ready start making a living
Then lets go. What are you waiting for?
If You're Ready to Learn Then Click This Link And
Get Started Now!
You can download this HUGE 5-1/2 hour, 7-MP3 Course
right now for only $97...$77...
And Remember, You Get My 8 Week No Hassle Money Back Guarantee.
If You're Not Happy For Any Reason, I Insist You Ask For A Refund!
You Can Download the Files Now and be learning
within five minutes.
But if you decide not to order then I guess you're already
making enough money right? That's cool! I'm super happy
for you! You've obviously done well for yourself.
But seriously...Are you
really making all the money you want or are you just hesitating because
you're not sure? If that's the real reason that's
cool too. I completely understand.
It's like I said in the beginning, there's
so much hype and BS in this business that sometimes you don't know
what to believe. But remember, you get my 8
Week, no hassle, money-back guarantee. No
sweat, no hassles, no problem. If this course is not for you then I want
you to have your money back! It's as simple as that.
So if you want to check it out and give it
a listen go ahead. Take your time, listen to the 7 audio's, and if you
decide they're not for you then I'll happily give you a quick refund.
No hard feelings--seriously.

I've put
this package together to help you, to teach you, and to give you information
you need to make a lot of money on the internet. Do you want to
take advantage of and leverage all I've learned over the
years, or are you going to take months or years trying to figure it out
on your own? It's Up To You.
Just Click Here To Learn How Internet Marketing Can Be Your Ticket
To A Whole New Life.
Like I said at the beginning...
"Web marketing sucks but you can still
make a buttload of money...once you know what you're doing!"
That's what I want
to help you with. So maybe someday when someone
asks you if you're rich, you can smile just like I did all those
years ago.
Take care, good luck, and here's to your success!

Your New Life Can Start Now. Or Not. It's All Up To You.

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"Web Marketing Sucks
But You Can Still Make a Buttload of Money!"

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