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What is the biggest problem with online social networks and magazines?

They allow you to post and read about lifestyles... and that is where
it ends for most of you.
But what about getting you involved and surrounding you with people of
like mind?


Have you ever asked yourself.... Why can't I find a place that will
help motivate me and invite you to places that can help jump start
something great in your life? Why can't I find a website that combines
an online magazine, with a classy social network? Why couldn't I get
that chance to party at The Playboy Mansion, get backstage at
concerts, or get invited to VIP and Celebrity events, instead of just
reading about it all the time, or entering some contest?

So, why are you wondering why all the time?
The answer is simple... just join The Gentlemen's Association

With an all star team of Executive Directors like, Mick Fleetwood
(Fleetwood Mac), Bob Beaudine (author, The Power of Who), Norm Johnson
(NFL), Chris Barron (Spin Doctors), Dr. E.Lee Spence (renowned
underwater archeologist and treasure hunter), Chef Massimo, Julie Dern
(Academy of Etiquette and Protocol) and others... We have created an
online experience, that reaches far beyond just an online experience.
It's networking at it's finest.

Can I join the GA for FREE?
Of course you can, as an you will be able to enjoy our online groups
such as: Shipwrecks, Chef Adams Masterclass, Equestrian World, The
Actors Network, Etiquette and Protocol, Celebrity News and
Entertainment, Screenwriters and others. Or, start your own group or
forum and surround yourself with people who want to share your

You can also read great articles by our staff and other members like:
luxury lifestyles, the gentlemens guide, fashion, cooking, networking,
eventing and more. Create your own profile page, make friends around
the world, post on pages, upload your pictures, videos, and resume.
Basically the same features you get on other social sites.

Make the most of your membership and become a GAI member?

Get all the features of a FREE associate member, but when you become a
GAI member, you will receive your GA lapel pin and membership card,
getting you discounts in our store and other businesses, access to our
Charter Clubs and more.

You will also received an enhanced profile page, allowing you to
maintain your own blog within your personal profile and create up to
10 sub pages with in it. You will also not only be able to upload and
maintain a Resum/CV, but now you can post jobs and search prospective
employees in the career center. You will also be able to take online
courses through our GA University, coming in 2012.... and that's just
what you can expect online.

You will also start to receive exclusive invitations to some of the
biggest events and parties around the world, that will put you in
front of some of the biggest movers and shaker in their industry. Get
backstage to shows, attend parties at the Playboy Mansion, attend VIP
and Celebrity Events, Professional workshops, and much more. So what
are you waiting for? Take that next step and open up a world of
opportunity and add a little more fun into your life today, for only
$149.99 per year That's $50.00 off the regular price, just for signing
up through this offer.

Upcoming Events: Playboy Mansion Kandy Masquerade, NFL/NBA Celebrity
Golf Tournament, MLB Banquet, Meet and Greet with Mick Fleetwood and
friends, Premier seats for Prince w/ after party, Access to the MTV
Music Awards and more

*Disclosure: We do not make any guarantee on meeting celebrities,
getting guaranteed access to events not promoted on the GA.com, or
improving your financial or social standing. Like anything else in
life, this site works a lot like your wallet does... you only get out
of it, what you put in it. Membership is processed on a per year basis
and your re-enrollment will be automatic billed at $199.99 per year
there after, unless you contact us to cancel at By accepting a
membership with The GA you agree to our terms and conditions. All
sales on The GA.com are final and no refunds will be granted after we
process your transaction.

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