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"Mac and Cheese Around The World"

Dozens of Easy-to-Make Mac and Cheese Recipes From All Over The Globe Celebrating The World's Most Beloved Comfort Food!

Do YOU or someone you know LOVE Mac and Cheese? You aren't Alone.

Literally MILLIONS of people world wide call Mac and Cheese their favorite food. There's nothing quite like a piping hot helping of tender noodles topped with delicious thick cheeses. Mac and Cheese is the perfect dish for lunch, dinner, and even a breakfast mainstay.
Learn how to make Mac and Cheese using terrific recipe ideas from all over the world.

Spice up your Mac and Cheese with sliced olives like the MoroccansAdd hearty ground beef like they do in EgyptConsider India's favorite Mac and Cheese covered in garlic, cayenne pepper, and enough spices to start anyone's enginesEnjoy Israel's Mac flavored with butter, mustard, and even frozen peas
Plus, lovers of Pure Mac and Cheese will be delighted by this book's many simple, straight-forward recipes. They get down to yummy basics with EASY combinations of noodles, favorite cheeses, and just the right amount of pepper or spice.

You see, Mac and Cheese is considered a classic entrée the world over. While legend has it explorer Marco Polo carried Mac and Cheese from Italy to the Orient, strong evidence shows our favorite dish was already in use in Greece, North africa, and China way back to 3100 B.C.!

You wouldn't go wrong calling Mac and Cheese the food that made the world. Mac and Cheese was probably on the menu for the building of the Pyramids, the invention of Mathematics, and the creation of Science. No wonder you love Mac and Cheese so much!

"Mac and Cheese Around The World" includes dozens of proven, delicious recipes from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and all parts of North America.

Philippines -- Individual Nutty Bechamel and Apple Macaroni and CheeseThailand -- Macaraoni and cheese with Tart Sweet ApplesAustralia -- Down Under Macaroni and Cheese and Nutty Vegan Mac and CheeseEngland -- Cheesy Macaroni with Mushrooms and TrufflesGermany -- Easy Cherry Tomato Mac and CheeseItaly -- Quattro Formaggi and ZitiScotland -- Scottish Macaroni and Cheese Soufflé
And Many, Many MORE!!

PLUS, author N. Curtis has included an impressive and varied selection of recipes from all regions of the United States. Enjoy the High Plain's "Easy No-Bake Hamburger Mac and Cheese," the Midwest's "Cheap and Yummy Mac and Cheese Dinner," and New England's "Sea Food Mac and Cheese Extravaganza."

Best of all, N. curtis has taken great effort to make sure each and every recipe uses ingredients that are widely available in YOUR local grocery store. You won't have to board a plane to the tropics to find everything you need to make great Mac. ALL the ingredients are available just about EVERYWHERE.

Eating well doesn't mean spending a lot or working all afternoon in the kitchen. Make your next meal a spectacular celebration of the world's most beloved comfort food -- Mac and Cheese.

Purchase, download, and start enjoying "Mac and Cheese Around The World"

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Wow! I didn't know all of these countries made mac and cheese. It's a cool compilation. Love it!
Sarah W.

My husband and kids love it. They keep bugging me about which country I'm making next LOL. This ebook is pretty great ♥
Melissa R.
Wife/Mother of 3

I actually work in a restaurant and I didn't know there were so many countries that made it. I've tried out a few and they taste good. Good job, man.
Raoul M.

Really Easy and fun to look through all the recipes. It's my favorite food and now I can put new twists on it. Thanks!
Administrative Assistant


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