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We proudly stand behind our product which is why we offer a "love it or it's free"guarantee. This means, if for any reason you're not happy with your purchase, simply email us for a full refund, no questions asked.

Here is what others are saying about the Food Crisis Survival guide:

"This is a great product and something that every family needs. We cannot rely on the government to help us anymore and we now must help ourselves. I am very happy with my purchase of the Food Crisis Survival and am happy to recommend it to others."

James Cardel - j.cardel@xxxxxxxxxx.net

"Such an interesting guide. I mean, I have some canned fish and other products but I now know it's simply not enough. I wasn't taking this seriously enough before, but now I can relax knowing my family will get food in any type of crisis"

Gary - xxxxxxxx@optusnet.com.au

"Excellent guide and I love the bonus products too. Will recommend to others"

Kim Gardener- Kimmyg@xxxxxxxxxx.org
A summary of whats included
from Surviveafoodcrisis.org

Food Crisis Survival Guide

The ultimate guide to surviving any food crisis. Discover the 42 items that sell out first and how you can store these items to keep them fresh for when they're needed. This guide is jam packed with information that will protect you and your loved ones from the looming crisis.
Off Grid Power backup
Value: $37 (you get it free!)

This essential guide is going to show you how to setup an off grid power storage system.

This will give you enough energy to run light, power a fridge and charge your cell phone and other devices.

Not only is this a must have guide to survive any crisis but if you want power when your camping with your family, this will show you how its done. ------
Survival Gardening
Value: $17 (you get it free!)

Survival food will keep you alive when a crisis hits but eventually, it will run out. The Survival Gardening guide will ensure you have a constant flow of nutritious and tasty food for long after the crisis.

You will get plans to build a garden that requires very little maintence but will support you, your family and even your neighbours. ------
DIY Water Purification
Value: $19 (you get it free!)

Drinking tap water in times of a crisis is risky, especially in a flood. Drinking water can become contaminated and if consumed, you can get very ill.

It's very important you have access to clean drinking water. That's why we are including the DIY water Purification guide at no extra cost. This guide valued at $19 will show you how to build a quick an easy water filtration system that will make water much safer to drink.


Thank you for watching my video and your interst in the Food Crisis Survival Guide.

To a safe future,


P.S. We can only offer the 3 bonus products for free for a limited time. These products have been added as a bonus due to popular demand but will soon be sold separately at the listed price.

To secure your purchase and get the bonus products for free please order now.



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