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From an early age to late in life people tend to accumulate
paraphernalia and all sorts of bits and pieces. Often certain items
may spark an interest and a collector is born. It may be a gift or
something seen and bought for no particular reason. This inclination
to collect pretty or unusual items regularly manifests itself often in
the branch OF TOY COLLECTIBLE items which is a fascinating sphere and
can lead to a lifelong passion.

Antique and modern day toys are charming and often related to events
or discoveries which impacted and played their part in shaping the
history of mankind. This sphere is so diverse that it is impossible to
collect across the board. If a person is starting out as a serious
collector it is advisable to research their field of choice. Our
eBook, Secrets of Successful Toy Collecting: It's Not Just Kid Stuff
is a great great resource for your collecting.

Comprehensive eBooks on Toy Collecting are filled with interesting
facts, information and colorful pictures to help in identifying
particular items. Estimated and realized prices are listed in these
references which enable a person to determine value ranges when buying
or selling.

In the world of toy collectable items anything dating further back
than the 1950s is considered antique. There are examples in museums
and private collections of toys made centuries ago which are very
rare. Most modern day collectors tend to concentrate on the last 150
years when adding to their existing collection.

Amongst the larger toys most collected one finds dolls and their
clothing, teddy bears, trains and other various types of vehicles.
Smaller item collections include Disney figurines, marbles, tea-sets,
baseball and numerous types of specialty cards. Barbie dolls are
popular collector's items and are often inspired by the first Barbie
dolls a little girl may receive. Toys in their original packaging and
clothing are sought after items and normally command high prices.

Teddy bears have always held a special niche in this discipline. From
antique Steiff and Russ bears of a century ago to the popular Winnie
the Pooh and Paddington bears there are many to choose from. All these
bears range in size and are dressed or specially made to commemorate
seasons, festivals and great occasions in history and often only made
in limited editions.

Toy train and other motorized methods of transport collectors go to
great lengths to complete their collections of any particular era or
range of models. Vintage models are quickly snapped up when they come
up for sale on eBay and other world-wide-web sites.

However the smaller items such as marbles and tiny figurines also
have avid collectors. Marbles are made from glass, steel, agate or
clay and often have intricate designs embedded in them. Figurines of
famous Disney, fairy tale or real-life characters are also popular

The purchase of a TOY COLLECTIBLE eBook such as Toy Collecting may be
the most important purchase an amateur collector may make. Besides all
the useful information one may need when starting out there is also
extensive advice on the pitfalls to avoid.






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