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E-Book: How To Be Yourself 

The Ultimate Guide To Social and Sexual Success

By Alex Markham

$12.50 inc. 50% online discount - [Purchase](http://2.alchemy42.pay.clickbank.net/) 


"This is such a wise book, your language is simple and clear and profound, it is amazing" - Gul, writer

In this informative yet personal book, social coach Alex Markham uses real life examples to illustrate practical techniques and perspectives for mastering your social life and your sex life.

He systematically addresses the causes of low confidence and self-esteem, whilst guiding the reader on the path into inner fulfilment and genuine confidence.

Far more than just a textbook of social skills, How To Be Yourself is also a spiritual guide to discovering who you are, and how you really can find social and sexual success by being yourself, with the deep confidence and satisfaction that accompanies living life as a truly authentic individual.

"It is a very good book" - Dan, student


[Sample Chapter 1: You Are A King Or Queen](http://www.alchemy42.com/articles/you-are-a-king-or-queen.html)

[Sample Chapter 2: What Makes A Strong Reality?](http://www.alchemy42.com/articles/what-makes-a-strong-reality.html)

[Sample Chapter 3: Identity](http://www.alchemy42.com/articles/how-your-identity-affects-your-confidence.html)


"This book is the conglomeration of a few years of writing online, on blogs and forums. I know that life is a continual journey, and while we may hit some of our targets along the way, above all it is a journey of growth, and learning. Many of the chapters herein started life as individual articles, written as benchmarks on my personal journey of change."

- Alex Markham, from the Introduction


50% Online Discount: $12.50 reduced from $25

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About The Author

Alex is a professional social coach based in London, working with clients to revolutionise their social lives, and their sex lives, through discovering genuine inner confidence. He has synthesised an academic understanding of social dynamics, with spiritual practises in self-acceptance, through thousands of hours of practical experience of socialising and dating, and mentoring.

"I totally endorse Alex, a great teacher who's able to get to the core of his student's problems"

- Alistair, client


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