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AdWords Marketing As Smooth As James Bond

Do you envy Bond always having the time to dally with the Bond girls even though he is in the middle of a difficult mission?

You can do AdWords marketing as smoothly as James Bond, as long as you own an advanced AdWords management tool like AdGroup Optimizer!


Have You Faced These Common AdWords Problems?
You are new to AdWords and confused by the rules. You don't know the best way to begin. You've put a lot of effort into your work, but still can't make money with Google AdWords. You've tried AdWords advertising before, but have lost your money. Most of your free time is taken up with trying to build the greatest relevance between keywords, text ads, adgroups. You have identified tons of keywords, but can't find the perfect keyword grouping tool. You are promoting many products in AdWords and are looking for simplest way to do it. You hired someone to manage AdWords for you, but your return on investment is still not satisfactory. You have a low Quality Score and high Pay Per Click cost and have never had a 10/10 QS. Your Click Through Rate and Conversion Rate are continually low and you have no idea how to improve on them. You have so much work to do that you find you have hardly any time left to enjoy life. ...


Benefits for AdWords Newbies

Instantly Have the Ability To Build Strong AdWords Campaigns, Exactly Like An AdWords Expert

Even if you are completely new to AdWords and have minimal knowledge of how it works, as long as you use AdGroup Optimizer for your AdWords management, you can create extremely powerful and highly optimized AdWords campaigns, equal in quality to those created by AdWords winners and experts. You don't need to start from scratch and risk losing money on expensive advertising with unsophisticated and weak AdWords campaigns like other newbies.

Benefits for AdWords Experts

Efficiently Optimize Your AdWords Campaign and Create Tons Of Targeted Adgroups in Just Minutes

AdGroup Optimizer makes the optimizing of your AdWords campaigns an easy job. You don't have to waste your valuable time on boring and repetitive tasks anymore. AdGroup Optimizer gives you more time to focus on keyword research, and product and market analysis. It gives you the opportunity to increase, or even double, your earnings. It also gives you more free time to enjoy the better things in life.

Maximize Your AdWords Earnings
And Save Yourself Thousands Of Hours Of Work

Maximize Your AdWords Earnings

Using AdGroup Optimizer to build optimized AdWords campaigns, you can experience a whole raft of benefits. Not least of which, you will pay lower Pay Per Click (PCP) costs to get your ads displayed in a higher position than your competitors, which in turn gives you the best Return On Investment.



Lower Your PPC Cost and Increase Your Conversion Rate
Improved Quality Score (QS)
To get your ad displayed in the top position, you have to boost your Quality Score; good positioning does not solely depend on your CPC bid. After using AdGroup Optimizer to optimize your AdWords campaign and build strong targeted adgroups, you will soon get your first 10/10 QS.

Improved Click Through Rate (CTR)
The New Dynamic Keyword Insertion functionality of AdGroup Optimizer enables you to insert natural sounding and relevant keywords into your text ads without causing any detriment to your Quality Score. Your text ads will instantly catch customers' eyes and attract them away from all competitors' ads, because the customers' exact search words will appear on your text ad.

Reduced Pay Per Click (PPC) Cost
A greater CTR will drive your QS higher and higher. This means that your PPC can stay low while your ad still appears on the first search page and retains a high position.

Improved Conversion Rate
To improve conversion rate, you not only need a persuasive landing page, but your ads need to be seen by the right audience. Highly targeted adgroups will enable AdWords to display ads to customers with a specific interest in your product who are therefore more likely to purchase.

Capture Keywords With High Conversion And Less Competition

Imagine that [download AdWords software] is a high conversion and high competition keyword. Customers have different search habits and are just as likely to enter the keyword [AdWords software download]. This rearranged keyword may have the same good conversion rate, but have a lower pay per click. AdGroup Optimizer enables you to easily and exhaustively catch all such profitably rearranged keywords. All it takes is one click to enable the rearrange keywords functionality. 


Tracking Conversion By Keyword Type

You've created your AdWords keywords, but how do you identify which ones are profit pulling? To get a maximum Return On Investment, you have to track every keyword to find out whether it is successfully converting. Once those have been identified, you need to focus only on them and discard the ones that are not converting and losing you money. Most keyword tracking tools enable you to track by keyword, but they don't have any way of letting you know what type of keyword it is. With AdGroup Optimizer you can track conversion by both keyword and keyword type (broad, phrase or exact).

Save Yourself Loads of Time

Tons Of Targeted Adgroups in Just Minutes

How much time do you spend generating one targeted adgroup with strong relevance between adgroup, text ad, and keyword? If you're fast, you may be able to do it in one minute. But that's only one adgroup - how long is it going to take you to create hundreds of similar targeted adgroups or even thousands?

With AdGroup Optimizer's highly-efficient adgroup generation technology, you will have the ability to generate more than 10,000 targeted adgroups in just minutes. This means you will potentially save yourself thousands of hours of work,giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business or simply take some well-deserved time out.


If you still use traditonal methods to build your AdWords campaigns, try AdGroup Optimizer instead. YOU WILL LOVE this Highly-Efficient and Easy-to-Use tool.

The Secret to Successful AdWords

Do You Know What a Winning AdWords Campaign Structure Looks Like?

Next, we will reveal the secrets to success with AdWords and show you a winning campaign with a well-defined adgroups structure. And even better than that, you will also learn how to build tons of powerful, highly-efficient, targeted adgroups by yourself. All this in just five minutes.

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