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WARNING: This knowledge may change your entire life and fill up your social schedule.

The most LETHALLY EFFECTIVE step-by-step system to get gorgeous girls from the computer to your bedroom

How To Pick Up Women On Facebook... Revealed!
From: David Ace
October, 2011

Hi there,

There are 750 million users on Facebook, and approximately half of these users are female. In the United States alone, there are 80 million women on Facebook and by far the largest demographic of these are women between the ages of 18 and 25.

These women are sitting on their computers at home WAITING for something to happen.


Hot girls are only a click of the mouse away if you know how to attract them. And the great thing is this: the method of attracting women online can be broken down into an exact FORMULA. This formula can be followed by anyone.

You could be attracting and dating three, four or five girls A WEEK right now if you apply these principles.

There is a massive number of women waiting at home to be seduced.

Attracting and seducing these women is easy once you've learnt the RIGHT process.

The confidence you receive from knowing you have the ability to create a relationship with as many beautiful women you desire will make you SUPERHUMAN
Unlike those loud night-club where there are so many distractions and its practically impossible to hear each other speak, on Facebook her attention is entirely on you. There's nothing but her cat to distract her while you build a connection.

You know how they say that first impressions count? Well I'll tell you now, they do. But on Facebook, you can control your first impression. In fact, on Facebook (and this is the brilliant part), you can control everything.

You can engineer the perfect approach... over and over again!

Facebook allows you to cherry-pick the girls that you want to meet and date. You have a literal menu from which you can select to your heart's desires. Think about that for a moment. With a fool-proof method in place, you decide who YOU want. Trust me, I would know...

I can show you the rules of success on Facebook

I used to be a chump. There was nothing unusual about me, I was just an average guy except for a MASSIVE fear of women and a burning desire to have sexual abundance.

So what did I do? I started going out, time and time again. Three or four nights a week I would be hitting the town and trying to approach and open women. And I wasn't getting results! Sometimes it felt like I was beating my head against a brick wall.

That's when I found THE SECRET

I had a friend who one day introduced me to one of the most gorgeous girls I had ever seen. They were seeing each other. Being the regular guy I was at the time my mind was overflowing with questions as soon as I had the opportunity I asked him, "How on EARTH did you manage to start dating this absolute hottie?" He smiled, lifted his head back and said one word. "Facebook." My eyes opened. There was a way that I could learn to pick up women methodically and at any amount that I desired, without having to dress up funny and face all these huge distractions. In fact, if I chose I could even practice right from my home.

Over the next two years I spent all of my time finding and meeting attractive women on Facebook. I made mistake after mistake to begin with. I was obsessed, I even started studying anything I could lay my hands on that I thought could help me. But eventually after all these mistakes I started seeing some results. First women would start messaging me back, then I started getting , and then after literally months and months of practice I figured out I could now get women to come meet me in person. I had an attractive date waiting to be lined up at almost any time I could choose. This blew all of my friends' minds when they saw it-- it was a skill that none of them had and they couldn't understand how I was pulling it off. But they didn't understand that I had figured out the KEYS to seducing women... through Facebook. My success with women went from ZERO to ABSOLULTE HERO. My life changed, I got new friends, until now attracting women is EFFORTLESS.

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Let me show you... The MOST COMPREHENSIVE course on how to seduce women on Facebook EVER CREATED

How To Pick Up Women On Facebook is guaranteed the most in-depth instruction on using your Facebook profile to get more sex. I would know, I once saw and studied everything you could imagine, and I'm telling you now I would have killed for a course like this. I've learnt the hard way so that you don't have to.

Don't make the same common mistakes!

What I discovered is that all guys on Facebook are making the exact same mistakes and they don't even realize it. ESPECIALLY those who want to increase their results with women are falling prey to these mistakes and it took me a long time to figure out what they were, how to avoid them and SUCCEED.

In this course, I've broken down the skillset to pick up as many woman as you could dream of. The art of Facebook pick up I've converted into a precise formula. I first teach you the Theories of Facebook Interaction. Without knowing the principles, the techniques can't be applied correctly. Next I explain the Exact Steps to Create Lasting and Complete Success on Facebook. And then I tell you The Method To Practice these principles so that you know exactly how to implement and start taking the journey that I and many others have followed to take action and change their lives with women.

The NUMBER #1 authority on picking up women on Facebook.

This course goes into mind-numbingly complex theories about social interaction. Have you heard of the social information processing theory of computer-mediated communication? Neither had I until I started obsessively researching Facebook success. I was so obsessed that I learnt and applied knowledge from the fields of social psychology, communications, informational technology and the dating science. This information has been condensed and rigorously applied in this course so that you too can START TODAY. I guarantee that this is the most in-depth course on Facebook pick up YOU WILL EVER FIND.

Here are just a HANDFUL of what you will be DISCOVERING and APPLYING to get girls wanting you using Facebook.

YOU LEARN why Facebook is the IDEAL place to seduce attractive women leaves all "dating sites" in the dust.

YOU LEARN how to optimize your profile so that HOT WOMEN start adding YOU.

YOU LEARN the top secret Facebook statuses that will generate flurries of activity to your site.

YOU LEARN how to select your photos for success and avoid the mistakes that EVERY GUY MAKES.

YOU LEARN how to design friend requests so that any women you choose can't HELP but accept and is ATTRACTED to you from the word 'Go!'

YOU LEARN WHEN and WHY to use each form of Facebook communication-- statuses, comments, pokes, messaging, for MAXIMUM SUCCESS.

>strong>YOU LEARN the SECRET TECHNIQUES that no-one else knows to build women's interest and create instant attraction online.

YOU LEARN the EXACT WORDS to say to women in every possible situation when using Instant Messaging.

YOU LEARN all this and so much, much more....

This isn't even a fraction of what you'll be discovering, How To Pick Up Women On Facebook goes deeper and deeper until you are fully trained as a Facebook Master. Just listen to these real testimonies from guys JUST LIKE YOU who made the decision to ACT NOW and change their dating lives for good.

Steve N, Carolina
"When my ex broke up with me I was back on the market and without any idea of what to do. I tried online dating sites but found that the few hot women on there were being spammed constantly by guys and were impossible to talk to. But when I found the course I learnt that there'd been an untapped bottomless reservoir of babes that no-one was utilizing. And I couldn't believe how easy it is now that I know the principles!"
Mark S, New York
"Pardon my French, but going out to the nightclub and having to deal with drunk dudes and nothing but party girls can be absolute !@#$. Once I learned that I could have quality women on Facebook and how to get them, now that part of my life is more than handled."
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What you'll receive

How To Pick Up Women On Facebook-- the 200+ page MANUAL that tells you in precise detail EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW TO HAVE AMAZING SUCCESS WITH WOMEN ONLINE. The BIBLE to the art of Facebook pickup.

As Facebook is changing every day, you will receive Unlimited Future Updates and new editions to the course to take into account the very latest knowledge and techniques for picking up.

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Access to the entire back catalogue of Facebook Seduction Secrets-- the MUST HAVE newsletter used by all those serious about online seduction, and you can have every strategy there is available to you.

TOP SECRET additional bonuses that will send your results on Facebook into the stratosphere.

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Disclaimer: This site and the products and services offered on this site are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Facebook, nor have they been reviewed tested or certified by Facebook. David Ace is a pen name used by the author for the sake of all those wonderful past women out there...

David Ace

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