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Discover how Elite Law Enforcement Will Personally
Utilize These Strategies to Plan, Profit and Thrive

in those critical first hours following an “event”.

Learn what You need to do in that narrow “Goodwill Window” of opportunity and avoid the Downward Spiral of Human Nature from Superman to Savage. Learn how to get people to practically GIVE you the things you need – and feel good about themselves in the process Keep your family safe by avoiding conflicts with less prepared Americans that are frightened and making highly emotional decisions. Implement hyper-productivity as soon as “it hits the fan” while staying off the streets when humanity starts the inevitable breakdown.

You will need a plan to get exactly what you NEED before GREED and SCARCITY kick in – big time.

Remember Katrina?

And people knew about an approaching Category 5 hurricane for DAYS and were still unprepared!
You don’t want to be on the streets when humanity starts the inevitable slide towards breakdown.

Hey, if you’re here… you probably have an emergency plan of some sort. And you likely have a survival bag stocked up and ready to go. And that’s great.  All of us need to be prepared. But we don’t live in a vacuum. We will need to interact with other citizens, many of them strangers, following a disaster or other type of event. The CRITICAL information needed to safely and effectively deal with others changes is not common sense. It’s science and psychology at that…

Think about it… It’s only a matter of hours before the average “normal” citizen’s behaviors will change… and not for the best.

Someone that normally opens doors for others – is now running over others with a shopping cart – racing to get that last loaf of bread in the corner store.

We don’t want to be anywhere near that type of behavior unless completely necessary. That’s where planning, paying attention to psychology, saves the day – and possibly lives.
It could happen HERE. It could happen to you.
Just take a peek at the news stories today…

Revolution in our streets

[](http://www.donttreadhere.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/occupywallstreet1.jpg) Just one of the many Occupy Wall Street demonstrators. The news headlines are filled with the breakdown of any social contract with these protestors.




Egyptian food crisis

[](http://www.donttreadhere.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Egypt2.food_.riot_.jpg)Egyptians protest rising food prices earlier this year in Cairo. The government is being blamed for bread shortages in the country.





Tunisian influx of Libyans due to water shortages

[](http://www.donttreadhere.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/110301-libya-tunisia-border-hmed-925a.grid-8x2.jpg)(CBS/AP)  Violence and chaos in Libya have triggered an exodus of more than 180,000 refugees to Tunisia and Egypt, a U.N. official said, as aid workers warned the situation at the Tunisian border has reached crisis point.



Iran building nuclear weapons

[](http://www.donttreadhere.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/iran-nuclear.jpg)(CBS/AP) Iran is now capable of building the atomic bomb. Experts of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are convinced that Tehran now has the technology needed to build a nuclear bomb.



Israel tests ‘Iran missile’ amid war talk

[](http://www.donttreadhere.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Jericho3.jpeg)(CBS/AP) Israel has test-fired a ballistic missile believed to be a nuclear-capable Jericho-3 and the type of weapon that could be used in any assault on Iran’s nuclear program.




Are you one of those people who think that they’re ready?
What happens when the phone rings or the TV program is interrupted?

You have two options…

Option 1:
Running around in circles


Option 2:
Running down your list if critical items that NEEDS to be completed BEFORE the window of opportunity SLAMS shut

Hey, I’m just like you. And I want the same things for my family that you certainly want for yours. I would like to show you how secure the essentials in the event of a crisis or disaster.
I would really like to  introduce you to somebody who really opened my eyes to this…

But, unfortunately,  I can’t.

Let’s just call him Mr. L.A. for now. (you’ll understand in  a second)

I can tell you that Mr. L.A. is an active law enforcement officer – in an elite tactical team. He lives and works in a large city in southern California that is known for riots and civil unrest. We spoke at length about his core team and personal plan, but unfortunately I will have to omit the amazing specifics and details. Don’t worry… the concepts and psychology alone will benefit all of us.

After going back and forth over what specific details of his plan could be included, he decided that it was not in his best interest to “give away the farm”. I honestly can’t blame him. He, understandably, had to respect the privacy, well-being and security of the OTHER NINE MEMBERS of his core team and their families.

Through our discussions, we recognized that his complete plan would have have been the equivalent of a professional personal survival plan consultation. And in his mind, there would have serious restrictions as to HOW MANY plans would have been made available and WHERE (geographically) the plans could be sold? There are only so many farms to “give away”.

And the clincher – for many of us – would have been… HOW MUCH WOULD THIS INFORMATION COST?

If you are reading this, It is likely that you already have a survival plan either “in the works” or already in place.

The goal here is not to reinvent the wheel… Just to make it spin a little faster. And more accurately… When the time comes, get the wheels up to speed… QUICKER.

So I decided that we should distill the psychological component, revealing the origins of Mr. L.A.’s “Aftermath Psychology”, and figure out some core techniques that people like us could incorporate into our plan.

Goodwill Precedes Greed (but it won’t last long)

Doesn’t it make perfect sense to ask someone for something WHEN they are in the middle of a “shared altruistic psychological phenomenon”.
We want to avoid the downward spiral and breakdown of human nature. We DO NOT want to be around “those” less prepared individuals fighting over that last loaf of bread at the corner store. Bad news for everyone at the scene.

You could be wasting the most valuable minutes of your life.

I’ve met folks that think their plan is complete. It could be complete, but few have incorporated this crucial, time-sensitive dimension.
That’s why Mr. L.A.’s “Aftermath Psychology” is such an essential element that anyone can incorporate to increase the effectiveness of their existing plan – Or if you’re just beginning your plan, you can use it as a starting point to begin building a highly effective personalized plan.
Having a ‘survival plan’ and a pantry full of canned goods isn’t necessarily enough.

Once a crisis occurs, our family and friends will turn to us, but no man is an island.

What happens if you are out of town on business or even on the other side of town when an event occurs? Or what if your family members can’t reach you? Do they stay in place? Who do they call?

A robust survival plan includes contingencies and redundancies. That is not really the subject that we’re covering here. We are still going to focus on those critical first few hours following an event . That is not meant to diminish the importance of building a core team, identifying a base camp and other plan essentials…

Here’s the simple lesson…

We need to maximize our productivity in the first four hours following an event.

We call it the
“The Goodwill Window”

It’s ALL you NEED to incorporate our
Insider’s Aftermath Psychology

into you own survival plan.





That’s why we have laid out the essentials…
Checklists Prioritization of tasks Redundancy Cash (shared accounts, etc.) Objectives @ the 4 hour mark (locations, communication, etc) Family instructions (if family merbers are away – business, travel, etc.) Maybe touch on the job responsibilities of CERT/first responders List of numbers/agencies to call (to find the real scoop) Advice/strategies for an individual. (The person presently without a core team)

After 4 hours it will all change

So, while others  are running around in circles,
You will be running down your list of critical tasks

Checking them off as “completed”.

You need to know exactly what to do after it hits the fan. (have a plan of action)

You will need a plan to get exactly what you need before greed and scarcity kick in big time.

You don’t want to be on the streets when humanity starts the inevitable breakdown. And it will…

Emergency responders receive extensive “disaster” training. These professionals are taught to interact with the citizenry DIFFERENTLY during the DIFFERENT phases of a disaster. The mood or psychological disposition of disaster survivors changes over time… even from one hour to the next. Emergency responders NEED to know WHERE citizens are located on the emotional and psychological roller coaster following a disaster. THEY need to know this for one main reason: to protect both themselves and the citizens from injury.
We will reveal and explain the different phases of a disaster.



We will identify the phase that is MOST critical to the success of our plan. Remember… You will need to implement your plan… Fast!

We need to work quickly in this phase. Just like first responders and mental health professionals are trained to work fast.

Once again, we need to use this “Aftermath Psychology” to our advantage. We need to accomplish our goals quickly and avoid as much interaction with other individuals as courtesy and the basic “social contracts” begin to fall apart.

Look. Here’s the deal. We’ll defend ourselves. We’ll certainly defend our families. We’ll even defend our property. But why would you even want to be in the middle of that approaching  nightmare of fear and desperation… when it’s totally avoidable.

Here is a description of the most critical of a disaster: (I’ll reveal a few of the essential parts)

This is where quickly activating your plan
during this phase

will make ALL the difference.

If you’re reading this, it’s obvious that you’re not living with your head in the sand. I’m not either. As I mentioned earlier, Mr. L.A  lives and works in a large west coast city. And up until recently, there were a select number of cities that have been known  for riots and civil unrest. Today, it’s a different story. Just watch the news. The stories are unavoidable. These protests, and increasing number of incidents, are STILL only located in the major cities…
Can you imagine when an “event” impacts EVERYONE
and not just thugs and activists?

We’ve been fortunate that most disasters in our lifetimes were geographically isolated.  Take a peek at the Table below. And while you’re looking at the casualties, remember that during Hurricane Katrina (and the resulting flood) over 1,300 people lost their lives. It is a tragedy, but also likely that most of those that lost their lives had been aware of the imminent arrival of the storm for nearly a week.

And what will happen if everyone is impacted by some “event” with little or no warning?
Every patriotic, good-hearted American would choose to avoid conflict and by incorporating this “aftermath psychology” into a robust survival plan… You Can.

You will be positioned to:

Have people actually GIVE you the things that you need

Avoid conflict with less prepared Americans that are frightened and making highly emotional decisions.

I’ll be honest with you. If you have unlimited resources, you might be able to stock up on everything under the sun. You might live full-time in an easily defended “base camp”.

If the answer is “no”, you are not alone.

Unfortunately, I don’t either.  I was, however, fortunate enough to be introduced to Mr. L.A..

Our very first conversation lasted over an hour and fifteen minutes. As the conversation went on, I don’t even remember saying anything. And I was actually supposed to be interviewing him as a potential contributor to a free newsletter. (more on that later…)

As I was scribbling down notes like crazy, he mentioned this “psychological” thing. And each of the members on his 10 Man Core Group each had their specific “4 hour window” checklist.  As I was listening, I knew that I needed to include this “Aftermath Psychology” information into my planning.

So, how did I convince our “insider” to actually share his personal plan with me… and now share the core concepts of his plan with you?

Well, that’s where the story gets interesting. Maybe it was my sad but luckily, non-tragic Katrina story…

Here’s the deal… Being a lifelong resident of New Orleans, Katrina showed me that my “plan” needed work. Fortunately, my family made through the event with no casualties. But (like everyone else) we had a week to “get out of dodge”, and the tasks that I was focused on (up to the minute I started the car) are too trivial and embarrassing to even mention here.

Sadly, the entire world saw the breakdown of human nature in the aftermath of Katrina. The nightly news revealed masses of “entitled” citizens running wild with needy outstretched hands. And they waited, and waited, and waited for big government assistance.  And that was after days of advanced warnings and pleading government officials.

Hey, as Americans, we all believe that we need to be able to take care of ourselves before we can reach out a helping hand to others. So, in putting the essentials of this information in the hands of like-minded citizens, we can increase the number of proudly extended helping hands – following some unfortunate event.

We have a responsibility to do “our part” and by being prepared we will be able to avoid being sucked into that downward spiral into greed, scarcity and savagery.

Today, In addition to your copy of the Window of Goodwill,
***All new members will be automatically directed to a easy-to-use form within the DontTreadHere.com members’ area. You can quickly create your very own personal User ID and Password and start optimizing your survival plan today!

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Instant Access to The Window of Goodwill (Download) The four hour checklist/worksheet (each member of your team will need one) BONUS: Social Media Survival Strategy Primer Free subscription to the Don’t Tread Here Newsletter
Here the deal…
We’re not going to ask you to pay $97.
Not Even $47.
Today, for Only $27 You Get Everything!

And Remember… There are currently over 300,000,000 “potentially” desperate people in the United States. If the “you-know-what” hits the fan, We Really don’t want you to be anywhere near the mobs as they waste precious time running around in circles..

Here is what you need to do RIGHT NOW to Get the “Goodwill Window”.
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[Today, for Only $27 You Get Everything!](http://Goodwill27.fourhours.pay.clickbank.net;clear=1")

And face it… The only way most ordinary citizens could ever, unfortunately, meet someone with the kind of high-level training that Mr. L.A. and his core team possess, would likely involve handcuffs and recitation of the Miranda Rights.
The good news for us is that Mr. L.A. and the NINE other highly-trained members of his team have spent countless hours developing their plan. We are getting a glimpse into the psychology behind their personal and (until now) private survival plan of some elite law-enforcement individuals.

I’m not sure how long Mr. L.A. will allow us to share this snapshot into insider’s stategies. (Trust me. I’ve been told repeatedly that he doesn’t want to give away the farm) But as long as he does, we have a like-minded professional on our side committed to keeping his and your families safe some harm and prepared – if and when an event occurs.

100% Money Back Guarantee
100% Satisfaction… 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!
If for any reason what-so-ever, you are not happy with ANY aspect of the Goodwill Window, simply send me a quick email and I will refund 100% of your money, no-questions-asked!


The Goodwill Window will help you accomplish the critical tasks
before humanity begins the inevitable breakdown

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