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Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Complete Guide To Guinea Pig Care

"Through My Years Of Research, I Have Compiled A Guide That Not Only Touches
On Amazing Treatments For Common Guinea Pig Ailments, But Also Unlocks
The Secret To Guinea Pig Communication!"

- You Won't Find This Information Anywhere Else! -

Have you ever seen your Guinea Pig sick and in a helpless state? Have you ever been desperate to know what to do next for your Guinea Pig? Maybe you’ve just purchased a lovable Guinea Pig and noticed that the moment you brought him home, he was scratching and nipping at his fur? Not knowing what to do when a problem arises can make any owner feel absolutely helpless as their guinea pig suffers. And what’s even worse is to pay for treatment by “experts” only to watch as your pet’s health deteriorates further under medical “care”. I know what this feels like because I’ve experienced these agonizing moments myself.

When a Guinea Pig is sick, the first thing that may come to mind is to rush your pet to a vet. But if the veterinarian is inexperienced in treating Guinea Pigs, you will most likely get the wrong diagnosis as your pet is put through a battery of tests, some of which may be inappropriate and even harmful. Or the wrong medication may get prescribed and you’re back to square one without having solved the original problem.

This is more common than you think because most vets have experience treating cats and dogs but not Guinea Pigs. And most documented medical protocols are designed for cats, dogs, rabbits, and birds. This has happened to me twice and I was fortunate enough to realize what was going on before permanent damage was done. In both situations, doing research on my own was more effective in treating my pet than consulting with several veterinarians who had no experience with these animals. My friend’s Guinea Pig, who ended up having mites and was in and out of different vet offices, wasn’t so lucky.

Armed with key knowledge about Guinea Pigs and having a competent veterinarian on your side is what will make all the difference in seeing your pet at her best. That’s what The Complete Guide To Guinea Pig Care is about and more! This guide will walk you through the process of finding a healthy and happy guinea pig, locating the right veterinarian, as well as getting your house ready to welcome your pet home.

Through my years of research, I have compiled a guide that not only touches on treatments for common ailments but also unlocks the secrets to Guinea Pig communication, which will allow you to see into their world. Imagine a healthy and happy pet whose gestures and sounds are so familiar that you are able to recognize what’s being expressed. And when a health problem does pop up, you are knowledgeable enough to keep a level head and know exactly what to tell the vet to get the best treatment possible. Well this e-book provides you with this knowledge and will open up a whole new dimension to your relationship with your guinea pig

I’ve had one vet tell me, “well, if you lose your Guinea Pig, you could always get a new one… it’s just a Guinea Pig!” To which, horrified, I quickly walked out never to return again !!!

Are you kidding me! It's that kind of cavalier attitude toward people and their pets and the bond that gets created between them that has nearly ruined the Veterinary field today in the United States. Yes, they have a job to do, but there should be so many more suitable options presented.

Any Guinea Pig owner or enthusiast knows that these adorable furry creatures pack a big personality in a tiny package. They are cherished and adored as much as any dog, cat, or other pet. For those of you who feel this way, then this book is for you. It is the most complete guide to Guinea Pig care out there! And I believe that you will be satisfied with it that I will guarantee a full refund within 60 Days of purchase for any reason it does not meet your expectations.

This book is different from all other guinea pig guides on the market because I’ve included years of researched information from many different Guinea Pig books and sources from the web and packed it into one essential guide… and all from a personal experience standpoint. It’s not just based on facts but also on real situations that I or other guinea pig owners have faced – from how to raise your guinea pig with an environmentally conscious approach to moving to another country. And that’s something you don’t find the answers to in other books. This e-book also exposes secrets that can extend the life of your Guinea Pig by months and even years. Imagine your Guinea Pig as he or she soars past the typical 5 year lifespan and goes on to live 6, 7, or 8 plus years healthy as can be!

Discover the Secrets About Guinea Pigs…

Are you considering a guinea pig for a pet? Is your guinea pig skittish, neurotic, or constantly nervous? Does your guinea pig shy away from you when you try to pet it? Do you feel like you are dealing with a truamatized pet? Do you have a group of guinea pigs that can't get along? Do you feel that your guinea pig is stifled and claustrophobic in its cage? Are you providing your guinea pig the most healthy foods? Do you think you know all the options for guinea pig care? Are you providing the best quality of life for your guinea pig? Have you ever wondered how guinea pigs came to be called that?
I've Devoted Myself To Writing This Book Over The Last Few Years… I Know You'll Love it...
I Share Many Years Of Exhaustive Research And Discovery With You.
Here are just a few of the core topics I'll be covering in the book!
6 Key Factors in Determining Whether a Guinea Pig Will Make the Right Pet for You The Top 10 Signs to Look for When Selecting a Healthy Guinea Pig Character Traits to Look For in a Non-Skittish and Non-Traumatized Guinea Pig The 5 Best Places to Find Your Perfect Pet Guinea Pig-Ease 101 - Understanding Cavy Communication Step-By-Step Guide To Preparing Your House To Avoid Common Guinea Pig Injury Pitfalls How To Get Rid of Those Stubborn White Urine Stains Off The Cage Floor (Effective Cage Cleaner Revealed) Tips on Introducing Your Guinea Pig To Other Household Pets How To Switch To Healthier, Eco-Friendly Bedding and Pet Care Products Commercial Vegetable Diet vs. Locally Grown Organic Produce - I'll Tell You the Pros and Cons of Each A Guide For Moving Overseas With Your Pet A Full Chapter Dedicated To Breeding Guinea Pigs, Including What To Do In The Case Of Orphans Odd Guinea Pig Behaviors and What They Mean Tips For Making The Pet's Transition From Pet Seller to Home, Smooth Techniques On Overcoming Guinea Pig Compatibility and Territorial Issues Recipes for Treats Your Guinea Pig Will Love Instructions for Building A Homemade Guinea Pig Cage Do-It-Yourself Guinea Pig Toy Suggestions How To Heal Your Sick or Injured Guinea Pig Back To Health Great Tips on Bonding With Your Guinea Pig
Here's What You've Been Waiting To See...


This book is priced at $29.95 and NO we've never had to discount this material for lack of sales, WHY? Because you would have to buy 3-4 of the generic fluffed and rehashed Guinea Pig Care Guides to find a fraction of the information we give you here. We are confident in the material that's been laid forth within the pages of this amazing book... we know that there's not another Guinea Pig Care Guide that even comes close to what we're providing here.

So what does this all mean? Well what this means is that there will be: NO Fireworks, NO Balloons, NO Surprises, NO Cloned Add-On books, NO Bonus Materials dredged from other sources... we don't need their material because ours stands all on it's own!

THAT'S RIGHT... If you've got a Guinea Pig, or are SERIOUSLY thinking about getting one and learning the PROPER way to care for it... the money you save on VET BILLS ALONE will astonish you.

The Complete Guide To Guinea Pig Care - $29.95!

Are you still undecided about purchasing this amazing and insightful resource? I'm willing to assume the burden of proof here folks... If you decide you are not completely satisfied (That's 100% Satisfied!!!) and totally head over heels with what you're discovering and learning about your Guinea Pigs, then I'll make it right and refund your money!

I'm So Convinced That We Offer The Finest Guide To Guinea Pig

Care Available Anywhere... That I'm Going To Offer You

An Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee!

****This is our “UNCONDITIONAL 60 DAY GUARANTEE” to you! Take up to 60 days to examine and read this information in "The Complete Guide To Guinea Pig Care”. Yes, you’ve read this correctly!!! You have 60-Full Days to give it a try, and if you decide this is not the amazingly comprehensive and well researched guide to Guinea Pig Care you were expecting… just let me know via the email address provided here on this page and you'll receive 100% of your money back usually within 24 hours, NO Problems, NO Hassles, NO Worries!!!

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P.S. Don't FORGET... you'll be able to contact me directly and ask any questions you might have concerning your Guinea Pig's Care that is not found within the pages of this amazing book! I'll answer your questions in 24 hours or less!

You Have MY PROMISE On This!

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