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Having Problems or Questions in Bonsai Styling?

Hajime Watanabe, the Japanese Bonsai Master, Shares His 45 Years Experience in Bonsai Growing!

With this 72 minutes DVD You will master how to shape, prune, trim and wire branches, what are the principles of bonsai and much more (see below)

Welcome, Fellow bonsai enthusiast,

If your efforts to create a piece of art that would keep charming you and your friends went down the drain or you simply hesitate to start with your tree then I have got good news for you - You have just found your guide.

If you have watched the video above, you now know how Hajime Watanabe, the bonsai master, can help you achieve what you want. Seeing a bonsai within a bush or tree is difficult even for those who know the basics of bonsai. Surely, this skill comes with practice but experience is accumulated much faster when principles and methods of bonsai shaping are known.

Who is Hajime Watanabe to teach you?

It's OK to be questioning that. Hajime has been a bonsai master and landscape designer for 45 years. His knowledge came to him through generations: he has learned everything from his father, grandfather and uncle. His home is in Japan but most of his current time he spends in Europe with his extraordinary project.

This video reveals Hajime and his current ambitions:

With his Lithuanian fellows he is designing and building the largest Japanese garden and Bonsai museum in the whole Europe! This project is already being realized in an area of 16 hectares (about 40 acres) surrounded by nature and situated away from cities. A simple fact that they have used 16,000 tons of rocks to form streamlets makes your jaw drop down, doesn't it?

What's in this DVD?

[](/images/stories/Products/Bonsai-styling-DVD.jpg)Bonsai Styling: Principles and Techniques (click to enlarge)

This DVD is 72 minutes long. We have systemized the material into chapters:
Shortly about Hajime Watanabe and His Project. Principles of Bonsai Shaping. Hajime and his assistant explain what 'front view of bonsai' is and how it is determined in this chapter. The master explains principles of classical moyogi (informal upright) bonsai style. Which branches and future growth should be removed and which sustained, and why. Shortly about Essential Tools. Wiring basics and young trees shaping. The master explains how to apply wire properly. He also shows wrong wiring examples and explains in detail why it's wrong. Each apprentice is provided with a young Japanese maple. As they work and try to shape them, Hajime shows more rules, corrects styling mistakes and explains them. Inspecting, Trimming and Planning a Bonsai. The master inspects five 40-years-old azaleas from all viewing points, cuts branches, and comments on his actions in this chapter. In other words he is searching for bonsai within a tree and shows it. Wiring can be started after this step. Wiring Old Specimens. The chapter provides information where a person should begin with his tree. How to choose proper wire and how to apply it in many different situations. Common mistakes are shown and explained. Crown and Foliage Forming. The previous chapter explains how to apply wire. It is shown how to bend and position wired branches properly in this part of the DVD. Principles of making a bonsai to look like an old tree are explained. Yamadori shaping. Hajime is working on a juniper that was taken from woods. He suggests the form of this tree and realizes it by heavily wiring its trunk and branches. Results. Accomplishments at the end of the day.
[](/images/stories/Articles/madzuchai/DSCN2403.jpg)Blooming azaleasBy now you know that Hajime explains and shows the essence of bonsai styling in action.

Order this DVD and learn how to surprise others pleasantly with bonsai that You have styled. By this little investment you are also supporting Hajime’s project: the largest Japanese garden and bonsai museum in Europe.

Thank You

You're a Supporter

A large part of profit made by this DVD will be given to support development of the largest Japanese garden and Bonsai museum in Europe. These amazing projects are financed by private funds and donations only.

Thank you for your good will in advance!

60-day Satisfaction Guarantee

I don't want to risk my reputation for quality content. I offer a 60-day refund guarantee for this DVD. The policy is simple: if you don't like the product, simply tell us the reason (so that we could improve) and I will fully refund your investment. Does that sound fair?


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