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                       ::: The smile of  a  "GODDESS " in love or in lust ::: Any woman who reads these pages will wonder... it's exciting. Dr. Qismi Marijossan (sole writer, print-on-demand self-publisher and distributor)             
This is a woman’s ONLY webpage:

(It’s nothing personal guys, just business 2004 October 6th)

But since 2011 October 6th, it’s for YOU too!

Find the things you want to become successful and happy in life


QisMi Marijossan

Taking Care of YOU!

Helping to improve your life and lifestyle

He’s perhaps the magical KEY to your success & happiness in life


Thank You! For visiting this promotional website for

QisMi Marijossan’s Best Selling Personal News,

True Story Pictorials Books - Unique Mini Magazines & Provocative Columns

That instantly changes the lives and lifestyles of women, children…

And, a few special gentlemen

Mostly About you! And about me! QisMiMarijossan

Become wise!

Become wealthy!!

Or perhaps become a writer…



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2004 October 6th


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2011 October 6th


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Marijossan’s Secrets…
Qismiology News-Book-Magazines & provocative Columns (My black pages)

Also referred to as “The six and se7en secrets of Marijossan”




  [ ](../download/qismiology part one.pdf)

QisMi Marijossan

Publisher of Qismiology

Founder /proprietor of QisMi woman-care club international (Baan K3ni’ka)
](../download/001 Part 1 The POWER of a man Meet QisMi Marijossan.pdf)





Secrets of a WoMan

 (His Love Secrets…)



(Become Rich!)

(His Money making Secrets…)




(Formless Substance)

(His Power of Attraction)




(“The forbidden man”)

 (His Sex Secrets…)


Nassan “Magic Healing” Stones
](../download/005 SECTION 5 HIS HEALING HANDS....pdf)
 (His Healing Hands)




Out with me!

(His Secrets to Happiness)



QisMi with the DNA of God
 (His Spirituality or Spirit-duality of Man)                        
[Marijossan’s Secrets…](INSTACCESS.php)    
Coming soon


The five stars of

Baan K3ni’ka

Evelyn-Janifah-Ambrose (Nong Sarawut) and…



Victoriya Buka




Marijossan investments & marketing company



Meet John Brewer

(Chief finance officer: QisMi Dot com)


Visit Baan K3ni’ka club

Everything 4 woMen @ Baan K3ni’ka club


We are direct sales mail order – consulting, publishing…

And, private entertainment/personal Services Company




Everything written – photographed – compiled, published & distributed

On-line this webpage or in prints between 2000 October 6th to date is owned

by… Dr. QisMi Marijossan

 And, “The Marijossan’s Family Estate”: Evelyn-Janifah-Ambrose (Nong Sarawut) and…



Victoriya Buka


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