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How to increase hotel occupancy
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This report is guaranteed to revolutionize the way you market your hotel! Increase occupancy or your money back. [Download PDF Now](http://1.boostoccup.pay.clickbank.net)

How To Increase Hotel Occupancy Presentation:

FREE and Effective Ways You Can Increase Hotel Occupancy

By Matt Landau, Member of the Association of Place Branding & Public Diplomacy


In this FREE presentation below, you’ll find:

-       How to turn empty hotel nights into advertising credit in local magazines/newspapers

-       2 PR resources that ad agencies don’t want you to know about

-       Occupancy secrets of ultra successful hotel owners

-       The $70/year service that makes 80% of guests more comfortable booking your hotel online

-       Why your website could always be improved…


5 Facts You Gotta Understand If You Wanna Increase Your Hotel Occupancy:

1. You must critically analyze your reservation rate (aka the amount of inquiries that turn into actual reservations)

2. Relying solely on organic SEO or PPC campaigns leaves you extremely vulnerable

3. Tracking your marketing decisions and their results is the best way to book rooms

4. Exercising some expertise in your town or city can work tremendously to your advantage

5. If you’re not getting any bookings, there are some immediate steps you need to take. Increasing your hotel’s exposure is a slow process but there are some very effective changes you can make right now.

Adam Lee, who purchased the report when I barely had finished a number of months ago, was shocked to find how many techniques he was ignoring. He gives this word of warning: “prepare to actually be overloaded with bookings. In other words, prepare to turn reservations away. That’s how effective Matt’s report was for us. We are turning guests away.”

And now for some cheap, quick, and easy hotel occupancy tips:

[Why your hotel needs to be listed on Google Places and Google Maps ASAP (it’s free)](http://www.howtoincreasehoteloccupancy.com/google-places-and-maps/).

[Play PR like the big boys: free, top-level exposure for your hotel](http://www.howtoincreasehoteloccupancy.com/play-pr-like-the-big-boys/).

[How to use Adwords as a testing ground for your hotel’s website optimization](http://www.howtoincreasehoteloccupancy.com/optimizing-your-homepage-advanced/).

[Avoid negative Trip Advisor commentary and secure only 5-star reviews](http://www.howtoincreasehoteloccupancy.com/guest-reviews-eliminating-negative-feedback/).


Here are some more of the techniques featured in my report…

-       What feature of your website are you forgetting that’s preferred by 67% of web users?

-       Reasons you are you getting plenty of highly targeted traffic but no reservations

-       How a $5/month service can save your hotel time, energy, and cash

-       The weird sales technique that increased our hotel occupancy by 38%

-       Ways to convince your guests to stay twice as long

-       How you can utilize awards nominations for your hotel to increase web traffic and exposure

-       The story of one property owner that made $74k in referrals

-       Special offers that don’t cost much yet boost your bookings

-       My absolute favorite wacky offers and why they do more than just stir up great press

-       Best ways to get your hotel featured on travel blogs

-       Free press release websites: how to use them to your hotel’s advantage

-       Guest reviews: my special formula that has resulted in 160 “Excellent” reviews without anything less

-       Features your personal website unequivocally needs

-       7 awesome email correspondence tips that improve rapport and increase bookings

-       The hotel website feature that influences 87% of travelers. Do you have it?


Mike Beardsley had a crazy experience with the report. His properties in Mexico were in a slump when I sent him a copy. “I took a few days reading over your report. More than just learning the new techniques, it was a real wake-up call that I wasn’t doing everything in my power to increase our occupancy. To the ultimate skeptics, I would say, at the very least, Matt’s report jolts you into realizing there is LOTS you can do (and most of it is free) to get TONS more bookings.”


[This $70/year product will make your guests feel 80% more comfortable when paying online](http://www.howtoincreasehoteloccupancy.com/assuring-a-safe-place-to-pay/).

$97 Guaranteed To Change Your Perspective Of Hotel Occupancy

[ ](http://1.boostoccup.pay.clickbank.net)

What other hotel owners are saying...

“Beforehand, if you told me a $100 report could almost double my revenue, I would have asked what you were smoking. But I gotta say, our giant increases in occupancy have been a direct result (absolutely no question) of the content in the Boost Occupancy Report. Seriously an industry gamebreaker. Matt knocked it out of the park.” – Shane Rosener

I am not new to hospitality, but my hotel was experiencing a VERY slow period. I figured since there was a money back guarantee, I might as well try it. And I’m glad I did. I’ve spent the past two months improving our “reservation rate” (as Matt calls it) up to 24%.”
Lloyd C., Fort Lauderdale

“I feel lucky to have found Matt’s guide. After booking up our B&B solid in the low season, to say I’ve benefited from the guide wouldn’t do it justice. I have thrived! The tips are great for us because we’re not big web people. Easy and fun to read.”
- Theo Wellbeck, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

“We own and operate a name-brand hotel and we use a local advertising firm which was draining our marketing budget. After reading Matt’s report, I realized I could do just about all the stuff they were doing…and more. Tremendous investment.”  - Arvind Sah, Annapolis, MD

“I buy a lot of advertising reports and guides but this one, particularly at its price point, is well worth the investment. Matt covers so many free techniques (which, honestly, I had been paying for) that I feel like it’s also saved me a lot of cash at the same time.” – Tony Rashdorff, Boulder

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