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 Surviving Martial Law


FROM: Bill Washington
Boise, Idaho - Safe, Secure and Protected...
Friday, 2:39 PM

Dear Friend,

If you're like any other American, you've been worrying about the
state of America and where we're headed. You're not alone. The status
of our country both economically, and in terms of safety have been in
jeopardy for years now.

You see horrible stories about our government utilizing "dirty
politics" to achieve personal goals and agendas, not help American
citizens like you and I.

The headlines on television continually remind us that our safety
isn't something that's assured, and that the government doesn't have
the welfare of us American citizens at heart.

The threat of a Martial Law takeover is subtlety (and sometimes not
so subtly) threatened in the near future, which is unsettling, and
down right scary to think about.

But what's most disturbing is...

If you don't know what martial law is, let me be the first to tell
you that you have something to be VERY afraid of. Martial Law is when
the military takes control of a city, state or country and seizes
control of running it.

This means that the military is now the governor, the mayor, the
police, etc. They run every aspect of an area.

As you probably know, Martial Law has been instituted in several
countries, but did you know that there is also a plan for it to be put
into action here at home?

Scary stuff right?

What's even more eye opening is that a two decades ago, there was a
law in place to protect us American citizens from a Martial Law
takeover, but the last three presidents have all enacted presidential
orders to take that right away from American citizens like you and I!
(Yes, that includes Obama)

When Martial Law is enacted, you don't have "rights," and the
military police love to make examples of regular citizens like you and
I to scare other citizens into submission.

We're talking aggressive bully tactics, violence, and the complete
disappearance of your rights as an American!

Here's why you should be even more worried...

We're all extremely aware of the fact that the American economy is in
the toilet. Unemployment is up, available work hours are down, and
people are struggling.

Anyone lucky enough to have a job that will actually provide full
time hours, has likely gone through pay cuts, decreases in benefits,
and increases in the cost of healthcare.

Top that off with the fact that the last few Social Security
statements I've received have had a statement that said "By 2021, only
three-quarters of social security claims will be able to be paid," and
you can see why the government has their hand on the "crazy button
(martial law)." Are you going to be one of the 25% of Americans that
don't get their retirement and end up in the street? Are you mad along
with the millions of other Americans getting that same message?

People are also losing their homes at record rates, and being
foreclosed on by banks who received tens of BILLIONS of dollars from
the Government, which WE pay for via our tax dollars! That means that
the government gave the banks our money, and now the banks are not
using it to keep us Americans in our homes.

The banks and Wall Street are the ones responsible for the economic
crisis and they were given our money by our government!

I could go on all day about the ridiculous screw-up's our government
has made in the last two decades, but you already know about those -
They aren't some big secret.

The fact is, our government is messing up big time and we have every
right to be mad about it.


It's because the government has continually messed up that they are
preparing to push the "crazy button," and instate Martial Law.

People are protesting about the atrocities committed against you and
I, the American citizen, and rightly so, but the government doesn't
see it that way...

They see this standing up for our rights as oppression and they're
ready to take action against people like you and I to stop it.

Sure, you might not be out there camped out, holding a sign, doing
interviews on TV, but you can bet at least a few in your neighborhood

Are you prepared for Martial Law if it does go into effect?

Do you know what to do if Martial Law is instated? Do you know how to
ensure the safety of you, your family and your friends?

What would you do if Martial Law was instated tomorrow?

Would you be safe?

Would you be ready?

Understanding & Surviving Martial Law Today is the complete guide to
preparing and surviving martial law when it goes into effect.

But let me tell you, this ebook was not published here without MUCH
opposition. Some of my friends, who also happen to be high ranking
public officials, did not want me to put this information out there.
They admitted everything was accurate but they were extremely
worried about my safety by putting this information out there.
But I don't care about the potential safety risks. I'm putting this
information out there as an American, loyal to other AMERICANS, not
the dirty "American government."

After all, if none of us stand up for our rights, our American
heritage, and everything we stand for as American citizens, this
country is doomed!

That's why in Understanding & Surviving Martial Law Today you're
going to learn everything I know about preparing & surviving in a
Martial Law situation so that you're ready to get prepared and
protected from a Martial Law attack. Just some of what you'll discover

* HISTORIC MARTIAL LAW SECRETS - You'll learn the historic meaning of
Martial Law, where it's been used, when it's been used, and why it may
be used on us Americans soon.

THE TRUE DEFINITION OF MARTIAL LAW - You can't understand Martial
Law by reading an online article or looking it up in Wikipedia. The
things that happen during martial law are kept under wraps for the
most part, but not anymore! In this downloadable ebook you'll learn
the true definition of Martial Law and how it will affect your safety
- this is eye opening stuff.

* EXECUTIVE ORDERS, FEMA, AND CONTROL - Executive orders have played
a huge part in the ability for the government to enact Martial Law
control over us American Citizens. You'll learn the dirty truth about
our last three presidents, and how FEMA and "population control" play
a huge part in Martial Law!

* EFFECTIVE CRISIS SURVIVAL - Here you'll get the basics about
surviving a crisis without it being a life ending event. Management,
sustenance, and keeping your cool are all taught in easily followed

* REALISTIC SURVIVAL TACTICS - We're not all MacGyver or trained
military personnel. You're going to learn real world survival tactics
that anyone can use to ensure their safety. This is for men, women,
and even can be taught to your children! This will ensure you and your
family make it through and sustain effectively.

* "HEAD DOWN" SURVIVAL MODE - When Martial Law is enacted, you need
to know how to function in a way that stays under the radar. I'll show
you how to live in "Heads Down" mode, while still maintaining an
encouraging quality of life. This is essential if you want to make it
through a Martial Law takeover!

* STAYING ALIVE & UTILIZING NETWORKS - You'll learn how to stay
alive, when other people may parish, and how to utilize Networks to
gain intelligence and essential items you need for survival! This will
ensure that you and your family aren't forced to live in low-grade

into action, you can bet that privacy will be a thing of the past, at
least for most people. In this section you'll learn how to protect
your privacy, how the government and military will be utilizing
surveillance against you, and how to enjoy privacy in a "Police State"

* COVERT COMMUNICATIONS TACTICS - If you think that communication is
going to be the same when Martial Law goes into action, think again.
Cell phones and the Internet will be a thing of the past. However,
there are a few tools you can use to enjoy open communication, long
range, while keeping private!

* PREPARATION VS. PARANOIA - This section will show you how to get
past paranoia, and how to prepare for a Martial Law takeover so that
you can not only survive, but thrive during this ordeal! This is
essential to "keeping your head," and ensuring the survival of your

* MARTIAL LAW ECONOMICS - Economics is a completely different ball
game when it comes to living in a Martial Law environment. I'm going
to show you how to survive economically in a Martial Law takeover as
well as discuss things like precious metals, hoarding, and several
other economic factors!

* FOOD, RATIONS, AND NOURISHMENT - Food, water, and nourishment are
the most important factors for survival. If you don't have them, you
die, plain and simple. You're going to learn why having a few cases of
canned food and bottled water will not sustain you in a Martial Law
takeover, and what you REALLY need to survive. This is earth
shattering stuff here that I've not seen discusses anywhere

* CURRENT THREAT MANAGEMENT - You'll learn to easily gauge current
Martial Law threat levels so that you can make sure you're completely
prepared. This system will ensure that when a Martial Law takeover
happens, you're ready to ride it out and survive comfortably!

* FROM FANTASY TO REAL THREAT - This section will show you how to be
prepared for a real world Martial Law takeover, rather than it just
being some fantasy that isn't perceived as real. This will make the
rubber meet the road and really pull everything together for you.

The Understanding & Surviving Martial Law Today ebook is obviously
packed with all the information you need to prepare & survive a
Martial Law takeover.

There is nothing left to chance here. Every stone is uncovered, every
detailed dissected, and every question answered.

After reading this ebook, you'll be able to easily prepare for a
takeover and protect yourself, your family, and your friends (if you

We both know the answer to that question...You can't put a value on
the safety of you or your loved ones. The Understanding & Surviving
Martial Law ebook enables you to take control of your safety now. As
an American, you'll be able to protect yourself and your family
efficiently and effectively.

When Martial Law is enacted and we're all living in a hostile "Police
State" type of environment, you and I will be safely thriving, along
with our families by using the simple tactics shared in Understanding
& Surviving Martial Law Today.

ONLY 29.97!

While writing the Understanding & Surviving Martial Law ebook, there
were several things that just didn't fit with the flow of the book
that I wanted to cover. In order to cover these essential safety
topics, I wrote a cornucopia of valuable reports, which I initially
planned to sell separately.

However, I wanted to make sure this package was complete and that you
had every last tool available to you in order to ensure the safety of
you and your family.

Because of this, I'm including all 4 highly valuable, and content
rich reports with your purchase, absolutely free..

Check out these highly informative reports...



With crime being more present than ever, knowledge of self protection
is crucial. Pepper spray is one of the most common and effective forms
of self protection. The information in this guide gives essential
information about using this defense tool.


Do you trust the person knocking on your door? It's difficult to
trust anyone unexpectedly coming over these days. This guide provides
the tips you need to keep unwanted visitors away from your home.


Do you have a safe place to go in the event of terrorist attacks and
burglaries? A safe room, also known as a panic room, is essential for
you and your family's safety. This book explains the proper steps in
making a safe room for any type of threat.


Protecting yourself from home intrusions can be a difficult task. A
wireless alarm system for your driveway will always make you aware of
who is coming to your home. This is a great security measure for
anyone who wants to protect themselves from unwanted visitors.

Understanding & Surviving Martial Law Today was created for the
everyday American to put into action quickly. If you don't have any
military training, police training, or tactical training, that doesn't
matter, you don't need it.

You'll learn every last detail for preparing, setting up, and
surviving through a Martial Law situation, even if you know very
little about Martial Law.

The downloadable Understanding & Surviving Martial Law ebook, and all
the bonuses, are written in easy to understand language, not technical

If you can read a simple manual and follow a few easy steps, you can
do everything I show you to protect you and your family. And how great
it will feel once you know you and your family are protected!

Best of all, this book is dirt cheap. Understanding & Surviving
Martial Law Today, and all the bonuses can be yours for the measly sum
of $29.97.

That's right, for less than the cost of a tank of gas, you can ensure
the safety of you and your family indefinitely.

It's time to take control of the safety of you and your family. Grab
your copy of the Understanding & Surviving Martial Law Today
downloadable ebook now and claim your 4 high value bonuses.


ONLY 29.97!

If you haven't prepared for a Martial Law takeover, you and your
family are at risk of potential harm and invasion of your privacy. You
need to protect yourself and your family so that when a Martial Law
takeover happens, you're prepared to live through the ordeal.

Understanding & Surviving Martial Law Today shows you not only how to
easily prepare for Martial Law, but also how to thrive in spite of the

While other people will be depresses, paranoid, and have their
privacy and rights violated over and over, you and your family will be
safe. Is there really a price you can put on the safety of your
family? We both know the answer to that is no...

But it's nice to know that Understanding & Surviving Martial Law
today can be yours for the extremely affordable price of $29.97, and
that you get all 4 high value bonuses for free.

Order your copy of Understanding & Surviving Martial Law Today now
and get all the freebies that come along with it. Prepare yourself,
and protect your family.

P.S. Don't forget that you receive the 4 bonus ebooks just for
ordering today. I may eventually take these out of the offer and sell
them separately (they're that good), so act now and ensure you get
these bonuses!

P.P.S Don't forget that you're also backed up by our iron clad
guarantee. If for any reason you don't think these inside tactics for
protecting your family will keep you safe, let me know and I'll refund
every cent of your purchase price.

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